Sexify Season 2 Ending Explained – why was the app deleted?

January 11, 2023
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Season 2 ends feeling conclusive, but audiences will feel like they want more.

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Season 2 ends feeling conclusive, but audiences will feel like they want more.

We recap the Netflix series Sexify Season 2 Episode 8, which contains significant spoilers and explains the ending.

Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba), Paulina (Maria Sobocinska), and Monika (Sandra Drzymalska) have a lot of work to do in the finale of Season 2 of Sexify. With their prototype at risk, the girls are desperate to save it. Season 2 once again ups the stakes and delves into the world of software and intellectual property. This was a brilliant ending to Season 2, making audiences wonder if a continuation is even needed. Let’s see.

Sexify Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Natalia speaks to her business partners, Paulina and Monika — they need a plan to get their prototypes back and save Sexify. It’s Plan A or B, and there’s a chance it could land them in trouble, raising the stakes of the series.

Natalina heads back to the company and concedes to Malgorzata that she wasn’t “head of business” material and would like to accept a position working for the company as an intern. Meanwhile, Monika asks for a “break-up favor” from her famous ex, Young Juvenile — she wants him to perform at her party. The girls are planning to bring down Malgorzata’s app launch of her version of Sexify. They have planned to update the app before the launch. But then Natalia messages Monika; she will not get access to the Sexify office. Malgorzata lied to her.

Natalia is presented on stage unexpectedly at an event called Deep Inside Yourself — this is clearly a setup by Malgorzata. She’s on the panel. She’s unable to get to the app integrations to make the needed changes. Paulina messages her and explains that she must get to the Web Summit immediately. Natalia announces to the audience that she is going to go save Sexify and leaves.

News spreads of a change of location for a secret party organized by the girls. However, Natalia is not allowed into the Web Summit event. Pauline then picks her up. They have found a new way of getting inside. Meanwhile, Monika meets her father, Marek, the competitor of Malgorzata’s company, armed with new information after speaking to Maks. She knows what Malgoratza plans to do to bring him down. She offers to help him save his company and hers.

Why was the Sexify app deleted?

And then, Malgoratza presents at the Web Summit. As she presents, the conference is hijacked by a video feed. Natalia and Paulina announce they are launching the real Sexify. They announced that all ticket data was inputted into their app, which will help with the algorithm. They tell Malgoratza that she can kill it but let them show it to the world first.

Their Sexify app is launched for the audience to use. They find their ultimate matches in the audience. Malgorzata tells them they do not negotiate with terrorists, so Paulina and Natalia revert to Plan B. On the screen pops up “SexiBye.” The code for the Sexify application is deleted. Malgorzata is in shock that she has been upended.

How does Marek help Paulina and Sexify?

The party starts with Young Juvenile leading the crowd. They are hyped. Malgorzata tells them that they will both go to prison for what they did. But then Paulina walks in with Marek. He accuses Malgoratza of trying to trick him. He then brings a proposal — he tells her to stop trying to sell data and never reactivate the app — and in return, he’ll make sure she is not in trouble. Malgorzata and Marek both recognize that they have good lawyers. Marek reminds her that selling teenage data to a dictator is not something she can get away with lightly.

Malgorzata concedes and gives in to the deal. Marek tells her to forget what Paulina, Natalia, and Monika did to her as part of the deal. Malgorzata walks out, seemingly defeated.

Afterward, the girls feel bittersweet about the situation, as it is the end of Sexify. However, there’s an acceptance that they did the right thing. At the party, Monika and Maks talk about their relationship. Maks tells her that their sex was amazing. However, they do not fit into a relationship. Monika takes the rejection well, knowing he’s probably right. The party is then broken up by the police.

Sexify Season 2 Ending Explained

When Natalia gets home, Adam talks about starting from scratch. They decide to watch television together in relaxed silence. A sense of companionship takes over the scene. Things between them get intimate. They are both attentive to each other’s bodies, and it’s a passionate moment between the lovers as they have sex. They both lay next to each other after, satisfied with the sex.

And then, Natalia gets out of bed and back onto her computer. She asks her partner for coffee. She’s ready to develop again. Is it another Sexify app? Either way, Natalia loves the graft. Maybe Season 3 will explain.

Season 2 ends feeling conclusive, but audiences will feel like they want more.

What do you think of Netflix’s Sexify Season 2 Episode 8 and the ending? Comment below.

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