Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Bad People”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1, episode 2 - Bad People


“Bad People” deepens the conspiracy and finds more reasons why Álex seeks revenge in a thrilling story so far.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 2, “Bad People”, contains spoilers.

Now that the story has established a base for revenge, “Bad People” delves into the culpable family, making for a more intriguing chapter because each member has their own quirk.

After intense events, the head of the family, Cesar, is fretting and wants to deal with the Álex problem immediately. He asks one of his men to “do what they have to do”. Elisa heads in a taxi and asks for the driver to follow Rodolfo. Elisa then sees a couple of men use their rifles to terrorize Álex’s house. Álex ends up in a fight and is knocked out — the men walk out, believing they have sent a message. Elisa walks into the house looking for Álex and sees the photos on the wall and the footage of her family; her curiosity has gotten the better of her — she’s part of the Lazcano family, so she’s taking on a significant risk by getting this close to Álex.

The hospital reminds Álex of despair

But she keeps her cool and will make the audience wonder if she’s an outcast of the family and soon-to-be-ally of Álex.

Elisa takes Álex to the hospital, and when he wakes up, she introduces herself as Maria. They don’t give each other their last names. Elisa offers to testify for them when his house was attacked; she says it’s pure coincidence she was nearby. As Álex leaves the hospital, he remembers his despair when he learned that his sister had died.

Cesar told Álex what to say

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 2 delves deeper into the corruption caused by Cesar, who kept family interests secure.

Álex learns that his anonymous sender calls themselves “Diane the Huntress”. She shows him a video recorded from his day of sentencing at court. She was there. Flashbacks show how Cesar told Álex what to say about the parachute and how he was at fault; he claims his sacrifice will save his mother’s life. Álex gets angry at Cesar, but the man responds by telling Álex to prove he’s ready for prison. Cesar genuinely believed everyone was a winner with this arrangement. Mariana was more sympathetic and told Álex that she sees him as a son.

In the courtroom, the judge claims that Álex killed his sister because his friend Rodolfo Lazcano impregnated her; they had found a motive.

Elisa keeps on prodding

Elisa visits Rodolfo at work, and she wants to know what happened with Sara and Álex; she explains the men who went to his house and shot it up. She warns that Álex has photos of video footage of the family. Elisa is worried about the threat to the family, and she wants the truth and asks Rodolfo if he murdered Sara. Cesar conveniently walks in and stops the conversation.

Cesar threatens Elisa to freeze her bank cards. As Elisa leaves, she’s confused as to why the family cannot answer questions and makes Álex look innocent. The story brings an intriguing outlier of the family.

The ending

Tension spill over with Cesar and Rodolfo. They disagree on the handling of Álex. Rodolfo raises how none of this would have happened if his father kept his promises. Cesar calls Sara a “w***e”, and tempers boil over. Flashbacks show Mariana watching his son and friends try and revive Sara from a distance — she seems annoyed and throws a knife in the water and rings someone saying she will handle it herself.

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 2 deepens the conspiracy and finds more reasons why Álex seeks revenge in a thrilling story so far.

 Additional points
  • At the casino, there are suggestions of human trafficking, with the Lazcano family involved.
  • Rodolfo visits Sara’s grave, and he tells Chema that he regrets what happened on that boat every day and sees himself as the killer, not Álex.
  • Álex has managed to use a hacking app to get into Mariana’s phone, so he can spy on her and gain family secrets.
  • Mariana self harms on her legs.
  • Chema and Lorenzo have interviews with surrogates. Lorenzo does not believe Cesar will be best pleased about it and believe they should find the right moment. They get a range of different surrogate interviews.

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