Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “I’m A Good Person”?

February 19, 2021
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Now that the series has stopped been overly plotty, it works. “I’m A Good Person” presents conflicts in the characters as they all have personal dilemmas to deal with.

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Now that the series has stopped been overly plotty, it works. “I’m A Good Person” presents conflicts in the characters as they all have personal dilemmas to deal with.

This recap of Amazon’s Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 6, “I’m A Good Person” contains spoilers.

“I’m A Good Person” opens with a young Karen in a car accident with her mother. Her mother was drunk at the time. This was the last straw as Karen is put into foster care. In the present day, Emma says that no-one should take a child from her mother and watches her daughter Freya from afar. She returns to town and looks for Tom; she leaves him a note when she finds his car. “I’m A Good Person” sees Emma trying to rebuild her life for her daughter. She’s thinking of a long-term plan.

Emma asks Rose to trust her

But before Emma begins her rebuild, she needs to deal with Rose, who sees Emma as a mother. Emma returns home to see Rose sat on her porch. She tells Rose that her grandmother died, but the young woman calls her a liar; she’s been reading articles about Karen Miller. Emma calls Rose down and she tells her that Jess is dead and she saw her body. Rose panics and wonders if Emma killed Jess, but she tells her it isn’t the case. Emma asks Rose to trust her. The pair embrace and Rose tells Emma that she trusts her. In a flashback, Emma spends time with Theresa at a bar. She texts Parker telling him that she has made a friend for both of them.

Mary wants John’s operation to be over

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 6 sees the complicated relationship between Mary and John continue.

Mary calls John and tells him to stop and wants their arrangement to be over. John tells Mary that he’s closer to Karen Miller and that she should wait for good news. Mary tells John that she believes he is enjoying the time away and that he should turn himself in for Andrea Black before she does. There’s a suggestion that Mary regrets recruiting John.

Emma vows to create a new life

Emma asks Tom to come over and asks for help with painting — she brings up that she has a daughter and that she’s trying to work out getting her back. She vows to make a new life and kisses Tom.

As they hook up, Rose watches them through the window. Flashbacks occur of Emma enjoying a bong with Theresa. They spend a lot of time with each other. Theresa tells Emma that she doesn’t want to be found. In the present day, Emma zones out briefly before hooking up with Tom again. She finds comfort and security with Tom, which is why she is drawn to him.

John attends a wedding

“I’m A Good Person” looks into John’s non-existent family life.

John turns up to his sister’s wedding, and she is panicky. It’s been seven years since they have seen each other. John tells her that he’s worked hard since conviction. He brings up that he has a job looking for someone. His sister believes he should quit and that she doesn’t want John to be in her daughter’s life. She doesn’t think John can wipe away what he did and that he destroyed women’s lives. As his sister walks away, John learns that his credit card has been canceled.

The parents have ousted Mary

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 6 shows how Mary’s life is slowly falling apart. It’s taken a few episodes to mull along, but Mary’s actions now have consequences in the community.

Mary learns that a lot of parents are not happy with her over leaking that recording from Kamala. One of the parents believes she showed a lack of control. Mary asks the PTA to back off, but she’s told to leave. John then rings Mary and tells her it’s a bad move canceling the credit card and then both characters scream at each other down the phone. Frustrations are boiling over.

A cold lead

On the deer’s head on the wall, Emma finds a needle. The same needle she suffered from when she found Jess’s dead body. Emma asks Tom if she knows a man named “Abel” after looking at the name at the back of the deer — Andrew Bellvue, the taxidermist. Tom tells Emma that he’s been dead for a while.

Mary calls John and apologizes

And then, “I’m A Good Person” takes another turn in Mary and John’s complicated arrangement; it feels like both characters are as bad as each other.

Mary rings John and tells him that she was unkind before and that he scared her. She thought the story of Andrea Black was horrific. John wants an apology for what she’s done by putting him back on a destructive path. Mary admits that when it comes to Theresa, she has tunnel vision. She tells John that she wants them to go forward together again, as friends. John thanks her and says goodbye.

Afterward, Mary confesses at church and talks about a dangerous hunting dog (referring to John) that she thought she could save — she admits to her selfishness, and what the dog brings her. She admits that her desire for keeping the dog is strong. “I’m A Good Person” confirms how conflicted the character is — she’s gone from campaigning against men like John to supporting one for her own cause.

The ending

Emma breaks into the taxidermist store. As she snoops, someone bangs on the store door and sees her, so she has to flee.

The police visit Mary’s home and tell her they’ve found human remains and a necklace. They ask Mary if she recognizes the necklace. It’s her daughter’s. Mary breaks down. A flashback occurs, and Emma introduces Parker to Theresa and tells him she is staying at their home. In the present day, Peter rings Emma and tells her that human remains have been found — they think it’s from the time near her arrest. As the episode ends, John enters the hairdressers and introduces himself to Emma. They finally meet.

Now that the series has stopped being overly plotty, it works. Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 6 presents conflicts in the characters as they all have personal dilemmas to deal with.

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