Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – How does Jeong-suk return to work?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 30, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - How does Jeong-suk return to work?


A decent episode sets things in motion for Jeong-suk to discover her husband’s affair.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

There was nothing notable that occurred in this episode of Doctor Cha, it was mostly just teases for what’s to come. Yet there is now some intensity to what role Roy Kim will play in In-ho’s affair revelation, so that’s a definite positive.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

How does Hae-nam get to meet her daughter?

After hearing Hae-nam wonder about her estranged daughter, and whether she did indeed go on to study medicine, Jeong-suk gets the chance to drink with Mi-hee. Here, the two friends seem on the verge of reaching a strange agreement. Should Mi-hee be set up with Roy Kim, she will try to track down Hae-nam’s daughter for Jeong-suk. Concurrently, an irate Seung-hi kicks In-ho out of her car, no longer content to wait for him to take action regarding his wife.

As Seung-hi — who makes up with Eun-seo — is shunned from her father’s funeral, Jeong-suk tracks down Han Yeong-long, Hae-nam’s daughter. However, the successful clinician is too fearful of reuniting with her mother, given it was actually she who poisoned her father’s food. Still, Jeong-suk comforts Yeong-long by claiming Hae-nam will understand.

While Deok-rye gets the all-clear on her health check-up, Ae-sim is diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Yet nobody is too bothered about the snobby elder’s condition, especially when it’s confirmed she’ll likely be fine post-surgery. Elsewhere, Jeong-suk’s disciplinary punishment for allowing Hae-nam to leave the hospital is revealed to be three months of reduced wages.

Next, Yeong-long does in fact visit the hospital to emotionally reconcile with her mother. Concurrently, a 20-year-old pregnant cancer patient faces difficulties. For not only is her unborn child going to be without a father, but her parents are also against the idea of their “promising” daughter raising it too.

How does In-ho react to Roy Kim confronting him on his affair?

During their date, In-ho and Seung-hi patch things up, prior to Roy Kim and So-ra spotting the pair on their secretive meeting. It’s not the first time the former has caught a glimpse of the adulterous couple either, so he could soon take action.

The next day, Roy Kim opts to confront In-ho directly, but the cheating professor sternly tells his colleague to “mind your own business.” This verbal challenge does come with repercussions, however, as Jeong-suk is told by her now-angered husband to avoid coming in and to focus on studying instead. It’s an instruction In-ho sticks to, too, given he consistently reassigns his wife’s work.

Despite her desperate pleas for In-ho to just allow her to give her residency a shot, Jeong-suk is still sidelined by her husband. So, a comforting Roy Kim offers to be her friend, and the two even agree to go exercise together in a running group from now on (along with Mi-hee).

While In-ho adds a “frozen shoulder” to his growing list of medical problems, Mi-hee plants the idea of Roy Kim liking Jeong-suk in her friend’s head following their first running trip. Judging by her later dream, the middle-aged resident isn’t exactly against this. Elsewhere, it’s strongly suggested the father of the 20-year-old cancer patient’s child is a promising actor.

Why does Jeong-suk return to work?

When discussing Choi Gyeong-su’s biopsy, a deal is made. If Jeong-suk is right, and the patient has a rare abscess, she will be permitted to work again. Yet should she be wrong, she has to quit. As it turns out, Jeong-suk is correct, meaning she can immediately return to her regular duties.

Upon hearing I-rang wishes to attend an arts college, In-ho trashes his daughter’s belongings, entirely enraged she won’t be pursuing medicine. On the flip side, Jeong-suk finds herself praised for keeping a patient in longer, because it helped save his life.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

As Jeong-suk discovers Eun-seo is Seung-hi’s daughter, she begins to piece things together about her husband’s affair. So, the former homemaker starts to aimlessly run in an act of self-comfort, only to then trip, looking like she will plant her face in the ground.

Fortunately, Roy Kim is on hand to help Jeong-suk back up. Following this, the episode ends with the professor’s declaration that he has something important he must immediately tell his friend.

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