Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 6 – the truth is vague, but lies are sweet

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 28, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix K-drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce season 2, episode 6


In the world of Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce), we can clearly see that each character wears their obsession on their sleeves.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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Continuing the ‘nothing is hidden under the sun’ proverb, we get to see another confrontation this week. You have heard the saying, “love has no boundaries,” right? When ego turns into obsession, boundaries are something we would want to break instead of acknowledging. Perhaps episode 6 is trying to emphasize the idea of ‘obsession.’ In the world of Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce), we can clearly see that each character wears their obsession on their sleeves. Boundaries do not exist unless you’re Lee Si-Eun.

Let’s start with our dearest Pi-young. After looking at the burn blemish at the tip of Ami’s padding coat, Pi-young is tempted to clarify things until Dong-mi calls her due to Ji-a getting injured at the academy. She rushes to the hospital and forgets about her suspicion towards Ami. Meanwhile, Hye-ryeong is stepping up her game (and we get to see more of her, too!) with her ‘cheating’ agenda. The universe seems to favor her, given that Hye-ryeong and Dong-ma always bump into each other.

This time, Hye-ryeong asks him out for dinner to return his generosity on paying her table last time. Both of them had a verbatim and witty conversation that is quite interesting to watch. I’m curious about how their relationship will progress in the future since both of them are tangled with problematic love affairs from both partners.

In the meantime, our poor Moon-ho is still trying his best to console Ye-jung’s act of rebellion. From showing simple gestures like offering her favorite dish to buying her something to help her hurting foot. But you know, once the trust is broken, the scars remain. Sulky Moon-ho tries to grab her attention while Ye-jung brings up ’emotional’ cheating; which Moon-ho doesn’t consider as cheating since it does not involve physical touch. Ye-jung points out how he misses the root of the issues. She wore out her youth to serve him, while he is buying herbal medication for other women. Moon-ho defends himself by saying that he gives her money, leading to Ye-jung asking him to leave her alone. At least we can see that he sincerely wants to apologize.

A man of excuses

After a fearful moment due to Ji-A’s injury, Pi-young’s curiosity strikes again. She straight-up asks Yu-shin about seeing the young actress who is using the same padding coat as him. As far as she knew, Yu-shin gave away the padding coat. Caught off guard, Yu-shin tries to make up some stories about the possibility of his friend giving his coat to someone else and even came out with a perfect imaginary friend to cover everything. Pi-young asks him to call his friend in LA. Yu-shin quickly points out the time difference between the countries. We do know that one lie leads to hundreds of lies, right? Well… It seems that the god of deception is on his side this time. Pi-young, who is still half-heartedly believing his words, naively convinces herself to trust him.

After successfully making his way out of a critical moment and realizing a series of red flags popping up here and there, Yu-shin carefully plans to end his affair before he gets caught. As usual, he went to see Ami for their horseback riding date. This time, he uses Pi-young’s late work hours to buy time to meet his mistress. He even sugarcoats his lies with “It’s better than going to a house without you in it,” and stating that Pi-young should be the one who greets him at home, not Ji-A or Dong-mi. Ironically, Pi-young falls for it and waits for her ‘devoted’ husband to welcome him.

He nervously asks Ami to spend time with him over chicken and beer at her place. After giving it some thought, he oddly puts an expiration date on their affair. He is trying to imply her career as an excuse to end their affair. Ami, being as childish as she is, refuses to end everything. Obsessing over their love, Ami is ready to risk everything to save her relationship. “Can’t you just choose me?” she anguishedly asks. “Choose me, and I’ll love you with all my heart.”

The scene shifts to Pi-young trying to stay awake while waiting for Yu-shin.

“You stepped over the line.”

