Who animated Skull Island on Netflix?

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 23, 2023 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who animated Skull Island on Netflix

Who animated Skull Island on Netflix? We discuss the Netflix animated series and the studio behind it. Minor spoilers ahead.

If you are a fan of animation, then you will no doubt already be aware of the fifth entry into Warner Brothers’ Legendary Pictures property, the MonsterVerse.

Previously you will have enjoyed the films Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Netflix has dropped the latest entry into the popular franchise, Skull Island, which looks set to extend the storyline and lore of the previous entries. Animation suits this kind of property well, as budget constraints and special effects are only limited by the imagination of the writers and animators.

This article, however, is more interested in animation, so if you have a spare three minutes, relax and let us answer the question who animated the Netflix series Skull Island?

Who animated Skull Island on Netflix?

Powerhouse Animation animated this series. If that name sounds familiar, it may be because you recognize it from the credits on Castlevania and Masters of the Universe: Revelation, but the company has much more going on too.

Commercials, video games, and short films are all part of Powerhouse’s portfolio, and the studio shows no signs of slowing down.

Based in Austin, Texas, the team began production on April 1st, 2001, with Frank Gabriel, Brad Graeber, and Bruce Tinnin in the driving seat.

If you are very interested in the company, they have a nicely presented website showing you all their projects and a section showing you how to apply for a job with their team at powerhouseanimation.com.

Is Skull Island part of Monsterverse?

Yes, it is the fifth entry into the franchise and features Kong, and other monsters, in its narrative.

What is Skull Island on Netflix about?

The series starts with an expedition that includes good friends Charlie and Mike. The team is in the South Pacific but finds a stranded girl called Annie before they are attacked by a giant octopus. The survivors of the attack make it to the shore of an island, but they are out of the frying pan and straight into the fire as the island is home to a collection of dangerous monsters.

Of course, the island is Skull Island, the home of everyone’s favorite giant plane-smashing ape, King Kong.

A battle for survival ensues, but how can the team survive their stay on Skull Island?

Although the first season of Skull Island, the animated series, is pretty much a stand-alone show, it can be inserted into the franchise’s timeline.

The show is a prequel to the 2017 movie Kong: Skull Island.

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