Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 5 recap – “Boo, B***h”

February 24, 2021
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“Boo, Bitch” puts Ginny’s race and identity on the map as she becomes insecure about who she is; this makes for an intriguing chapter, especially with her settling into Wellsbury while her mother’s life catches up with her.

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“Boo, B***h” puts Ginny’s race and identity on the map as she becomes insecure about who she is; this makes for an intriguing chapter, especially with her settling into Wellsbury while her mother’s life catches up with her.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 5, “Boo, B***h”, contains spoilers.

If we revert to the start of the series, the one thing Ginny considered is being popular and what that exactly means for her — and popular based on what? Meanwhile, you have her mother on the sidelines, slowly making Wellsbury into a disaster as her past catches up to her. “Boo, B***h” feels like the start of many problems.

Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 5 opens with Georgia getting out her silencer on the balcony and killing a rabbit near her house; she did it so casually that it was hilarious. In the next scene, Ellen reminds Georgia that it’s Halloween, so she needs to decorate. Ginny narrates that her mother is a total horror movie buff. “Boo, B***h” brings a horror undertone to the soundtrack; it is heavily themed, with the lights flickering in the house. Ginny considers that her mother loves horror movies because she’s a psychopath. She may have a point.

Ginny is now popular

Hunter’s song and performance about Ginny are on YouTube. At school, Ginny’s popularity has risen dramatically with everyone greeting her. She likes it. Meanwhile, her friends are talking about a Halloween party. As for Georgia, Ellen tells her she needs to go big for Halloween as all eyes are on her after casino night. While at work, Ginny overhears Padma and her friend; the friend tells her to drop Marcus because he will not commit to her. Her friends are at another table, and they decide to be Britney-themed for the Halloween party. One of her friends shows her the video and the new views; one of the comments calls her a “half breed”. This starts a narrative where Ginny suffers from an identity crisis.

Both leads enjoy dates

Georgia and Paul have their date at Joe’s cafe. The pair get to know each other and discuss family and upbringing. Cynthia sees them, and she is shocked. Interestingly, Joe seems bothered by their date as well — he really is becoming the new Luke. Ginny heads to Hunter’s house for dinner. The family loves the song Hunter made for her. The conversation turns to Abby, and apparently, her parents are going through a divorce. Hunter’s mother starts to pressure her son about college recommendations. The topic of Ginny’s parents comes up, and Ginny rambles about her upbringing. She seems embarrassed and ashamed of who she is.

Fall Fest and Cynthia’s announcement

The town has a Halloween festival every year; Ginny heads over with her friends, and they do face painting for people. Marcus turns up and tells her he wants “a heart” drawn on his face, so immaturely, she draws a p***s on him. On the microphone at the festival, Cynthia announces that Mayor was on his date with his assistant. She formally announces her candidacy for mayor of Wellsbury. Georgia thinks it’s a disaster and tells Ginny to take Austin home. Nick is mad, as he will have to clean up the mess, but he wants the details of their date.

Georgia’s actions are beginning to come to fruition, although she is just innocently dating Paul — trouble seems to follow her everywhere.

Georgia tells Paul that she thinks they should stop dating because she makes him vulnerable. Paul tells Georgia that he’s crazy about her and they have sex in his office. Meanwhile, Austin is home alone, and he hears something in his house.

Halloween party

At the “Boos and Booze” party, Ginny and her friends reveal themselves in their Britney-themed costumes. As Ginny dances, Bracia turns up, and she’s bothered that Ginny has decided to dress up as Britney — for information, Bracia is a black girl. Ginny walks off a little irked; she looks at her YouTube video and sees a comment saying, “this is the whitest black girl ever”, and she begins to cry.

Maxine messes her chances with Sophie

We have to feel sorry for Maxine in “Boo, B***h” — she’s desperate for a romance, but nothing is going her way…

Maxine has gotten herself very drunk at the party, and when Sophie arrives, she’s a little unstable. She tries to hook up with Sophie publically as a joke; Sophie pulls her aside and wonders what she’s doing. She asks Maxine if she actually likes her before walking out of the party. Maxine breaks down and sobs — Ginny takes her back home.

Ginny apologizes to Marcus

And just like previous episodes, Ginny and Marcus cannot stay away from each other.

Ginny puts Maxine to bed and keeps quiet, so Ellen doesn’t find out that her daughter is completely wasted. Marcus also helps out. He leaves his sister a bucket in case she is sick. Ginny apologizes to Marcus and admits to being a d*ck. She admits she doesn’t want to mess everything up with Maxine and everyone else. Marcus suggests that they be friends. No-one believes these two can be friends for one minute.

Family reunion

When Georgia returns home, there’s a couple of people in the living room. When Ginny returns, she learns it’s her cousin Caleb and her aunt Maddie. Ginny is annoyed because her mother stated that she didn’t have any family and that her parents died. Maddie laughs, stating that their parents are not dead. Ginny is angry at her mother, but Georgia says they can stay the night. Ginny doesn’t believe Wellsbury has changed anything and states she will not be “trash” like her.

The ending

These were harsh words, especially after we understand the past; a flashback sees Zion singing to Georgia and baby Ginny. However, there’s a twist; Zion’s parents want legal guardianship over Ginny so they can continue their lives. Zion refuses at first, but his mother is persuasive, and he comes around to it. Georgia doesn’t look happy, and later on in the day, she decides to leave secretly.

As usual, the episode ends with narration; Ginny states she is scared all the time about what people thinking of her. Meanwhile, at school, one of the kids bullies Austin. Angry about what he said about his mother, Austin sharpens a pencil and stabs the boy’s hand.

Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 5 puts Ginny’s race and identity on the map as she becomes insecure about who she is; this makes for an intriguing chapter, especially with her settling into Wellsbury while her mother’s life catches up with her.

Additional notes
  • Abby dances and winds on Press, and then he asks Samantha to have a go which upsets Abby. She makes out with Norah to get Press’s attention, and Maxine looks bothered by it.
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