The Serpent episode 6 recap – returning to France

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 1, 2021
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BBC and Netflix series The Serpent episode 6


Episode 6 dives even deeper into the past and present as we learn more about Charles’s first marriage and what helped him manifest into the monster he became.

This recap of the BBC and Netflix series The Serpent episode 6 contains spoilers. The drama is already out in the UK on the BBC, but it will be released on Netflix on April 2, 2021.

To give further context to Charles’ life, episode 6 opens up with a wedding; Charles is marrying a woman in France on November 5, 1969. Seven years later; Herman has sent a report into every city. Paul Siemons gives Herman a gun for protection. They are fretting; Charles could be anywhere.

Meanwhile, Marie-Andrée takes the red briefcase and checks in at a hotel while Charles takes some calls; he rings a woman named Madam Boeder in Paris under his alias name Alain Gautier. He has sent her sample stones, and he tells her where he is. He’s heading to France.

Charles felt like France wasn’t his home

The Serpent episode 6 reveals that Charles did not have the best relationship with his mother, which may provide answers to how he’s formed into the adult he became.

Seven years earlier; there’s tension between Charles and his mother after his wedding. She brings up how he’s just been released from prison. After his argument, he asks his wife if anyone knows she is pregnant. He doesn’t want his child to grow up in France and wants to go to India; Charles doesn’t feel at home in France as every time an Asian commits a crime, the police look at him.

Herman is stressed and anxious

Seven years later, in Bangkok; Herman freaks out in the middle of the night believing there’s an intruder and points a gun at his wife Angela. He’s also struggling at work, with the Dutch Ambassador telling Herman to take three weeks holiday.

Starting a new life

Episode 6 shows that even when Charles is harping on about normal life, there’s a tinge of manipulation to everything he is saying.

Charles asks Marie-Andrée if she can forget everything about their previous life; he wants them to feel innocent and “be husband and wife”. Later on, Ajay reminds Charles that there’s no comparison to his first wife Juliette while talking about Marie-Andrée. Five years earlier — in Bombay, India; Charles and Juliette have a new life with their child. Three weeks later; loads of stones have been stolen from the Ashoka Hotel, and it’s reported in the media. He promises his wife a better life; however, the police arrest him. It looks like Charles never truly changed — he’s manifested into a monster over time.

Ajay tells Marie-Andrée that they are both monsters

Five years later; Nadine rings Herman. She lets him know that the landlady wants to rent out Kanit house again, and she’s cleaning it — they need to check the place out before all the evidence is removed. Meanwhile, Marie-Andrée asks Ajay why he wants to join them in Paris. Ajay antagonizes her, so she slaps him. He grabs her and puts her against the wall; Marie-Andrée calls Ajay a monster. Ajay tells her that they are both monsters and call Charles “Alain”, knowing he isn’t called that. He tells her that Charles had a wife in Paris named Juliette and that she’s merely a replacement. The war for Charles’ commitment begins halfway through episode 6.

Ajay warns Charles about Marie-Andrée’s diary and tells him there’s plenty of white women he can have for clientele. He tells her that they can’t trust her.

Checking out Kanit House

Herman and the group check out Kanit House. Paul Siemons finds the “medicines” Charles used to drug his victims. At the back of the cupboard, he finds a fake passport; they find diaries, notes and other items that will be of use.

Ajay and Marie-Andrée fight over Charles

Four years earlier; Delhi, India. Charles has managed to leave his police cell. He tells Juliette that they must get out of India. Two weeks later; Juliette has sent their child to her parents. Their car breaks down as they head out of India, and the police find them. Charles promises to find her again.

Four years later — Karachi; Charles asks Marie-Andrée what she told the priest in her confession. She explains that she told him everything that tortures her from the diary, but she admits she still loves him, despite Charles not telling her that he had a wife before. Ajay says he was angry, which is why he told her. Marie-Andrée tells Charles that he cannot trust Ajay, especially in France, where he will not fit in due to his skin colour. Charles rings his mother and tells her he will be home soon and wants to see his child again.

Ajay or Marie-Andrée?

And then The Serpent episode 6 brings a pivotal moment in the series…past and present.

Charles needs to choose; Ajay or Marie-Andrée? He drives Ajay into the countryside; he tells him he isn’t worth anything anymore and that Marie-Andrée is right — “Paris isn’t s place for a little brown thug”. He tells Ajay to make his own way in the world.

Three years earlier — Kabul, Afghanistan; Juliette visits Charles in prison and tells him that her charges were dropped. She explains that she will not be waiting for him when he gets out — she wants a divorce. Charles is in disbelief and cannot believe she is returning to Paris.

The ending

Three years later; Charles tells Marie-Andrée that Juliette abandoned him in Afghanistan and took his child. He tries to pretend that she doesn’t exist and that he doesn’t grieve over it. Charles explains that she is his life now.

Herman reads notes and diary entries written by Marie-Andrée and tries to find an answer. He rings the Canadian Embassy, and Ambassador Bastien turns up. He gives Herman the address of Gautier’s mother; they know where Charles is heading. Meanwhile, Charles and Marie-Andrée drive to the German-French border and make it to France.

The Serpent episode 6 dives even deeper into the past and present as we learn more about Charles’s first marriage and what helped him manifest into the monster he became.

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