Super Me ending explained— Will Sang Yu wake up from his nightmares and conquer his demon?

By Marc Miller
Published: May 8, 2021 (Last updated: December 18, 2023)
the ending of the Netflix film Super Me

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Super Me, so it will contain major spoilers.

Sang Yu (Talu Wang) is taken hostage by a ruthless mobster (played by Wu Gang). He is killed and enters a dimension (think Matthew McConaughey stuck in the walls in Interstellar) where he sees his loved one dead but can’t reach her as she is separated from him by blue plate glass. When Yu dies, he wakes up and transforms into Skar (Kevin Lee). Skar then reenters the dimension where the mobster is engaged in a killing spree and really enjoys his job. Skar kills the bad guys, and then Yu wakes up outside the gas station where he had fallen asleep.

The film ends with Yu writing for himself and becoming well-adjusted and rich from his work. However, when he orders another meal from his favorite food vendor, he gives the money the vendor gave him during his manic nightmare episodes! He even shows him a scar! Does Yu now think it was all real, or is he making up a sequel in his head? As we debate that thought, the background behind him starts to burn away, revealing the alien-like planet he saw in his dreams.

Netflix’s Super Me ending explained

Many are saying the ending is nonsensical, and they are right. So, let’s try and make sense of it with my own interpretations. The demon, Skar, is actually Yu, who is walking through life like a manic, crazy, and is just angry. You can argue he may represent Sang Yu’s inner demons. As we surmised in the review, the film plays with the writer’s block theme (mental health and substance abuse that we fight to keep hidden from others).

When Yu dies, Skar breaks free, winning the battle between his inherent goodness and inner demons (the mobsters). When Yu wakes up, he is now well adjusted, has a job, and makes very good money with a script he has just sold (assuming it is called Super Me). What about that reveal with the food vendor and the background becoming his next nightmare? It represents an altered state of consciousness that can come to life if it is not maintained.

Or, hell, they just wanted a sequel.

That’s the ending explained for Netflix’s Super Me — any thoughts on the film? Comment below.

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