Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 4 recap – “Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist”

February 24, 2021
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Personal problems mount up for mother and daughter as “Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist” delves into sex, unrealistic expectations, and pressure for women in a digital age.

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Personal problems mount up for mother and daughter as “Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist” delves into sex, unrealistic expectations, and pressure for women in a digital age.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 4, “Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist”, contains spoilers.

The more this series progresses, the more it shows its alternative Gilmore Girls vibe, and so far, we like it. It’s a little over the top with the number of plot points, but when a small town becomes a haven for gossip, what do you expect.

Ginny opens “Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist”, claiming that her mother has never struggled with men and that she’s unapologetically fearless. It isn’t easy to understand if Ginny admires it or detests it. She sarcastically wonders if she’s adopted. In the next scene, Ginny feels insecure; Padma has joined Hunter’s band, and all the boys call her hot. She’s also mad that she can’t get a moment alone with him.

Georgia manages to persuade Paul for a casino night

Paul leads a fundraiser meeting and discusses an annual bake sale. Georgia stands up and suggests they do a casino night, but Cynthia disagrees. Paul takes Cynthia’s side as it’s a highlight of the year at Wellsbury. Georgia finds herself competing with Cynthia. At the office, Paul raises a concern in front of an HR officer; he raises a credit card under Austin’s name. Georgia puts on the waterworks and claims that Austin’s father, who is in jail, put out loads of credit services under his son.

The meeting is abruptly stopped due to “personal matters”. Paul apologizes due to the pressure of his political career. Georgia laps it up and brings up casino night. When Cynthia walks in, Paul tells her that they will be doing the casino night instead. Georgia is wonderfully manipulative in these situations, making her character absorbing.

Sending a sexy pic

Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 4 delves into the trials of sex for a woman in their teenage years, and the unrealistic expectations p**n brings to young adults.

Ginny and her friends watch p**n together and talk about sex. She becomes frustrated that Hunter hasn’t done anything to her. Marcus listens in and hears Ginny say, “men prioritize their own pleasure and do not know what they are doing”. When Ginny gets home, she poses on her bed with her top off, and her mother, Georgia, walks in. She sends the photo to Maxine first, and she approves before sending it to Hunter — he begins to type, and then he stops. Feeling underappreciated, she looks across the road and looks at Marcus, who immediately texts her. She sends the picture to Marcus, who calls her sexy. He asks for more pics. He then asks her if she finished herself by masturbating after they had sex — Ginny tells him she’s never had an orgasm; Marcus tells her to “touch herself” while he does the same. Ginny pretends to finish.

Ginny then becomes curious and uses her electric toothbrush to pleasure herself. The next morning, she gets a text from Hunter saying he’s sorry.

Ginny feels sexually insecure

But the main issue here is that Ginny wants to feel hot by her own boyfriend, which is completely fair.

In a class, Ginny talks about Lydia Bennet and her actions — she asks whether she was shamed and gets angry when a few male students suggest she was a sl*t and misbehaved. In the middle of class, Georgia arrives at school and takes Ginny away to the clinic to get the pill. Ginny asks her mother how she knows what to do with men. Georgia explains how she has children with two different guys, so she isn’t perfect. She calls her daughter beautiful. That’s the kind of confidence boost she needs — to be told she is beautiful.

Casino night

Georgia’s adaptability really shines in Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 4 — her troublesome past has really defined her.

Georgia successfully organizes the casino night, and Paul is impressed. She’s worried about how much they are making and wants to ensure they make more than the bake sale to spite Cynthia. Joe shows up, and Georgia kicks into action and auctions a meal at his farm, plus horse riding lessons. Georgia then auctions “Principal for the Day”, where one kid will lead the school temporarily for a single school day; she manages to sell it for $10,000. To end the auction, Georgia auctions Cynthia’s cheesecake and bids $100. This was a verbal slap in the face.

Paul is resoundingly impressed with Georgia and her performance. Ellen then tells her a man is here who is interested in her house, which irks her. She feels like she is being followed.

Battle of the Bands

Ginny and friends attend Battle of the Bands — Hunter will be performing. During the night, Sophie likes one of Maxine’s photos from 2016 on Instagram — she’s doing it in return for Maxine liking one of her photos. Before Hunter goes on stage, Ginny tells Hunter that she feels he doesn’t like her. Hunter gets on stage and dedicates a song to Ginny. Marcus looks on, and he looks insanely jealous as Ginny looks happy and overwhelmed by the performance.

The ending

Afterward, Hunter tells Ginny that he didn’t respond to the photo because he respects her. Ginny tells Hunter that she wants him to think she’s hot. It’s difficult to buy Hunter’s reasons for not complimenting her.

When Georgia returns home, she introduces herself to Hunter. When Georgia goes upstairs, she lifts her dress to reveal the money she stole from the casino night. She then rings Paul and tells him that she likes him. Paul asks Georgia if she’d like to go to dinner with him. Professional has turned personal very quickly.

As Ginny lays on Hunter, she gets a text from Marcus. That love triangle is really heating up.

Personal problems mount up for mother and daughter as Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 4 delves into sex, unrealistic expectations, and pressure for women in a digital age.

Additional points
  • While struggling to organize casino night, Georgia talks to Joe at his cafe and confides in him.
  • In a flashback, Zion’s mother helps out Georgia and her pregnancy.
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