Jupiter’s Legacy season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Cover Her Face”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 7, 2021
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Netflix series Jupiters Legacy season 1, episode 6 - Cover Her Face


Episode 6 begins to tie up the story nicely as the past and present begin to close in.

This recap of Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy season 1, episode 6, “Cover Her Face,” contains major spoilers.

This chapter focuses on the past as much as the present, as it’s clear that the series aims to join both stories. We can feel we are in the endgame now.

Jupiter’s Legacy season 1, episode 6 opens with Sheldon having sex with Grace, but then he picks up an anomaly from Mars — a comet is heading towards earth. Despite Grace telling him not to stop, Sheldon has to quickly depart to stop it from hitting the planet. That’s definitely a unique way to disappoint your partner midway through sex. With Sheldon gone, Grace looks at old newspaper clippings of Skyfox headlines before looking at a photo of her and the family, and she smiles. There’s hope for this married superhero couple after all.

1929 — The talk of missing ships, but the journey begins

Episode 6 then starts an adventure and one where the characters begin to discover that they are navigating towards their destiny.

In 1929, a  ship captain raises how half a dozen ships have been lost to the place they are heading and that it isn’t worth the money. Sheldon wants this captain specifically to lead them in the ocean, so they offer him a lot of money. Sheldon and the group head on to the ship, which isn’t the finest, but the captain states it will be fine.

On the boat, Grace notices that Sheldon is talking to himself and asks George about it, but he brushes it off. Later on in their adventure, the ship begins to struggle, so they have to dig deep to keep it going. Mike gets to work.

Present-day — doing the right thing

In the present day, Grace notices that Brandon is in a possible romance with Ruby again. Brandon raises how since Blackstar, everyone else in the field is tense, and he cannot stay on this farm anymore — he highlights what’s good about setting an example if nobody follows it. His mother reminds him that it’s because it is the “right thing.”

Meanwhile, superhero Janna is trying to help Austin, who has been severely hurt. Grace has to intervene, but Jay wants to get revenge. Grace tells him it’s about “doing the right thing” — Jay disagrees and states it’s about not getting killed.

Jupiter’s Legacy season 1, episode 6 confirms that Grace is starting to struggle with the Code. She’s worried that her son took a life, which goes against everything they taught him.

1929 — Grace finds the drawings 

Grace snoops around and finds Sheldon’s drawings on the ship — she sees the map and a drawing of his father looking injured. Walter and Sheldon find her looking, and Walter is concerned about the drawings. He also finds the watch — they buried their father with the watch, and Walter gets increasingly irritated. But they cannot argue for long, as they rescue a man in the sea — he turns out to be a doctor. The man talks about a storm that suddenly comes from nowhere and wonders why it let him leave — he warns the others that the storm is here.

1929 — Sheldon looks crazy

At this stage of the story, there’s plenty of doubt aimed at Sheldon, and can you be surprised? Their lives are at risk in the middle of the sea.

The captain gets worried and asks the engine room to turn back. Sheldon gets frustrated and tells them that they cannot turn around and that the doctor was in his vision. He tells them that they need to go straight through the storm. Sheldon looks crazy to everyone else as voices taunt him as he says, “get out of my head.” Grace states that Sheldon is talking to his father. They try and move Sheldon so they can navigate the boat, but he continues to fight.

Present-day — Janna did not break the Code

The code is well and truly under threat in episode 6.

In the present, Grace heads to a crime scene while on patrol — she can hear Janna struggling. She finds Janna, who struggles to breathe — she’s dying; she claims Baryon did this to her, but she didn’t break the Code. An angry Grace approaches the supervillain to fight him — eventually, she gets him to the ground and punches him repeatedly — she tells the cops to call the coroner — they’ve lost another superhero. You can tell she is struggling with her inner-self because of the Code.

The ending

At home, Sheldon apologizes to Grace for taking so long to save the planet from the comet. He tells her it isn’t as easy as it used to be and might need Brandon next time. Grace explains she ran into Janna (Ghost Beam) while on patrol and that she is dead, which brings an uneasy silence between them.

In 1929, Sheldon points his gun at everyone to stop them from changing course. He can hear his father tell him not to let them take away his destiny. Grace tells Sheldon that what he’s hearing doesn’t matter, as it’s real to him. His father tells him to kill them before it is too late. Grace keeps on trying to persuade Sheldon to put the gun down, and he finally does. Suddenly, the skies clear, and the sun comes out — Sheldon looks at his father’s watch, and it ticks loudly — the noise is loud for everyone, and they cover their ears. The watch cracks on 02:18.

Grace alerts Sheldon of an island ahead of them, and ethereal music plays. Everyone is in complete shock — they made it through the storm, and an island appeared.

Jupiter’s Legacy season 1, episode 6 begins to tie up the story nicely as the past and present begin to close in.

Additional points
  • After having sex with Hutch, Chloe notices her mother outside the window — she wonders why her daughter didn’t tell her that she was in the hospital and warns her who she is sleeping with. Chloe tells her mother to leave and that Hutch is not the same as his father.

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