We can clearly see that Sa-hyeon’s parents gradually favor the mistress over Hye-ryeong. After Sa-hyeon desperately asks him to visit Song Won, Moon-ho takes her out for dinner. The interesting part of their interaction is when Moon-ho opens up about his and Ye-jung’s situation. He asks Song Won about how to receive her forgiveness over his emotional cheating act. I find it funny how Song Won offers him a free consultation session and telling him that he is stepping over the line with Kim Dong-mi; just like how she did to win over Sa-hyeon. But after watching how she gives free advice to Moon-ho, one thing is certain about her; she knows exactly what she is doing.

Meanwhile, our musical actress is back again with her groundless behavior. Ga-bin and Si-eun sit down over a cup of coffee. She shamelessly asks Si-eun to be friends with her. One thing that Ga-bin does well, other than pressing her piano keys, is pressing the boundaries. She tells Si-eun about her desire to have a child as soon as possible and wanting the Park siblings to come to their wedding. She even insists on how she will wait for their acceptance of her. Well… Sharing the same man does not equal sharing a special bond, sweetie.

Let’s not forget in the previous episode, we get to see Ga-bin’s hidden intention of getting sweet revenge on Dong-ma, who is now investing an interest in Hye-ryeong. During their dinner, Dong-ma is telling Hye-ryeong that he is not ready yet to commit with anyone or anything for at least another five years. This somehow might be the reason behind Ga-bin’s obsession with getting married as soon as possible; because Dong-ma broke her hopes.

But the winner for the “stepping over the line” award goes to Dong-mi. It is beyond my mind how she actually puts sleeping pills in Pi-young’s glass of water in order to fulfill her desire to make love with her own step-son. She desperately dresses herself and pretends to fall asleep on the couch with the hopes that Yu-shin will carry her romantically to the room. Unfortunately, everything just turns into a bland comedy — all Yu-shin did is cover her with a blanket instead.

After failing her first attempt, she tries her luck again, offering Yu-shin a massage while Pi-young is out and locking their front door. These women can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. After looking at Yu-shin, who falls asleep, she goes down for a kiss…until…ding dong, reality check. Pi-young arrives home faster than she thought. But you know what’s funny? Mr. Shin’s ghost is there to witness everything.

The ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 6

Hae-ryeon helplessly waits outside Si-eun’s regency. Woo-ram notices his father’s car approach him. Hae-ryeon asks him whether or not he could see his mother. After the innocent Woo-ram passes the messages, Si-eun agrees to meet up at the coffee shop nearby. After a series of his thoughtless talks, he finally confronts Si-eun about Yu-shin’s affair with the younger woman at the horseback riding club. Si-eun vaguely tries to reassure that the woman must be a member or a relative. Hae-ryeon insists that something is going on between them because there’s a different vibe. Si-eun gambles on whether or not she should tell Pi-young — her conclusion is yes.

The next day, Si-eun asks Pi-young to meet up and confronts her with the truth of her husband’s infidelity. She first stirs the conversation by opening up about Nam Ga-Bin being her homewrecker, which leaves Pi-young astonished. The real talk begins when Si-eun tells Pi-young carefully about Hae-ryeon accidentally seeing Yu-shin at a horseback riding club together with a young woman. Pi-young asks whether or not Hae-ryeon is telling the truth. Si-eun patiently explains that Hae-ryeon didn’t confront him because Yu-shin was not aware of her presence. Pi-young, who is dumfounded, tries to catch up with everything. Si-eun tries to reassure her that it will probably be another member in the same club and encourages her to find out before it’s too late. I’m relieved that Si-eun decided to tell Pi-young as soon as possible.

Pi-young receives a call from Yu-shin. Ironically, she saved his number as “Mine.” What perfect timing. He calls to inform her about going out for horseback riding. Before hanging up, he showers her with romantic lines, but this time, all we can see is pain and doubt in Pi-young’s eyes. Meanwhile, Ami is bracing herself to forcefully make her way into Yu-shin’s life.

Will Pi-young successfully unravel her husband’s infidelity? We’ll see!

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