Crazy About Her – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 26, 2021 (Last updated: January 24, 2023)
Crazy About Her - the ending explained - netflix spanish film

This article discusses the ending of the Spanish Netflix film Crazy About Her, so it will contain major spoilers.

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With Adri throwing himself into a psychiatric home, it appeared at first that all hope had been lost for the hopeless romantic to find an understanding with Carla; she is the single reason he’s admitted himself into the home so he can see her. One of the main themes of Crazy About Her is that Carla has type 1 bipolar disorder, and she was on a euphoric high the first time she met Adri. As the characters develop their relationship in the psychiatric home, it becomes apparent that Carla is concerned about how she can have a relationship with someone she has intense feelings for.

Netflix’s Crazy About Her – the ending explained

As we reach the third act of Netflix’s Crazy About Her, Carla has another episode, which Adri did not see coming. One night, Adri has to save her from the roof. The next day, Carla is on a drip, and she tells him she does not want to see him again — she is dismayed because he promised her she could find a way with this disease.

Luckily, the facility director finally finds evidence to show Adri should not have been admitted to the place and that he did, in fact, fool them.

Adri returns to his normal life, working as a journalist for a fancy lifestyle magazine, while Carla remains at the psychiatric home.

What happens next?

However, in true romantic genre form, once Carla is stabilized on the medication, she has a change of heart, and she’s annoyed that Adri gave up on her. She rallies her friends to escape the facility and confronts Adri in the middle of the office at his work. Adri explains that the only reason he gave up is that she told him to, but she sly replies that she’s bipolar.

She warns him that there will be dark days, euphoric days, and days where she will want to kill him, and he will want to kill her, but Adri tells her he wants her regardless.

The ending of Crazy About Her finishes with Carla returning to the psychiatric home, but she gives Adri her number before she walks through the gates. She could have given it to him at the start! But obviously, the irony is the point here.

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