Xico’s Journey – the ending explained Saving the mountain.

February 12, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of Netflix film Xico’s Journey, so it will contain major spoilers. 

As we enter the third act of Xico’s Journeyour characters find themselves at a dangerous crossroad after plenty of meandering and adventures — the mythical scorpion badly injures Copi, and the greedy corporation is readying their fracking tools, ignoring warnings that children are inside the mountains. Plenty is hanging on the final act, with the adults helpless, and the pup and the children the only hope of the village.

Netflix’s Xico’s Journey – the ending explained

With Copi on the floor, looking like she’s about to die, Xico comes to the rescue and predictably uses his powers to save her. Gus is relieved; moments before he was in tears believing he had lost his best friend.

The scorpion is still a threat, but that is soon defeated by Xico, who seems to have got the hang of this mountain quest. With the final act coming to a natural conclusion, the last objective is to stop the greedy corporation from fracking to obtain gold. Xico takes his place in the mountain, and Copi sends the dog the stones so that the pup can place them. Suddenly, the mountain comes to life, separating the corporate security from the locals, and destroying the fracking machines.

What happens next?

There’s a strong sense of community in the Xico’s Journey ending, the village is yet again saved from greedy men. We are given flashbacks of Copi’s mother who pledged to preserve the mountain after greedy men killed her husband during the final act. The story has repeated itself, but it feels telling that her daughter, her best friend, and dog were the saviors this time.

As the film closes out, the mayor gets his comeuppance for selling out the village, and normality returns.

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