Behind Her Eyes episode 6 recap – the ending explained

February 17, 2021
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Episode 6 brings a formidable ending and the ultimate twist that will shock viewers to their core.

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Episode 6 brings a formidable ending and the ultimate twist that will shock viewers to their core.

This recap of Netflix Limited Series Behind Her Eyes episode 6 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

Viewers who have read the book will know of the shocking ending; the last chapter of the series is a full-circle twist.

At the start of episode 6, Louise travels to Brighton to meet Marianne; the woman Adele claims David was having an affair with. Marianne doesn’t want to talk about them, but Louise starts crying, saying she has travelled a long way. Marianne gives her story about them both — she explains how she gave advice to David about not being miserable to suit someone else, and then Adele turned up.

A flashback shows Adele going to Marianne’s house and she tells her to stay out of her marriage. Marianne explains that she told David that he should leave Adele. One day, Marianne came home, and “s**t” was written on her bedroom door with red paint. Adele then shows up at her front door with a knife and gives it to Marianne. David told Marianne that it’s her word against Adele’s, but she senses that he was scared. With all the context, these scenes are beginning to make sense.

Rob was jealous of Adele and David

In a flashback, Rob makes food for David and Adele. David admits to Rob that he was worried about him at first, but he thanks him for bringing her back to him. Adele then asks for a photo with David and asks Rob to take it. David seems to like Rob genuinely, but Rob seems bothered by their relationship. Late in the night, Rob admits to David that he was worried about him, feeling he was here for all the money. David expresses he loves her and doesn’t give a sh*t about the money. Rob admits he’s jealous and that Adele is lucky to have him and each other.

When David and Adele went to bed to have sex, Rob used his astral body to watch them, but noticeably, he’s focusing mostly on David…

How Rob died

Now that Louise understands half the truth, she realizes she pushed David away and needs to make amends.

Louise meets David and tells him that Adele is a psychopath — she believes Adele knew about them sleeping together. She asks David if Rob is dead, and he gets agitated and admits that he is. She asks him if he killed him. A flashback shows David rushing home to Adele who is upset. She admits to using heroin and that Rob wanted her to try it. David is frustrated, believing Rob was clean. Adele didn’t want Rob to go back to his awful life, so she tried it with him, and then he overdosed. David wonders why she didn’t call the police, but Adele says she panicked and threw him down the well; his watch fell in. This left the couple in a terrible position. But this is only half the truth.

In the present day, David tells Louise that Adele moved on like it was nothing. He now wants to go to Scotland and finally tell the truth. Louise stops David and tells him that she knows how Adele knows everything. David walks away and tells Louise to stay away from Adele. She really should have done.

Adele calls Louise

The next phase of Behind Her Eyes episode 6 brings on a course of events that will shock the unaware viewers.

Louise returns to her apartment and asks for Adele, believing her astral body is there, and then Adele calls. Adele tells Louise that she felt alone, and then she slept with her husband. Louise doesn’t understand all these lies, but Adele expresses that she wanted Louise to love her the most, and hate David. Louise then brings up that she told the police about Rob and David. Adele is shocked when she learns that David has gone to Scotland, to tell the truth. Louise wants Adele to tell the truth to save David. Adele tells her to f*ck off angrily.

Rob believes Adele will have a perfect life

As the series reaches its ultimate twist, a flashback shows Rob using heroin. He asks Adele if she wants to try. Rob then tells her that the situation they are in will not last and that he thinks they will get rid of him. He believes Adele will have a fairy tale life because “David is perfect” — a statement with so much weight later in the chapter.

Adele writes a letter of confession

In the present day, Adele writes a letter, explaining that she put Rob’s body in the well, and David’s only crime was protecting her. She states that David deserves love and that he’s a good man, and she held him prisoner for too long. She prepares an overdose of heroin and writes that she’d rather be in oblivion than be alone and texts Louise and says she is right, but her texts suggest this is the end, which panics Louise, and encourages her to save her.

Body swap

The next scenes leave mouths agape.

Louise heads over to Adele’s house. Meanwhile, Adele sets her home on fire and then injects the heroin. Louise sees a fire has started in the house, but Adele is already unconscious from the drugs. Louise visualizes the house and counts her fingers until she falls asleep. She uses her astral body to enter the house and sees Adele laid on the bed — Adele’s astral body then leaves her and then she wakes up; in a shocking turn of events, Adele and Louise have swapped bodies. It dawns on the audience that this was all planned by Adele.

Adele (in Louise’s body) heads into the house and tells Louise (in Adele’s body) that she would never let her have David — she grabs an injection and gives her another dose, so she overdoses. As Louise (in Adele’s body) closes her eyes, she says “Adam” and dies. Adele (in Louise’s body) drags her outside. The police arrive, and Adele puts on a performance and cries.

Holy sh*t.

Adele tries a new life

So now we’ve established that Adele is Louise, we see her return to her apartment and practice her new life. She picks up Adam and her son immediately senses that something isn’t right — I like how the series shows how perceptive children can be. Adele then meets David, and they embrace each other. David says “it’s over” and he’s relieved.

The ending

But for those unaware of the source material, what happened before wasn’t even the ultimate twist. Behind Her Eyes episode 6 drop another bombshell that will leave viewers collapsed on the floor.

A flashback shows Rob and Adele in the woods trying out a new technique to swap astral bodies. Rob is now in Adele’s body and Adele in Rob’s. However, Adele doesn’t enjoy the experience and asks if they can swap back immediately. Rob apologizes to Adele and tells her he cannot lose it all now. Rob (in Adele’s body) injects Adele (in Rob’s body) with an overdose of heroin. Adele sobs as she’s injected and then she dies. Rob then throws his former body down the well.

The following scenes show David marrying Louise, but he’s actually marrying Rob. Flashbacks show Rob telling Adele that David is perfect; viewers have seen a long-term plan carried out by Rob. The couple drives away after their wedding ceremony, and Adam is in the back of the car; Rob suggests going on a Caribbean cruise, but Adam tells his mother that she hates boats.

Rob turns and tells Adam in a rather creepy way, “Maybe I’ve changed”.

Behind Her Eyes episode 6 brings a formidable ending and the ultimate twist that will shock viewers to their core.

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