Tell Me When ending explained – do Will and Dani end up together?

April 23, 2021
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the ending of the Netflix film Tell Me When

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Tell Me When, so it will contain major spoilers.

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As you probably gather by watching the Netflix film, Will is hardly an inspiring man. However, when he meets Dani in Mexico City, he quickly falls in love after one kiss and finds himself in an anxious mess controlling his feelings. He’s had such little excitement in his life that Dani became something he felt was missing. And so he ticked off another wish on his grandfather’s wish — “to fall in love.” However, like all romantic films, it’s never that simple.

Netflix’s Tell Me When – the ending explained

One of the main reasons for Will’s anxiety is because since he kissed Dani, she started asking for space. Pushing Will away made him go a little stir crazy. Once they agree to hang out again, Dani apologizes for cold-shouldering him, stating she didn’t want to ruin what they have — friendship. This sends Will’s head into a spin. He shuts himself away from his life in Mexico City and drinks himself into oblivion.

When Dani visits him, she’s confused about why he’s shut himself away and not looked after himself. His apartment is a mess, and he stinks of booze. Will is nasty towards her and calls her selfish — this really hurts Dani, and she slaps him.

What happens next?

After time apart, both characters settle back into their lives, but Will is clearly heartbroken by the events. To help heal the wounds, Dani’s friend helps facilitate a letter that resonates with Will. After speaking to his mother, he realizes that a woman like Dani only comes around once every so often, and he should relish the opportunity to be in her life.

As the film reaches its end, Dani premieres in a broadway show, and she gathers the praise and accolades. Will misses her opening night as he couldn’t get there in time. Refusing to give up, he heads to Dani’s house, where there’s a party going on. He asks for Dani to come outside. Will tells Dani that he’s been an “idiot” and that what he said to her was incorrect. He explains that regardless if she is a friend or a romantic partner, he wants to be in her life. These words resonate with Dani, and they head to a restaurant to eat together.

The camera stays on them with the credits as they talk, laugh, and eat together.

Do they end up together? The film leaves it to the audience to decide. Dani had had her own complicated romantic life, which is why she likely gave Will the cold shoulder when it went from platonic to romantic. We want to think that Will and Dani finally make it as partners.

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