Family Switch Ending Explained – Do the Walkers switch back?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 30, 2023
Family Switch Ending Explained
Family Switch | Image via Netflix

Family Switch is an ambitious body-swap holiday movie streaming on Netflix in which parents Jess (Jennifer Garner) and Bill (Ed Helms) switch bodies with their children, CC (Emma Myers) and Wyatt (Brady Noon), following a rather inopportune planetary alignment. While switched, both the parents and their children are forced to empathize with the other’s lives, learning more about themselves and each other in the process, but the ending of Family Switch employs a ticking-clock device to add a bit of drama to the proceedings. If they don’t switch back before the planets align again, they’ll be stuck.

Does CC get scouted for the U.S. National Team?

After the switch at the planetarium, the Walkers were all over the place. The next day they all had something important that would change their life. CC knew she had a scout from the National US Soccer Team attending the game and her mother was in her body. CC went to the game in her mom’s body and was watching from the bleachers, while Jess was on the field in CC’s body.

The game began and after the first kick, CC caught the ball with her hands. As the game continued, Jess ran down to the field to try and set up a play that was easy for CC to score. CC got a breakaway and she collided with the goaltender. Instead of scoring on the empty net, she ends up helping the goalie. At that moment, the scout walks out of the arena.

What happens in Jess’s meeting?

Later on, Jess had a massive meeting at her architect firm but CC was freaking out. What was even worse was that CC needed chocolate to calm her down and found chocolate ice cream in the work freezer. She had forgotten that her mother was lactose intolerant. So when Jess (as CC) went to give the presentation, there was flatulence. Essentially CC ruined the meeting for Jess because she had a massive bowel movement.

How does Wyatt’s Yale meeting go?

On the other side with Bill and Wyatt, Wyatt was preparing for his Yale interview. Bill is not on the same level of intelligence as his son, so Bill claims that he can be cool and win the interviewers over in the meeting for Wyatt. Wyatt in Bill’s body had to watch from outside the room. While Bill is in the interview, Wyatt’s crush walks up to his dad outside. Wyatt has no idea how to talk to his crush and luckily the awkwardness was in his dad’s body. He finds out that they have a lot in common and she ends up inviting Wyatt to his first high school party. Bill completely blows the interview with Yale but there’s this laidback charm that intrigues the interviewers, so not all is lost.

They get through this day only to realize the telescope at the planetarium can’t be fixed because there is a glass piece that is missing. The next day they try to fix their mistakes and get to know each other even more.

Do the Walkers switch back?

Doing a body-switch film over the holidays can help people realize that family is the most important thing. No matter what you’re going through with them or your found family, spending time with them and understanding them is special. The Walkers need to switch back before the planets align for the last time in this century. After attending a high school party as teenagers, Bill and Jess realize that they do need to loosen up a bit in order to get their relationship back. CC and Wyatt realize how difficult adulting is and it’s important to make the right choices to be fulfilled in their life.

The final event they have is the “Dad or Alive” concert that Bill so desperately wants to win so he can get a second chance at his dream. The issue is that Wyatt has stage freight and is still in Bill’s body. The family comes together to help Wyatt and they sing with him on the side. After that, they race to the planetarium in the remodeled Camaro but Wyatt is the one who has to drive it. He ends up destroying the car and Angelica comes out of nowhere to help them get to the planetarium.

Once they get there, the glass piece they had someone construct for them breaks but they do find that their baby Miles had it in his pocket the whole time. Nothing happens at the planetarium, but once they wake up on Christmas Day they are in their rightful bodies and they finally respect each other and their decisions.

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