Zero (2021) season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 21, 2021
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Netflix series Zero - 2021 - season 1, episode 8 -the ending explained


Episode 8 brings a brilliant ending to the alternative superhero story as Omar, and his inner circle have one last fight against those threatening the community.

This recap of Netflix’s Zero (2021) season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The final episode opens up with Awa upset about her poor performance in volleyball and her digressing eyesight. A woman approaches her, stating she knows a lot about her and her brother and wants her to do something for her. Meanwhile, there’s good news for the gang as there was footage from the scene when Momo was stabbed; Rico has been arrested. This feels like a win against gentrification, which is the true villain in this story.

Confronting Anna’s father outside of court

Omar approaches Anna’s father Ricci outside of court — he managed to get away with his corruption. The man is furious at Omar for what he did to him and says it ruins Anna. Omar is not sympathetic. Ricci reveals that Anna’s name is all over the deals and that it wasn’t his money — he was a front man for people who do not like losing their wealth. He believes Omar has put his daughter in trouble. Afterwards, Omar celebrates with his friends for their recent victory; however, Omar is downbeat about Anna — he’s worried about her. His friends tell him to go sort it out.

Anna is captured

And the final episode instantly suggests what Ricci claimed — that Anna is in trouble.

Anna is fretting because the company Sirenetta is in her name. Suddenly, Anna and her friends are captured by men and thrown into a van. The same woman that greeted Awa greets her. Omar manages to tag at the back of the van.

The episode then flits to Awa and the mysterious woman. She tells her that when she sees things that hurt her, she should not hold back her feelings and let them go. The woman then quickly departs. We assume this mysterious woman will play a more significant role in the second season.

Freeing Anna

Omar heads into the building where Anna is captured and frees her while invisible. He then uses his powers to fight a man, but he ends up getting hit brutally — fortunately, Anna saves him. Sensing that he is invisible, she looks for him. But Omar is fixed on a portrait in front of him. His mother leaves the portrait and hugs him. The camera flicks, and he’s suddenly hugging Anna. He’s managed to use his powers to make her invisible, and they get out of the building safely.

Planning to go away together

The police arrive, and Omar is still invisible, which panics Anna, but he holds her hand in the ambulance. Omar tells her that he can’t be visible anymore, and in the hospital, he asks if she’d like to go away together. Anna states that once she’s out of the hospital, they can go to Paris. The pair are in love, ready for a simpler life.

The ending

But it looks like a simpler life will not be forthcoming as suddenly, the mysterious woman shows up at the hospital, and she can see Omar despite him being invisible. She talks about Anna in a sinister way, hinting that she’s under threat and then asks Omar if he’d like to save his sister from going blind. She wants him to follow her so he can learn the truth. Meanwhile, Awa can see her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. She uses her powers to make her boyfriend blind; he accidentally pushes the girl off the top of the ledge, and she falls to her death. Awa smiles.

Omar is led to this place that looks like a church carrying out a ritual. He sees his mother, who he presumed was gone, and then the episode cuts to the credits to end with that twist.

Zero (2021) season 1, episode 8 brings a brilliant ending to the alternative superhero story as Omar, and his inner circle have one last fight against those threatening the community. The finale also brings a couple more twists that can be fleshed out in the second season.

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