Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 7 recap – timing is everything

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 3, 2021
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Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce season 2, episode 7 recap - timing is everything


Episode 7 is all about luck, timing, and another slap in the face for the cheaters.

This recap of Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 7 contains spoilers.

Everything continues to go down in flames this week. And the fire will only burn hotter. As you can see, rather than a spur of the moment, timing is everything you need in this series.

After being confronted by the truth, Pi-young drives herself to the equestrian place to clarify everything. In the meantime, Ami and Yu-shin are preparing themselves for their final horseback date. Yu-shin’s luck strikes again. While walking their way to the horseriding arena, Ami’s phone rings. Her film directors suddenly ask her to attend a meeting. Just like that, the destined encounter has been rescheduled.

I’ve come to a hypothesis that when the god made Yu-shin, he accidentally spilled the luck and liar with an overmeasured scale. After Ami’s leaving the arena, Yu-shin baffles over his unusual encounter with Pi-young. You can see how he wants to thank the director for calling Ami out of nowhere. She straightforwardly asks him about the rumor. Of course, he dodges everything like it’s nothing and frames Hae-ryeon instead. Our naive Pi-young is sold over his words all over again. Pi-young needs to learn that in order to catch a crocodile, you need solid protection, meat to drag it out, strategy, and… timing.

The nervousness we felt at the beginning suddenly melts off and begins turning into a raw comedy. Dong-mi and Mr. Shin’s ghost has entered the scene. I don’t know if the scene is meant to be funny or not but it just cracks me up. You’ll find out why if you watch it. Anyway, Mr. Shin is keeping his eyes on Dong-mi’s real intention of staying with Pi-young’s family. I wonder how the writer will continue to write and carry his existence throughout the series. I mean, what are the most logical things he can do anyway? Appearing inside someone’s dream and pass the S.O.S? Hmm.

The crash.

After lying to Pi-young about going to Sauna, Yu-shin went to Ami’s place to put an end — or should I say a hold — to their affair. Because of all the ambiguous lines Yu-shin is throwing at her. He gives her the cake she likes, the white car she always dreamed of, and a pot of trees to symbolize their (continuous) growing love affair. He gives her everything except the future of their relationship. Parallels to Sa-hyeon’s situation, Yu-shin decides to pamper her with another false hope through his letter. He asks her to wait for her for another two years, just in case he will file a divorce. “We don’t know what a future holds,” he said aimlessly.

What’s interesting is he is using a growing tree as a metaphor for their relationship. He talks way too much empty promises so to put it simply he tells her that: “In every season, a leaf dies and another grows. The tree does not stay with the same leaves.” Ami should have read between the lines. She is the leaf and Yu-shin is the tree. His leaf will never stay the same for a season.

After the arousing night, Ami is having a mental breakdown over their separation while Yu-shin celebrates the night away with his legal wife, who sensually dances his anxiety away at their room. Oh! There is also another dancer who is passionately dancing her heart out to the moon all alone in her room. She looks at the moon and suddenly, the moon has now got Yu-shin’s face on it. Yup, it’s Dong-mi.

In the meantime, Ye-jung comes to visit Song Won. As her belly is getting bigger, Ye-jung’s fondness is getting deeper. She pampers her with all the love and care, so much that there is nothing left for Hye-ryeong. Well, maybe a little. Ye-jung decides to spend the night over Song Won’s place to take care of her. Another reason for her stayover is to avoid Moon-ho. Little did she know, Song Won secretly calls Moon-ho to come and comfort Ye-jung. After Song Won leaves for work, Moon-ho quickly gets down on his knees and begs for her forgiveness. He does everything according to what Song Won said. He sincerely apologizes for everything after realizing the absence of Ye-jung’s care and love that he took for granted.

But, all the heartfelt confrontation just turns into another comedy when his knee turns numb. Plus, Ye-jung describing his tears as crocodile tears. But, one clear thing is that once the relationship is shattered, they can’t ever go back to where it used to be. But, you can always mend it if you want.

