Love (ft Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 8 recap – the sheep has finally caught the wolf

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 4, 2021
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Love (ft Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 8 recap - the sheep has finally caught the wolf


The sheep has finally received its epiphany. Pi-young’s confrontation alerts the start of the new waves of drama coming your way!

This recap of Love (ft Marriage & Divorce) season 2, episode 8, contains spoilers.

Hye-ryeong previously said in the last episode, “Action speaks louder than words.” Please keep this phase in mind while watching the entire series go down in flame from today onwards.

The scene opens with an intense confrontation with Hye-ryeong. Burning with anger, Hye-ryeong confronts both Sa-hyeon and the mistress without mercy. She shuts Sa-hyeon down every time and insists on hearing everything from Song won. Not even a single soul in the room is on Hye-ryeong’s side. Once again, she slaps Sa-hyeon countless times like a beggar. That’s when Song won decides to drop all of her modesty and blame Hye-ryeong for her arrogance and selfish behavior. She even takes a moment to justify all of their affairs due to her ‘bad wife’ agenda. After all the mess, finally, Hye-ryeong asks for a divorce… And yup, the next thing we know it’s just an imaginary scene. Sigh.

But the real confrontation isn’t so bad, either. The difference is, Song won decides to stay modest and the divorce is not happening. But, we get to witness Hye-ryeong brutally throw a fist at Sa-hyeon in devastation. And of course, there goes another episode where we have to hear Song won’s tragic and miserable life to justify everything she did. She even points out that she only wants the baby but nobody seems to read between the lines. After she explains the story of their affair, she gracefully takes all the blame and apologize. We have heard countless times how Song won only wants to live quietly with her baby, yet, it never actually happens, right? Again, she clearly knows what she is doing.

Let’s continue. After the horror night, Sa-hyeon broke down in devastation. After knowing everything about the mistress, including Sa-hyeon is giving his mistress a diamond ring as a ‘goodbye gift’, Hye-ryeong gets even more bewildered. Sa-hyeon defends himself by saying that he buys her an expensive bracelet for her birthday, too. But the real talks happen at the dining table over galbi, Hye-ryeong asks why he gives the diamond and not just the money instead? This is something that needs to be underlined. It’s not about the amount of money that it cost, it’s about the intention behind it.

The parent does not help much either. They send Song Won home and comfort her. On their way, the in-laws ask Hye-ryeong to give Sa-hyeon a meal but secretly badmouth her afterward while praising Song won. Amidst all the tension between them, Hye-ryeong still warms him galbi and insists he eats. She’s naively keeping the marriage; even when it’s not worth the fight. Ye-jung even said that all the affection she has for her has gone, all have been transferred to the pregnant mistress. The in-laws still keeping Hye-ryeong because her parents are overseas. I understand that Hye-ryeong is not the epitome of a perfect wife. She is portrayed as an independent modern woman, with materialistic and controlling issues. But keep in mind how she is also the victim. Even worse, with no safety net to back her.

Her choices on not getting pregnant (or even, her failed attempt), nor her independence does not justify his husband’s cheating agenda either. Look at the other couple? Si-eun being all devoted to her family and so does Pi-young being the perfect wife she is, but both get cheated on. The real problem is in the extramarital affair and the damage it causes. Sa-hyeon gets away with everything (except Hye-ryeong) and everyone is putting blame on the woman. Whether it’s Hye-ryeong or even Song won. What about the cheater?

Everything is not what it seems.

Moving on, Dong-mi tries another attempt at putting drugs into Pi-young’s drink. Her only wish is to have Yu-shin for herself. Pi-young shows her gratefulness towards Dong-mi for the drink. She is about to take a sip until Yu-shin drunk-calls him, asking her to pick him up. Just like that, all that fantasy of spending the night with her lovely step-son goes down in a hole. But the next thing we knew, she comes into Pi-young’s room and sensually feels the bed by herself while imagining Yu-shin’s presence. Oh, my Dong-mi. In the meantime, Yu-shin, and Pi-young celebrate the night away at a fancy hotel. Yu-shin keeps pampering her and showering her with empty promises. She cherishes everything without knowing that his sudden romantic behavior is due to his almost ‘caught-in-the-act’ mode.

