Nadiya Bakes season 1 review – the famous chef brings her show to Netflix

February 11, 2021 (Last updated: December 16, 2022)
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Netflix series Nadiya Bakes season 1


Nadiya Bakes is a malleable piece of work. It’s nothing special, but it’s a comforting watch.

Netflix’s Nadiya Bakes season 1 will be released on the streaming service on February 12, 2021.

Whether you like or hate The Great British Bake Offthere’s no denying that the reality series has a natural business model that spurts out future bakers and chefs. If you feature on that show and make it far, you will likely land yourself a TV spot or publish your own recipe book. While singing competitions are losing their viability to maintain a career, shows like TGBBO is a prime example of where it’s a good idea of striking while the iron is hot — if you bake, and you are good at it, get on it as soon as you can.

And a great example of the above is Nadiya Hussain who won TGBBO in 2015 — she is one of the series’ favorites, with her unique and incredibly mouthwatering approach to baking. At the age of 36, Nadiya has earned an MBE, has multiple book deals, is a British TV chef, and is also a television presenter. That’s quite a rise, surfacing from a Channel 4 TV series.

And now the baker has given her series the Netflix original label, bringing in that streaming cash. Nadiya Bakes is everything we need right now. We need to see a world-class and warm chef journey us through various recipes from the comfort of her own home. And that part is ever so important — Nadiya is conducting her recipes from her own environment; she’s not journeying to different studios and showing off by obtaining ingredients from obtuse markets, she’s relating to the times, giving the viewers a relatable perspective. Plus, her recipes look as delicious as ever; if you are hungry, maybe wait until after dinner to watch his mouthwatering series.

Netflix’s Nadiya Bakes is not all about the famous chef; Nadiya uses her Netflix series to platform other acquaintances in her industry to demonstrate their recipes in the second half of the chapters. In 8 x 30-minute episodes there’s plenty to “chew” on; from sourdough kings to chocolatiers, Nadiya Bakes season 1 is a malleable piece of work. It’s nothing special, but it’s a comforting watch.

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