Love Alarm season 2, episode 5 recap – the shield and the spear

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 12, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2, episode 5


Hold your breath folks, Episode 5 brings a revelation, which could potentially leave each character lost in their own despair. The second season is proving to be as impactful as the first.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2, episode 5 contains spoilers.

After Jojo tells Hye-yeong for the first time that she loves him via Love Alarm, both characters are understandably emotional. And then there’s another twist; it turns out that the man who has been following Jojo obsessively was part of the group of people that tried to commit suicide. However, it didn’t work, and he woke up. Since then, he followed “The Ringing World” and got frustrated that she never responded. Meanwhile, Brian Chon learns that Kim Jojo managed to remove the shield from Love Alarm. Season 2 gives plenty to the audience, ensuring that the wait for a continuation was not wasted.

Compromising themselves

Sun-oh is drained, but he’s been asked to play “happy family” for a TV show. His mother and father are struggling with their marriage. They want the couple to ring each other’s Love Alarm on television, even though the husband is cheating. Sun-oh is dismayed that her mother still wants to go on TV, but she tells him her only other option is to fall apart. This is a sad moment watching Sun-oh’s mother compromising herself and her son watching in the distance; he and his mother are similar. But there’s also some warmth in season 2 as Sun-oh’s mother tries to understand her son in his hour of need.

Sun-oh hears Jojo’s Love Alarm for Hye-yeong

Sun-oh is panicking as he learns that Yuk-jo if off to speak to Jojo. He drives quickly to their location. Yuk-jo tells Jojo that Sun-oh will never get over her. When Jojo tries denying that, she explains that she knows because she will never get over him. Yuk-jo wants to know how Jojo feels. Before she can answer that question, Sun-oh shows up. His Love Alarm rings, but Jojo’s doesn’t for him. Hye-yeong turns up, and his Love Alarm rings as well as hers. Jojo reveals she rings Hye-yeong’s Love Alarm using her own volition. It’s a choice she has made. Sun-oh walks away, defeated. Yuk-jo asks him to drive her home. It’s a sad situation — Sun-oh has lost Jojo, and Yuk-jo is equally devastated in this situation. There doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a happy ending for everyone as season 2 continues motoring until the end.

The shield and the spear

Some readers may have had something niggling in the back of their mind after episode 4 — this chapter clarifies what that niggle is. Brian Chon visits Jojo for a talk. He wants to know what else she got from Dok-gu, as he knows it was not just the shield. She got the spear as well. He also wonders where Dok-gu is. Jojo asks him why he said Dok-gu is dead and pretending to be the developer. Brian Chon explains that Jojo used the shield to prevent Sun-oh’s Love Alarm from ringing and used the spear to ring Hye-yeong’s Love Alarm. He tells her she’s lying for her own convenience. This changes everything; Love Alarm season 2 delivers another twist, but this time it’s at the expense of Hye-yeong. It demonstrates how technology can hurt people when used to manipulate an outcome.

Hye-yeong questions how he knew nothing of Jojo’s volition.

Jojo realises that Hye-yeong was nearby at the time she was having a conversation with Brian Chon. Hye-yeong visits Sun-oh and asks him about the shield and the spear. It dawns on Hye-yeong that Sun-oh knew about this. Sun-oh says he doesn’t know the answers, but Jojo made her own choice, but what irks Hye-yeong is why he didn’t know any of this. Hye-yeong asks the important question to himself — he’s ready to answer for his own self-care rather than wait for Jojo to give him the answer.

The ending

The next day, Jojo sees Hye-yeong. As they get inside each other’s radius, their alarms go off. Hye-yeong reveals that he knows everything and that he was willing to wait, but only if she was sincere. Tears flow down Jojo’s face as Hye-yeong talks. She lets go of his hand. It feels like it’s over between them. Hye-yeong walks off, and this time, he doesn’t stop; Jojo follows and gets increasingly anxious as he gets on the bus. It’s almost like she knows that if he gets on the bus, they are finished. She asks her self, “what do I do now?”.

Hold your breath folks, Love Alarm season 2, episode 5 brings a revelation, which could potentially leave each character lost in their own despair. The second season is proving to be as impactful as the first.

Additional points
  • Gul-mi continues to try to hit her digital milestones; she needs to get 300 hearts. She heads to a nightclub and dances on the stage. She reaches the “Love Alarm Hot People” list, and she’s incredibly excited.

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