Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 15 recap – Nam Ga-bin is feeling lonely

March 13, 2021
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It’s incredible how the writers thought we’d find this interesting — episode 15 was the usual rodeo.

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It’s incredible how the writers thought we’d find this interesting — episode 15 was the usual rodeo.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

Here we go, folks. The final weekend for Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce). Let’s be honest, we are not expecting anything groundbreaking to happen, especially after the last episode.

Episode 15 opens with Nam Ga-bin inviting Park Hae-ryun in for a cup of tea. He declines, but when he tries to drive off, Nam Ga-bin asks if she can drive with him. Park Hae-ryun’s heart races. They head to the docks, and Nam Ga-bin sings for him. Park Hae-ryun heads to bed with his wife Lee Si-eun thinking about Nam Ga-bin. As for Nam Ga-bin, she tells herself that Park Hae-ryun is a sweet scholar that deserves more respect.

Caught horse riding and then swimming with mother

Yu-sin continues to push boundaries while horrifically betraying Sa Pi-young.

At the horse stables, a friend looks at A-mi with Yu-sin and looks suspicious. Yu-sin tells his friend that A-mi is a cousin from the USA. Afterwards, Yu-sin explains his friend is an oriental doctor while they eat. They talk about first loves again. Later on, Yu-sin enjoys swimming with Dong-mi. He talks about how swimming is good for the body and praises her figure. This man manages to get creepier with each chapter.

Boo Hye-rung accuses Sa-hyeon of changing

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 15 sees Sa-hyeon and Song Won’s “friendship” evolve emotionally.

Sa-hyeon and Song Won meet up and he offers to open her a bottle of wine. He ends up in her apartment. She watches and tries to memorise the technique. The pair taste it together and Sa-hyeon tells him he should enjoy this wine with his wife.

After their last argument, Sa-hyeon returned home and gives Boo Hye-rung flowers and asks for forgiveness after hurting her feelings. Boo Hye-rung storms off. In the last episode, he commented on how much makeup she wears. Boo Hye-rung accuses Sa-hyeon of changing and not treating her good. Sa-hyeon throws a teddy to the floor and Boo Hye-rung accuses him of wanting to hit her. In anger, she tells him to get a divorce. Sa-hyeon tells Song Won what happened. Song Won tells him to put his ego aside and yield to make it work.

“I want to grow old with you”

Sa-hyeon and Song Won enjoy another meal together. This time it’s a fancier restaurant. The more they meet, the more they look like a companionship. Song Won fears that Sa-hyeon will want to stop meeting and asks if this is an early birthday meal. Sa-hyeon tells her he and his wife reconciled due to her advice and that he’s been thinking about relationships lately; he tells her that he doesn’t want what they have to end and to support each other for as long as possible. He wants to grow old with her. Song Won gets emotional and then Sa-hyeon holds her hand and tells her to call him any time when she needs help.

Taking Song Won’s advice

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 15 sees Song Won’s advice take effect.

While arguing with Boo Hye-rung, Sa-hyeon takes Song Won’s advice and decides to yield rather than fight back. He agrees to not spend time with his family on his father’s birthday and to come another day instead so he can go somewhere else with Boo Hye-rung. Ye-jeong is suspicious, believing it was Boo Hye-rung’s fault for not spending time with Pan Mun-ho on his birthday.

Address lecturers properly

Park Hae-ryun scolds a student for not addressing Nam Ga-bin in honorifics; he expects respect for lecturers and to not act as friends. He tells Nam Ga-bin to not let students address her improperly. Later on, Park Hae-ryun visits Nam Ga-bin at her apartment; she’s hosting dinner for him and Jin-a. Suddenly, Jin-a has to quickly leave for a little bit leaving Park Hae-ryun and Nam Ga-bin in their own company. Park Hae-ryun admires her apartment, and seems comforted by the way she lives. When Jin-a returns, she praises Park Hae-ryun, saying that his wife is extremely lucky. Nam Ga-bin seems impacted by her words — she sees a man she wants.

The ending

Nam Ga-bin remembers the man who broke her heart and compares him to Park Hae-ryun and wishes she had a man like him instead. As the evening continues, Jin-a has to leave for an emergency.

As the evening drags on, Nam Ga-bin tears up and asks Park Hae-ryun if he can hold her for a moment. Obviously, Park Hae-ryun will give in.

It’s incredible how the writers thought we’d find this interesting — Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 15 was the usual rodeo.

Additional points
  • Seo Ban gives Boo Hye-rung, Sa Pi-young and Lee Si-eun jars of caviar that was given to him as a gift. They talk about him and assume he’s from a wealthy family.
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  • March 14, 2021 at 3:38 pm

    Wow, it sounds so boring. I decided to read your recaps instead of watching the episodes….I mean there is only one episode left and there is no build-up to anything at all.

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