Happy Ending ending explained – Who does Luna end up with?

By Eamon Hennedy
Published: September 1, 2023
Happy Ending ending explained - Who does Luna end up with?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Happy Ending and will contain spoilers.

At first glance, you might find yourself going into Happy Ending expecting a certain kind of film. It’s easy to look at its sex comedy genre label and have an idea of what lies in wait. Instead, Happy Ending — premiering on Netflix — is both a tender-hearted and unexpectedly bittersweet exploration of female desire and sexuality.

We follow loving couple Luna (Gaite Jensen) and Mink (Martijn Lakemeier) from their meet-cute at work, all the way to the inner workings of their relationship one year on. They are young, very attractive, but their sex life is very one-sided in that Luna has never experienced an orgasm, a fact that has gone over Mink’s head.

After a romantic dinner, the conversation leads to the idea of the two of them having a threesome and it’s here that Eve (Joy Delima) enters the story. Both Luna and Eve make a connection during the date the three of them have, but inevitably complications ensue. Mink remains oblivious to Luna’s sexual needs and finds herself turning to Eve.

Happy Ending ending explained

Why does Eve break things off with Luna?

After telling Mink that she has never climaxed when sleeping with him, a bitter argument ensues in which Luna admits that being with Eve allowed her to climax during their threesome. Mink storms off, leading Luna to call Eve to come over to her apartment, having a romantic dinner, and eventually sleeping together. 

The next morning Eve is making breakfast and asks Luna if she wants to go with her to an exhibition. Luna says she’d like to but is worried about Mink coming home. Eve asks Luna about Mink knowing about her and Eve together, but the conversation takes a turn when Eve becomes upset that Luna only sees their relationship as casual and a way for her to climax. The conversation ends somewhat bitterly when Eve tells Luna she’d be better off buying a vibrator. 

Do Luna and Mink stay together?

Eve leaves but is overseen by Mink who confronts Luna about their sleeping together rather than talking to him about how she felt. Luna offers to talk about it but Mink says he is done with their relationship, leading to Luna reaching out to her friends and falling into a depressive state. Her friends try to get her back to normality by taking her out for runs and cosplaying as the Charlie’s Angels. They reach out to their friend Bo, a close friend of Mink’s, who tells Luna that if she wants to make things right with Mink, it’s her who has to start the conversation as Mink won’t. 

She returns to Mink’s work and jokingly tries to recreate the circumstances of their initial meet-cute, but Mink isn’t interested. She reaches out to him again about having a drink after work, but he rebuffs her and instead tells her that she still has stuff at his apartment. She aks about giving their relationship another chance, but he feels reluctant to do so as he says he’ll feel insecure whenever they sleep together. She tries to reach out to him about starting over, but she admits defeat and realizes that their relationship is over. 

Who does Luna end up with?

Luna is technically single at the end of Happy Ending, meaning that she doesn’t end up with either Mink or Eve.

Luna decides to go back to normality and returns to work. She sees Eve at a coffee shop on her way to Mink to pick up the rest of her stuff but doesn’t approach her. Instead, she goes to Mink, picks the rest of her things, and cycles away. Looking through the apartment, Mink finds Luna’s vibrator and cycles after her so he can give it back to her. 

He subsequently finds her on top of a roof that she has accessed by climbing scaffolding which is a call back to a scene earlier in the film when they first met Eve. Mink joins her and he asks her about her use of the vibrator, listening to her as she tells him about how she used it to climax. He begins asking questions about her lack of orgasm, and what he could do to please her. The tone of the conversation is fun and hopeful, perhaps hinting at a reconciliation after all.

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