After having a great night, Yu-shin finds out about Ami’s condition at the hospital. He goes to check each patient at the ward and finally finds her. He was startled by her condition and asking the staff to move her to the VIP ward. Meanwhile, Dong-mi and Ji-a had a date at the Pi-young workstation. It’s Boo Hye-ryeong’s radio time! She reads a fan’s message about a 49-year-old single man who is not yet married. He has a crush on one of the three married women whom he works with and thinking about whether or not he should confess his feelings. Suddenly, everyone has their eye fixed on Seo-ban, including Dong-mi, who is fascinated by his stylish appearance.

Anyway, Hye-ryeong reminds the sender how he might get slapped if he confesses his feeling but rooting for him afterward. She adds that someone’s marriage might look all rainbows and sunshine, but the real situation might be different than what it appears to be. After the show ends, the wives are having a witty talk over the situation. They are even guessing each other and considering asking Seo-ban about it over a drink. I’m also curious, though. Who is Seo-ban keeping his eye on? He shows consideration towards Pi-young, yet gives pocket money to Woo-ram, and catches Hye-ryeong’s attention.

Meanwhile, Pi-young’s aunt is coming back from the Philippines. Upon her arrival, she is startled by Seo-hyang’s condition. After losing her consciousness, they rush her to the hospital. Seo-hyang’s caretaker tells her aunt how Pi-young is not visiting her mother for a while. Her aunt angrily informs Pi-young about her mother’s condition and insists she visit her. Even though Pi-young’s relationship with her mother is not amicable, she still rushes to the hospital for her. At the same time, she tries to call for Yu-shin but he is not available. Of course, sweetie. She is busy taking care of our little Ami.

The sheep have finally realized how dangerous the wood is.

Pi-young arrives at the hospital panickily looking for her mother only to get slapped by her aunt for abandoning her. The hospital moves Seo-hyang to the family room while Piyoung searches for Yu-shin. Unable to reach his phone, she comes across a nurse. “He’s with Ms. Ami in VIP ward, room number three,” she said. Pi-young goes to the exact room. Meanwhile, Yu-shin is busy taking care of Ami, who is asking for a hug. Not knowing that every step she takes will only lead to heartbreak, she moves closer to the door’s room. Feeling intrigued, she takes a peep in front of Ami’s room, slowly… she sees Yu-shin embracing Ami.

This is probably one of the most devastating epiphanies we got from the trios. She sees the truth with her own eyes. Astonished with everything, Pi-young walking down the hall in complete distress. Her perfect world crumbles. Her vision’s getting blurry as she walks away from the truth about her husband’s infidelity. After taking a few steps, she decides to confront everything. She limply walks again toward the room. But before she manages to catch their affair, Pi-young helplessly falls in vain.

Her aunt who had just gone out from the family room finds her. Pi-young is slowly losing her consciousness due to the shock. Her eyes keep on pinned to the room where Yu-shin suddenly appears walking out from it. Sa Pi-young greatly delivers everything through her gaze and expression. We can see the resentment yet disbelief all over her face. He is startled at seeing his wife outside. He runs to her, and that’s the moment she completely loses consciousness. They rush her to the ward afterward.

In the previous episode, I declared that Yu-shin is the epitome of luck. He never seems to run out of it, but maybe, he’s starting to lose it. After Pi-young’s sudden arrival at the hospital, Yu-shin plans to send Ami to another hospital to clear all the trails of his affair. Ami refuses by telling him she’d rather come home instead. Yu-shin threatens her by saying, “Do it so if everything is over between us.” Too bad, everything is too late, Shin Yu-shin.

The ending

Pi-young finally wakes up. She sees Yu-shin across the bed sleeping soundly. The whole starry night we always witness inside Pi-young’s eyes has turned into an endless dark sky. She asks him to wake up. Two times. Yu-shin wakes up without knowing that the god of Luck is no longer participating in his game. She straightforwardly asks him, “Who is Ami? The VIP patient at Room Number Three.” Which marks Yu-shin’s judgment day.

Finally, all the cheaters have received their confrontation, but it is just the beginning of everything. What will happen to the perfect family of Pi-young? See you next week!

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