Tiny World season 2 review – another little win for Apple TV+

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 16, 2021
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Tiny World season 2 review - another little win for Apple TV+


Tiny World Season 2 delivers another bite-sized, in-depth look at the smallest among us, to enjoyably quirky and charming effect.

The word of the day is “small”, at least as far as Tiny World Season 2 is concerned. One of a trio of releases ahead of this year’s Earth Day, this oddball docuseries about tiny animals getting into big adventures might lack the prestige of a David Attenborough documentary or the astonishing technical acumen of Apple’s third release, the second season of Earth At Night In Color, but it has the obvious advantage of the MCU’s Ant-Man narrating the exploits of very small creatures. What else could you want?

Everything is small in Tiny World – short episodes, and only six of them, but even so there’s plenty of diversity in the subjects; this second outing doesn’t just match the tone of the first, but also the breadth. Another commonality is the masterful use of scale, though that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Perhaps I undersold the technical side of things earlier.

The family-friendly tone, lack of doom and gloom, and diversity of biomes and animal subjects are all feathers in the cap of Tiny World season 2, which matches the first go-around for pace and energy, and perhaps even exceeds it in versatility. The natural history genre is dominated by large-scale projects that take years to film and play out like narrative epics, but there’s a lot of merit in bringing things down to a more manageable size. Rudd’s quirky presence – he’s one of two Marvel stars that Apple TV+ poached for documentary narration duties, so they must be throwing money around like nobody’s business – undeniably lends something too. Tiny World might be about all things small, but it has charm to spare.

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