Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 5 – nothing is hidden under the sun…

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 26, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix K-drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce season 2, episode 6


Jeon Soo-Kyeong and Jeon Hye-Won’s performance hold the entire episode. Another astonishing breakthrough for the cheaters. Nothing is safely hidden under the sun.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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Here we go again for another arousing confrontation. The bottom line for episode 5 is:  “As clever as you try to hide it; it will all be revealed and it will bite you in the end.” I must say that this series portrays the world of cheaters and mistresses well, despite how dumbfounded and angry I am in every episode.

As usual, the episode starts with the melodrama love affairs between Sa-hyeon and Song Won, who can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves but also their words to one another. They share a romantic dinner, reminiscing their feelings for each other, just like how they first met. Sa-hyeon tells her how much he loves her, gives her a ring, and puts it on her finger. After the bittersweet night, they bid their (probably, another temporary) farewell before they cling to each other again, deceiving every inch of their promise. I don’t know why the writers drag their story that seems to be progressing nowhere and try to make us sympathize with their love affair. I don’t think the formula works anymore.

In the meantime, Hye-ryeong is sipping a cup of tea alone in her house. She’s starting to consider cheating on Sa-hyeon “once” as a way for her to forgive Sa-hyeon and move on. While her in-laws, Ye-Jung and Moon-o, are still walking down the bickering mode after Ye-Jung’s last confrontation. Things are a little different for the “appear to be” perfect family of Pi-young. After attending a gathering, Yu-shin shows his jealousy over a guy slicing a slice of meat for his wife to the extent of wanting her to become a domestic housewife. But it does not take long until both of them are laughing together to conclude their bickering. Of course, our Dong-mi isn’t fond of the lovey-dovey situation and eagerly tries to step up her game while luring Pi-young’s good side and trust.

“What you reap is what you sow.”

We finally get to see a glimpse of Nam Ga-bin’s concealed motives in pushing her marriage and pregnancy as soon as possible with Hae-ryeon; to stir Dong-ma’s jealousy and revenge. Ga-bin and Si-Eun meet each other at Deung Cafe. Meanwhile, our precious Hyang-Gi is excitedly walking to the same cafe while imagining Ga-bin signing her notebook; but she is taken aback after seeing Ga-bin and her mother meeting each other. Little did she know, the woman she adores is the reason behind her father’s betrayal.

Not aware that Hyang-Gi is sitting right across the table and ready to hear everything, Si-Eun and Ga-bin discuss the affair. Si-eun confronts her firmly while Ga-bin cannot even seem to sip the coffee in front of her with tears in her eyes. Si-eun leaves the tearful actress behind with a clear message — “This is your life. I will not give you my blessing but I will not curse you either.”

After being shaken by the truth, Hyang Gi asks her friend to track down Ga-bin’s address. Later, she appears at the apartment where she, unfortunately, encounters Hae-ryeon at the elevator. He quickly drags her daughter like a dog while preaching about mannerism and respect. After getting dragged out of the apartment, she has to deal with Hae-ryeon shamelessly glorifying his affair and asking for her understanding.

“Frailty, thy name is human.”

Swamped by overwhelming emotions and distress, Hyang-gi tears down everything about Ga-bin in her room while screaming her lungs out. Si-eun tries to calm her down, but instead, she opposes and despises Hae-ryeon for his narrative about the “broadleaf tree.” She even swears to never fall in love. With her lasting agony, Hyang-gi calls out Ga-bin as a “bastard” which is enough to provoke Hae-ryeon to raise his hand, ready to slap her. Unfortunately, Si-eun slaps him first, not just once, but TWICE. She dares him to call Ga-bin and show her his true colors. It’s really frustrating how Hae-ryeon still manages to gather every inch of his despicable acts to defend Ga-bin, who only uses him for a rebound, while his daughter is visibly breaking down in front of him.

I couldn’t find the right words to describe how intense and heartbreaking the entire scene is. The breakdown of both Hyang-Gi and Si-eun had me in tears. You can feel the pain in their eyes and wrath through every line. But you know what’s sickening? After Si-eun kicks him out and pledges for him to never come back to their house again, he smirks his way out from the house and later, shares a hug with his musical mistress.

But at least we get to witness a heartfelt conversation between Si-eun and Hyang-gi as a remedy. I loved the warm color tone and cinematography that represents the gentleness and warmth of the mother and daughter moment. She asks her daughter to accept things, focus on planting the seeds of their happiness and move on.

The ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 5: “Liar, liar! Coat on fire!”

There’s actually a couple of things going on before we wrap it up. We witness a glimpse of Pi-young’s father through her ailing mother’s dream. Then, on the other hand, we see Hye-ryeong failing her attempt to get pregnant. To relieve her stress, she went to her usual salon and encounters Dong-ma. Will their relationship progress?

At last, there goes the saying, “to never wear shoes that unfit your size because it will only leave you with scars.” But Ami will never listen. Pi-young bumps into a drama set outside her office. Feeling intrigued, she takes a closer look at the set. She unintentionally stands behind Ami who is wearing a luxurious oversized metallic pudding coat. She notices the padding coat is somewhat the same as her husband’s. Pi-young politely asks Ami where she buys the coat. Ami, not knowing Pi-young’s identity, frankly tells her that it’s her boyfriend’s gift.

After the director calls her for shooting, she takes off her coat, leaving the burn blemish at the tip of the coat’s opening. Feeling astonished, Pi-young remembers when Yu-Shin told her that he got a blemish on his coat after going horse riding. That’s where everything begins, folks. Just like when Yu-shin said when Ami told him that she got cast: “This is only the beginning of everything.”

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