Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Now You See Me”?

February 19, 2021
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“Now You See Me” continues its good momentum; this chapter deals with grief as Mary has to come to terms with her daughter’s death for the first time.

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“Now You See Me” continues its good momentum; this chapter deals with grief as Mary has to come to terms with her daughter’s death for the first time.

This recap of Amazon’s Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 7, “Now You See Me” contains spoilers.

The likelihood that Theresa is dead changes the story entirely — “Now You See Me” gives a different perspective of the characters.

Peter tells Emma that the necklace on the human remains belongs to Theresa. Emma says all she remembers is giving birth in the woods, and she doesn’t remember a body. Pete believes that Emma is blocking out the memories and that he’s convinced this is Parker’s dong. Emma is in despair; she doesn’t remember. Meanwhile, Mary is sorting out Theresa’s possessions and clothes with Jake. She feels like she should have done it a long time ago. It looks like she finally accepts that her daughter is dead.

But what is interesting is that the writers have got Mary right at this stage; when she thought her daughter was alive, she held back from grieving, which turned her into a person that she wasn’t — she went against her values. Now that she’s accepted her daughter is dead, her character has softened — we see a mother.

A troubled Emma

At the hairdresser’s, Emma keeps on having flashes of a snowy night in the woods. Caterina visits and tells her that she seems troubled — she asks her to come to see her once she’s figured out. Emma is emotionally crippled now that Theresa’s body has been potentially found. She tries to find comfort with Tom and asks him what he sees when he looks at her. He tells her he seems someone he wants to be with. As she has sex with him, all she can imagine is Parker. John watches them through the window and takes photos. Tom is completely unaware that he’s falling in love with a woman that does not have the capacity to love anyone else.

Finding a way to befriend Tom

John pretends to have car trouble and waits for police officer Tom to pull over to check him out on the road. He uses his usual charm and asks if he can have a ride to town. He manages to entice Tom to arrange drinks with him at a bar. Later on, Mary tells John that her daughter is gone, and he tells him to get on with his life. John doesn’t believe she’s being herself and that grief is forcing her not to think clearly. He promises not to abandon her. It looks like Mary has taken it too far with John, and it’s at a point of no return.

Emma drinks and dances and John joins

Emma blows off steam and drinks and dances at a bar while Tom watches; this merges with scenes of a flashback with Emma dancing with Theresa. In the present, John shows up at the bar and tells Tom that his girlfriend Emma gave him a haircut. John socializes with them both. He tells them that he’s writing a book about a woman who is a killer who is crippled by guilt.

Mary talks about imaginary happy endings

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 7 gives the audience a sense of Mary’s mindset — she makes the viewer understand her thought process.

Mary attends an event for victims and gives a speech; she talks about an imaginary happy ending, and that she didn’t want to know what happened to her daughter. She wishes she could give that certainty and knowledge back now that the reality has kicked in. Mary meets her separated husband Saul and tells him that their daughter is gone. They are sharing their pain for the first time and they console each other. Mary kisses him in all their despair and they sleep together.

After sex, Saul tells Mary that he still loves her.

Emma tells Peter that she thinks he is in love with her

Flashbacks show Theresa warning Emma about Parker and how he looks at her. Emma tells Theresa that Parker has dark eyes. In the present day, Peter tells Emma that she isn’t a murderer. Emma wonders if Peter is in too deep due to transference — she thinks he has feelings for her that surpass patient relationships. Peter believes that Emma wants him to justify her guilt, and tells her he isn’t in love with her. Emma is doing everything she can to avoid the truth, and in this scene, she attempts to manipulate Peter.

Another flashback comes back to Emma and she remembers seeing Theresa on the floor badly injured — she tells her not to be afraid.

A card reading that goes wrong

Emma meets Caterine; she’s a tarot card reader. Emma doesn’t believe she can help and tries to pay her but then Caterine asks if she smokes. She admits that she can’t help her and gives her Seer’s tea — when Emma drinks it, Caterine asks her to close her eyes and think about what she wants her to remember. Emma remembers Jess and the necklace and she’s in snowy woods, but then Emma throws up. Caterine asks Emma why she has Jess’s necklace — she tells her it has a special stone on it.

Suddenly, Emma is curious about what happens next door and bangs on the neighbor’s door. Caterine begs her to not get involved. Emma smashes the door and finds a young girl in the bathroom who is unconscious; she asks Caterine to call 911. Before the ambulance arrives, Emma flees. John was lurking nearby.

The ending

Mary visits the office late at night. She tells a cleaner that her daughter is dead and was beaten to death and that the foundation is over. In her despair, she burns her daughter’s memorial. As the episode ends, Emma remembers hitting Theresa with a rock in the snow. Oh, dear!

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 7 continues its good momentum; this chapter deals with grief as Mary has to come to terms with her daughter’s death for the first time.

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