Snabba Cash season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 7, 2021
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Snabba Cash season 1, episode 6 recap - the ending explained


“Making Money Is Never Bad!” puts consequences at the forefront, as virtually every character is forced to reckon with the reality of their actions.

This recap of Snabba Cash season 1, episode 6, “Making Money is Never Bad!”, contains spoilers. It also includes a discussion of the Snabba Cash ending.

The events of Snabba Cash episode 6 have felt somewhat inevitable since the very beginning — this has by no means been a light-hearted show, and a happy ending was far from likely. As it turns out in “Making Money is Never Bad!”, the Snabba Cash ending is not happy, not at all, but some characters — one in particular — at least manage to make the best of it, though for how long they’ll be sitting pretty is anyone’s guess. Let’s break it down.

The finale ends with the police raiding Ravy’s hideout, but the place has already been cleaned out, and he’s in the wind. That leaves Leya and Salim with even more uncertainty. Has he gone for good? Is he going to reappear at any moment? Has he already figured out what’s going on between them and who ratted him out to Dani? They both decide that the only real option they have for their peace of mind is to kill him, and have sex very shortly after this decision, evidently excited by the prospect. 

But Ravy isn’t Leya’s only problem, since she discovers that Tomas has been moving the same money around from business to business, manipulating the figures of his success. When she confronts him about this, though, he reveals that Ravy has already explained to him that he owns 50% of TargetCoach, and since Tomas now knows Leya put up drug money, her negotiating position is severely compromised. If she tries to out Tomas, he’ll out her. It’s a stalemate. 

Now more than ever, Leya is determined to get rid of Ravy, and after saying his farewells to Tim, who has decided this life isn’t for him, Salim arms up for the task. But when Ravy walks right into the ambush they set for him, Leya bottles it, unable to go through with murdering a family member. She thinks it’ll all work out, and spoiler alert, but she’s dead wrong.

Well, mostly wrong, anyway. Things do work out okay for Leya in Snabba Cash season 1, episode 6, and her good fortunes begin when she returns to Tomas and agrees to help him out with his scheming in exchange for 10 million kroner under the table — “F*ck you money,” as they both call it. But at the same time, things go badly wrong for Salim and Tim after Dani’s goons are roped into Ravy’s network and reveal they had already been moving some of his product out of Tim’s lost bag. That discovery paints Tim as the obvious rat, and when Ravy summons Salim to the roof, he presents Tim as the snitch. “Making Money Is Never Bad!” juxtaposes this with a scene of Leya smiling along at Tomas’s enthusiastic speech about making money, which forefronts the very human cost of big business profiteering as Tim is made to kneel, about to be executed. Tim, though, as he said himself earlier, isn’t about this life, and so he reveals that Leya was the one who sold Ravy out to Dani, causing even more problems.

Ravy calls Leya, letting her know he’s with Sami and sends Nala to pick her up. She takes Leya out into the woods where she’s made to kneel alongside Tim for a game of he-said-she-said. Since neither has any concrete evidence and it’s looking very likely that Ravy is going to just kill both of them and have done with it, Salim confesses to being the snitch, as well as his relationship with Leya. Ravy is predictably distraught to hear this, and I actually liked that the show included his efforts at denial, his insistence that he and Salim are brothers, and his wasted attempts at diverting blame. Salim, though, makes a good point — he tried to get out of the life and Ravy wouldn’t let him. He has nobody to blame for his misfortune but himself. This is probably why Ravy shoots Salim in the face, right through the eye, and makes Tim take the fall for the murder. He knows what Salim said is true, but he isn’t going to admit it, is he?

Snabba Cash season 1, episode 6 at least gives Leya the upper hand in the ending. After Tim is taken away, Ravy goes to meet with Marko and finds Leya there. She has used her f*ck you money to pay off what Davy owed, indebting him to her and making her untouchable in the process. Ravy is fuming, but there’s nothing he can do. The real cost of this transaction reveals itself when she returns home, though, and presents the money to Sami, telling him he can have what he wants with it. All he wants is to play hide and seek with “Slim”. She suggests he play with her instead, and as he goes upstairs to hide and she begins to count, we see a tear roll down her cheek.

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