Cherry ending explained

February 26, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Apple Tv + film Cherry, so it will contain major spoilers.

The new Tom Holland film, Cherry, was purchased by Apple Tv + for 40 million dollars to have the worldwide rights to stream the Russo brothers film. Cherry had some terrific buzz last fall. This was partially due to Iron Man himself touting the Spider-Man boy wonder film as a “remote drop” movie. The kind people will have to stop and finish if they see it on television. Cherry has had a mixed review from audiences. I called it a scattershot and overwritten substance abuse drama with a good lead performance from Holland.

Apple Tv +’s Cherry ending explained

Cherry (Avengers: Endgame‘s Tom Holland) has finally had enough. He can no longer keep robbing banks to feed his opioid and heroin addiction. He is living with the guilt of getting the love of his life, Emily (Ciara Bravo), to tumble down the rabbit hole of addiction with him. It’s hard to keep up with the expense of his addiction, opioids can cost up to $100 per single pill. He and his friends start to a few rob banks. He has used opioids to numb and kill the nerves located in the brain which travel down the spinal cord where he feels the effects of his post-traumatic stress the most.

With no future to speak of, no end in sight, he decides to turn himself in. Though, he does by handing a dollar bill with a note to call the cops to a bank teller. He then heads out into the middle of the intersection where the bank is located. From there, he starts to fire a half dozen shots in the air from his pistol. He has saved up enough heroine, maybe a secret blend we don’t know, for one last hit. Cherry sits on the sidewalk waiting for the cops to show up. He ties a rubber band around his arm and shoots up every last euphoric drop. His mouth opens ever so slightly, his eyes lose their gaze, and he begins to slowly tilt over right before the cops can put him in handcuffs.

Cherry ending – What happens next?

Was this a suicide attempt by Cherry? It certainly felt like it. The original novel by Nico Walker, based on his own accounts of coming home as a military veteran from Afghanistan and robbing banks to support his drug addiction, ended with that last big shot of heroin.

The film has another scene after that which differs from the novel. It shows Cherry, now with a Tom Selleck mustache (yes kids, the guy from Blue Bloods), looking not a day over 18. He is walking out of prison with a duffle bag. Presumably, we are to think he has served out his time in prison, which feels like a very short sentence for robbing banks. He appears to have now become clean. He meets his love, Emily, waiting for him in the parking lot. 

Cherry ends on a happy note of redemption. He turns himself in knowing this will be the only way to kick his drug habit. He is now the man he needs to be. The man to navigate his future and be a partner to Emily without dragging her down with him.

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