Zero (2021) season 1 review – a cool alternative superhero concept

April 21, 2021 (Last updated: June 16, 2023)
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Italian Netflix series Zero season 1 - 2021


The series has maintained a good balance between social issues and a meaningful story that easily resonates with the viewers.

This review of the Italian Netflix series Zero (2021) season 1 contains no spoilers. The drama was released on the streaming service on April 21, 2021.

Read the ending explained.

We all enjoy an alternative superhero concept, and plenty is swilling around with Amazon’s Invincible recently taking social media by storm. Netflix’s Zero is a more serious concept that applies strong thought to poverty and gentrified areas. This is a superhero series where the ever-changing landscape is the villain.

But coupling with a great lead character — Omar (played by Giuseppe Dave Seke) can turn invisible. It’s emotional-based which layers the plot somewhat once he’s in a tight spot. Omar is a character that we can all enjoy; he’s tentative but cool, quiet but effective. He’s genuinely a character you want to root for, especially when he finds the girl of his dreams (Anna – played by Beatrice Grannò).

The main plotline of Zero season 1 is when Omar crosses paths with small-time criminal Shariff (played by Haroun Fall), a young man who strongly suspects that Omar can turn invisible. Omar’s world opens up once he establishes a warm friendship group with Shariff and his friends. The story moves from Omar wanting to move away to find himself passionate about protecting his own community.

With episodes at 25 minutes apiece, Zero leaves the viewer wanting more with a high-tempo, well-directed story arc that does not appear to lose pace. The story does prove the depth and does not signal to the viewers that this is a one-off project. Its flagrantly clear that the creator (Menotti) has more seasons in mind to flesh out Omar and his inner circle.

Let’s hope that Zero gets the attention it deserves; with the Italian vibe, the multicultural aspect, its microscopic look at poverty and its impact on young people, Zero is not merely here to flump up the Netflix thumbnails. The series has maintained a good balance between social issues and a meaningful story that easily resonates with the viewers.

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