Vincenzo episode 6 recap – Babel Group go on the offensive

March 7, 2021
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Episode 6 notches up the heat between the lawyers as the war enters the courtroom, which brings chaos and game-playing, and another cliffhanger for audiences to look forward to.

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Episode 6 notches up the heat between the lawyers as the war enters the courtroom, which brings chaos and game-playing, and another cliffhanger for audiences to look forward to.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

Vincenzo has quickly turned into a war between lawyers, giving the audience some juice to watch.

Episode 6 continues with the protest outside the courtroom — it’s a protest against Babel Chemicals. Vincenzo and Cha-young give the protestors a thumbs up. It’s the first day of court for the lawsuit versus Babel Chemicals.

Delaying the trial

But Vincenzo and Cha-young need time, so it’s time for them to be creative, and judging by what we saw in episode 4, this is only a small feat.

Choi Myung-hee makes her opening argument and states that the researchers did not follow safety regulations, but Cha-young struggles to refute that claim due to a “panic disorder”. She asks the judge if she can take some medication, however, moments later, she faints. However, flashbacks reveal that this is part of the plan — they call it “removing the dealer from the table”. The judge does not delay the trial, so Cha-young gets up straight away as their plan failed.

As Cha-young starts to refute the claims, there’s a blackout — Vincenzo and Cha-young also planned this. This also doesn’t work, so Cha-young starts her refute again, and this time they release two hornets to cause chaos and panic. Choi Myung-hee looks over to Vincenzo, and she knows he planned this. They had made sure that a certain liquid spilt on the judge before the trial began so that the hornet goes towards him. The judge returns with his face completely swollen. The judge delays the trial by a week before falling unconscious.

Afterwards, Choi Myung-hee accuses Cha-young of disrespecting the sacred court for the sake of a week, but Cha-young brushes her off and cites how Babel Group has coerced a judge before. She calls Wusang and Babel Group despicable. But you get the feeling Cha-young needs to be warier of Choi Myung-hee.

Vincenzo visits his mother

Vincenzo episode 6 then revisits a story that went cold for a couple of chapters, but we are still interested in it.

Hong Yu-chan used to visit Oh Gyeong-ja every Tuesday in prison, but now that he’s dead, she has no visitors — Vincenzo pays a visit in Hong Yu-chan’s place. There’s a lot of emotions riding on this, considering it’s Vincenzo’s mother. Oh Gyeong-ja doesn’t know this. The prisoner thanks him for coming, but Vincenzo tells her there will be no more visitors unless she gets family and friends to help. Oh Gyeong-ja tells him that she has nobody, not even children — she admits her life has been full of excuses and apologises. Vincenzo leaves and claims he is exiting Korea as this isn’t his country. Oh Gyeong-ja gives him a sincere goodbye. A conflicted Vincenzo sees the monk from the plaza for some advice; the pain of seeing his mother irks him. We don’t believe this will be the last time Vincenzo visits his mother.

Tampering with bugs and work drinks

Following on from the failed courtroom proceeding, Choi Myung-hee has planted a recording device in Vincenzo and Cha-young’s office, however, they are already one step ahead of her and tampered with it. Choi Myung-hee has met her match. Cha-young wants drinks with Vincenzo, believing it will make them work together better, but you can sense it’s really because she’s warmed to him since her father has died.

While out drinking, Vincenzo tells Cha-young a secret — he reveals about the gold underneath the plaza. However, a drunk Cha-young believes he is joking and toys with him back. Vincenzo is flabbergasted that she thinks he’s joking.

But the gold is still the problem

And the issue of the gold returns — it’s easy to forget that Vincenzo is involved in crime when his opposition is evil.

When Vincenzo returns home, Mr Cho has left him an explosion system device. He wants to find another way of retrieving the gold as he’s running out of time. Vincenzo enters the temple and takes some measurements with the explosion device while Mr An spies on him. Mr An does not understand what Vincenzo is doing and concludes that he needs to observe him longer. Vincenzo has no idea that a police officer is spying on him, but you’ll think when the time comes, he’ll be able to outwit him.

Preparing to testify

Cha-young tells the family of the victims that they need to testify next time in the trial. She tells them to brace themselves as the opposition lawyer will be malicious. Vincenzo tells Cha-young that they need to find out who the enemies of Babel Chemicals are so that they can find some leverage during the trials. Vincenzo episode 6 ultimately reveals how unprepared they actually are.

Jang Jun-woo reveals that he’s the real boss

Episode 6 then brings a cool moment — Jang Joon-woo does not seem phased about showing himself as the real boss since episode 4.

Choi Myung-hee and Mr Han are called into the office by Chairman Jang Han-seo. At the meetings, Jang Joon-woo presents, while Mr Han watches nervously, not knowing that he is the conglomerate’s real boss. Jang Joon-woo puts Chairman Jang’s family in a bad light in the presentation and then reveals himself to be the other son — and by doing so, he reveals himself to be the real boss of Babel. Mr Han is in shock, but Choi Myung-hee just nods. Jang Han-seo celebrates with Jang Joon-woo about this revelation. When people realise that Jang Joon-woo is the boss, there’s immediately a sense of fear that emanates off the character — he transforms.

Mr Han is panicky as he hasn’t given Jang Joon-woo much respect recently. Jang Joon-woo wants to know who they need to pay off for the trial and asks Choi Myung-hee to give him a list. He then questions the performance of Wusang at the trial — he states that Vincenzo was wielding the sword. Choi Myung-hee returns home, and she’s furious.

Going on the offensive

Episode 6 sees how Babel Group will do everything in their power to cause chaos in the trial to win.

The treasurer of the Babel E&C Victims’ group is attacked on the way home. On the news the next day, it’s reporting that the treasurer embezzled donations in the past two years. Babel Group has gone on the offensive. Cha-young heads to the police station to free him. The police show Cha-young and Vincenzo evidence. The treasurer and the victims state they are falsely accused.

Losing witnesses

Vincenzo and Cha-young are truly up against it now, and it gets worse.

Cha-young receives a call from Mr Nam — the court states their witnesses have been denied, including Lee U-yeong — they found meth in his blood (scenes showed a doctor injecting the drug in him while asleep). Jang Joon-woo then approaches Cha-young and asks her to rejoin Wusang rather than work on these gruelling cases. He then warns Vincenzo not to dig his own grave and that if he were a smart man, he’d give up. Vincenzo states that a smart man knows when an opponent is weak before walking off. Surprisingly, Vincenzo did not sense the Mafia vibes in this scene. Jang Joon-woo continues to be under the radar with these two characters.

The ending

The trial continues as the judge opens proceedings. The judge asks Cha-young if she has any witnesses at all — she says she has a “surprise witness”. In walks Vincenzo, leaving Choi Myung-hee shocked. She’s thrown another roll of the dice, but what evidence will Vincenzo bring?

Vincenzo episode 6 notches up the heat between the lawyers as the war enters the courtroom, which brings chaos and game-playing, and another cliffhanger for audiences to look forward to.

Additional points
  • Mr An, the police officer who infiltrated the plaza as an assistant chef at the Italian restaurant, is found out by his boss. However, progress on looking into Vincenzo has escalated, and Mr An is happy.
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