Sexify season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 28, 2021
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Netflix series Sexify season 1, episode 8 - the ending explained


Episode 8 does everything it needs to do to secure a brilliant ending — it allows the lead characters to finally confront their demons and put their app into the world.

This recap of Netflix’s Sexify season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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The finale opens up with Natalia describing the history of the female orgasm — she’s prepping herself for the tech competition at the university, and Paulina interrupts her. Paulina is emotional and does not want to throw away months of work with a friend. Meanwhile, Monika has a heart-to-heart with her mother – she tells Monika that she does not have to make her father her enemy and she should do what she wants to do in life. That sets up the final episode — will the girls put their hard work on the line and risk their reputations? It’s a brilliant finale premise.

The girls are not expelled, but their project is ceased

Of course, Sexify season 1, episode 8 was always going to throw a spanner in the works.

The lecturer confirms that Natalia and her friends’ project will be sent to the competition. However, as he announces this, the Dean comes to the class and asks the girls to stay behind. He has considered their situation — he tells them he cannot throw them out as there will too many questions, however, their project will cease to exist and be destroyed; he declares that it cannot go to the competition. Natalia argues her case and says she has already signed up for the competition. At this point, it looks like it is over.

Paulina comes clean with Mariusz 

With the app now no longer a project, Mariusz asks Paulina if she will have time for other things. She doesn’t answer and states she will get her wedding dress. He helps her get it from the dry cleaning. After, they head to church together as Mariusz wants help with the wedding — he wants to get married there and then in a small and quick ceremony. He asks people nearby to be witnesses. However, based on her recent experiences, Paulina gets cold feet and leaves the church. Mariusz meets her outside and calls it a dumb idea. Paulina does not think it was a dumb idea but asks for a long break from their relationship. She wants to move out and states she has been copying patterns and mirroring her parents. When Mariusz asks if there’s another man, Paulina comes clean and tells him it’s about a woman.

This was a great moment for Paulina, and we’ve been waiting for her to accept her truth.

A lost opportunity for romance

Natalia finds Adam and tells him that the Dean has cancelled her project. There’s an element of regret in the way she’s talking to him. She obviously wanted more than friendship. They both part ways with plenty of unspoken words. Afterwards, Monika rings Natalia and Paulina and tells her the application works after she had an experience with a man — she said she got the entire experience. It’s not just about the orgasm. The girls decide to risk it and take the project to the tech competition.

The app works

The girls tell their teacher that they want to participate in the competition, and they cannot turn back now. The teacher is inspired and tells them he is in. He puts the other project leader into a room with Natalia — she tells him she’s here to win the competition and wants him to back down. However, he refuses, so Natalia locks him in the room.

Entering the competition

The series has been prepping us for this moment — the app is finally taken to competition.

The competition begins, and the Dean is flustered that Natalia and co are presenting their project. Realising the other group hasn’t turned up, the Dean has to back down. Natalia presents the concept and the results of their research. She describes how the data inputted maps the female body and their pleasure points. However, the presentation gets strange when she discusses how they researched it all — the jury asks for documentation with participation feedback. Paulina defends their project and states that it’s subjective and that they asked their female friends about their experiences — she describes female pleasure as a real problem and how it is misunderstood in society. Monika then declares she used the app, and it works, and it revolutionises females relationship with sex and pleasure.

Natalia’s speech of self-discovery

But the passionate speeches do not stop there…

Natalia then says the app is for her as she doesn’t know how to talk about her feelings or needs. She describes how she blew it with Adam because she’s afraid of her body and needs. She explains how the app helped her discover who she is — “Sexify made me realise I have a body”. It’s an inspiring speech, and the jury and audience are moved. Afterwards, the Dean tells the girls and the teacher that they are expelled from the university and walks off flustered. Natalia’s mother tells her daughter that she was amazing and that she’s proud — she also apologises and explains she said too much at Easter.

The ending 

In a gutting moment, they didn’t win the competition — they are crestfallen — they lost to a drone that takes selfies.  Natalia realises she has something to do and finds Adam at the airport — she rings him and asks him to turn around. Adam tells her he will be back in two weeks and that he isn’t “leaving forever”. They both confess their feelings for each other.

Monika confronts her father and tells him that she was expelled and will get a major for herself — she also states she will not get back with Konrad. She also reveals she’s applied for a loan to create her own business. Her father offers her kind words and gives her advice.

Paulina puts on her wedding dress and meets Natalia on the rooftop. The question is, “what now?”. Paulina confirms she didn’t get married and wonders where she can stay — Monika offers her place, stating that they saved her life as she was sick of studying. The girls agree that the next phase of their plans will require developing the Sexify application further. Lo and behold, entrepreneurs.

Sexify season 1, episode 8 does everything it needs to do to secure a brilliant ending — it allows the lead characters to finally confront their demons and put their app into the world.

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