The exaltation.

So yeah, after being slapped by the truth, Ami wakes up and chooses madness over the end of her teenage love affair. She harms herself by excessive drinking to the point where she wounds her hand. It’s suffocating to watch her helplessness while Yu-shin is enjoying his family date in the swimming pool. Song Jin-in pulls a great performance. Yes, I know, she deserves what’s coming to her. But, again, it is always the woman that is put in vain in the end. Anyway, she limps heavily as she walks her way to the hospital where Yu-shin is working. While registering herself, she faints and gets rushed to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, everything turns calm inside Si-eun’s house. Hyang-gi is officially a college student now. She proudly declares her goal to become an interpreter. She promises Si-eun that later she will take her mother around the world. Woo-ram innocently asks her to share the good news with their father. The bitterness creeps in. Hyang-gi recalls that she accidentally meets Hae-ryeon the other day. He congratulates her for the enrollment and offers her pocket money. Hyang-gi refuses the money and straightly tells him to use it for his wedding instead. Since he struggles to save money. You go, girl!

On to the next drama, Hye-ryeong fails her pregnancy once again. Meanwhile, Sa-hyeon’s parents accompany Song Won for a monthly pregnancy check-up. After the result, the three of them go to have a family dinner together at Sobaeksan. Just like Moon-ho said, Lady of Luck is on Song Won’s side. The in-laws are trying to bring Song Won to live with them at their house. They even plan to hide everything from Hye-ryeong. Afraid of being a pickle, Song won tries to affirms their intention while offering them a bowl of their dish. Come to think of it, Song Won always knows the right moves to win over everything without refusing anything. Her angelic face and modest manner make it so hard for anyone to despise her. Especially now she is carrying a baby. But, no. Not when it comes to Hye-ryeong.

…And the burn.

If the Lady of Luck is on Song won’s side, then the Lady of Truth is choosing to side with Hye-ryeong tonight. Song Won fortuitously meets Sa-hyeon outside of the dining room. She tells him that she is currently having dinner with his parent. After that, he joins the unwanted party. That’s when everything turns ugly. Hye-ryeong, without knowing anything, comes to the same restaurant to dine with her friends. Upon her arrival, the waiter greets and informs her that her husband is in Room No. 5 a.k.a the judgment room. Sensing something is off, she walks herself to the room as an uninvited guest, and boom, the Painter decides to greet her with a perfect painting of a harmonious Park family having a delightful dinner with the mistress.

Everyone is bewildered. I am loving the intensity Lee Ga-ryeong delivers through her gaze and movement. My blood boils seeing the not-so-innocent face of Song won when Hye-ryeong affirming her identity. Sa-hyeon tries to calm Hye-ryeong but guess what? She slaps him HARD. After the satisfying slap, Hye-ryeong, being as savage as she is, comes to pulls the hair out of Song Won’s head. She confronts all the people in the room with their lies and deceiving act. Nope. She is not done yet. Hye-ryeong broke the plate, symbolizing all the broken trust between her and the family. She is losing her mind and is ready to harm Song Won until Moon-ho stops her.

Do you know what’s so frustrating about the whole confrontation? Everyone is siding with the mistress because she is pregnant. The favoritism went harder as the story progressed. As if Hye-ryeong is not worth every inch of justice for his son’s behavior. In the previous episode, we get to see how she continues to fail her attempt at pregnancy. From the start, the only thing that makes her worth keeping is pregnancy; like Song Won. I really don’t understand why the writer tries hard to push the bad wife agenda on Hye-ryeong without clear and solid reasoning while making Song Won an angel in distress. The script needs to give more justice to her story just like how we get to spend each episode sympathizing over Song Won’s melancholy life.

Amidst all of this, will Hye-ryeong still choose to keep her marriage or will the table turn? We’ll see!

What were your thoughts on Love (ft Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 7? Let us know in the comments.

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