Mine episode 2 recap – there are plenty of secrets mulling in this family

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 9, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 2


Episode 2 mulls over many plot points, but it manages to just sustain the mystery to keep viewers intrigued — it will be interesting to see if the story remains strong in the next few chapters.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

Episode 2 is titled “The Wings of Icarus,” as the series attempts to metaphorically place the characters down a path. The second chapter of the k-drama series does plenty of mulling around, but it maintains the intrigue. However, it still has plenty of convincing to do to assert its spot on the weekend, especially after Vincenzo

The opening of episode 2 reminds viewers of the incident in the mansion, with Mother Gemma shocked by what she sees. It then flits to the present-day, with See Hi-soo irked by seeing Kang Ja-kyeong flaunting in her dress. And then, we see Soo-hyuk sleep in Kim Yu-yeon’s bed after agreeing to swap rooms in a strange proposition — he claims he should sleep in her room after she napped in his. When Kim Yu-yeon gets in Soo-hyuk’s bed, she is happy at the comfort of it and wonders why he gave it up.

However, the next morning Soo-hyuk tells Kim Yu-yeon that they agreed to switch rooms but not touch his stuff and tells her not to do it again. This feels like a strange start of a mind-manipulating romance.

Jung Seo-hyun is fretting about the video is was sent 

As for Jung Seo-hyun, she is fretting as a video has been sent to her that implies she is having an affair — she is telling someone that they should stop seeing each other in the film. She wants to see Mother Gemma and asks Seo Hi-soo whether it’s safe to invite her to the wealthy estate.

However, when Mother Emma visits, Jung Seo-hyun explains to head maid Joo that she needs to visit another time because she is exhausted. I felt this was her last opportunity to avoid the truth, but often the truth finds us eventually, which is what episode 2 proves.

Kang Ja-kyeong clashes with the head maid

Head maid Joo wants all maids to meet every Wednesday and invites Kang Ja-kyeong — it gets feisty very quickly, and Kang Ja-kyeong tells her not to call her or boss her around again, and leaves, stating she needs to get Ha-joon’s reading materials. As she leaves, another family member (Jin-hee) recognizes her, but Ja-kyeong claims she is mistaken. I’m sure why, where, and when will become clearer in future chapters — there’s plenty of questions in this k-drama series already.

An argument over the exhibition

Jung Seo-hyun speaks to Hi-soo about hosting an exhibition without telling her — she is hurt by it. Hi-soo tells her it isn’t a major exhibition and fears that she would have said no if she told her about it. Jung Seo-hyun feels it will not look good in the media and wonders if she wants attention. However, Hi-soo believes she is reading into it too much and that it wasn’t her intention to hurt her.

These two women appear to have an amicable relationship, even when they have their differences.

The story of Icarus

Hi-soo has dinner and wine with Ja-kyeong — Hi-soo is curious about her and asks if she’s married before or if she has been in love. Ja-kyeong markedly states she has not been married, but she did “love someone to death,” and she can’t stop loving him. Hi-soo references the Story of Icarus and relates it to her love — she asks if she regrets falling in love. Ja-kyeong raises how she’d make a different decision if she could go back in time. Later on, Ja-kyeong looks irked when she sees Hi-soo’s husband romantically carry her in the bedroom.

Yes, we were all like “hmmm” when we saw this moment.

The cream bun scandal 

Jin-hee has mistreated her staff at her bakery and threw cream buns over one of them in anger. One of the staff members has reported it to the media. Seo Hi-soo tells her she should apologize to the staff member, but the grandmother tells Seo Hi-soo to approach the reporters and fix it. Seo Hi-soo agrees but tells Jin-hee that she should behave more. She visits the reporter, and he surprisingly asks about her son — they want to run her story instead, and in return, they’ll cover up the scandal. The rumor is that she has an eight-year-old son, but she’s been married for 6 years. Hi-soo admits that she isn’t the birth mother to Ha-joon and that he is happy. She warns them of the pain her son will be in if they run this story. Hi-soo tells them to run the cream bun scandal instead.

We have to admire Hi-soo’s tenacity here; she’s clearly the outsider of this ultra-wealthy family, yet appears to have the most strength in confrontation and dealing with matters.

Seo Hi-soo loves her husband 

Hi-soo tells Mother Emma that since marrying her husband, people look at her achievements like they were nothing. She explains she throws stones back at people who throw them at her. However, she admits she truly loves her husband and that she means to the world to him — “when I am sad, he is too.” Later on in the night, Ja-kyeong tells the husband that his wife is asleep and his son is rested in bed — she asks if he would like anything, but the way she asks it brings tension between them.

A broken marriage 

Jung Seo-hyun’s husband has a midlife crisis while drinking, and he shouts at his wife, Jung Seo-hyun. He smashes a plant pot in front of her and tells his wife not to look down on him. She walks off and leaves him drunk — he continues to smash expensive plates and pottery. Head maid Joo finds the man asleep near some stairs and tries to drag him, but he’s too heavy.

The ending

Recent events with her husband prompt Jung Seo-hyun to visit Mother Emma. The nun asks her to close her eyes and imagine that her heart is in a closet and to open it — when she opens it, she remembers running with a woman through the woods, and they were romantic for each other. Finally, Jung Seo-hyun opens her eyes, and Mother Emma narrates that she finally took off her mask. She must be having an affair with a woman, but due to family pressures, she’s married as a transaction to strengthen the viability of the family rather than choose love. That can only be the theory so far.

The maids discuss Ha-joon and how he will never see his mother because she’s dead, but they feel sorry for Soo-hyuk more because his mother is alive, but he cannot see her. Kim Yu-yeon overhears this conversation. Later on, Soo-hyuk wants to swap rooms with Kim Yu-yeon again — she agrees but states that it is the last time. She asks him if he thinks she’s a joke. One of the other maids overhears.

Kang Ja-kyeong meets the grandmother with a murderous look on her face. Jung Seo-hyu senses something and rushes through the corridors.

The last scene shows Ja-kyeong touching See Hi-soo’s husband briefly, and she smiles as they walk past each other.

Mine episode 2 mulls over many plot points, but it manages to just sustain the mystery to keep viewers intrigued — it will be interesting to see if the story remains strong in the next few chapters.

Additional points
  • Seo Hi-soo tells Ja-kyeong that she has beautiful legs.
  • Seo Hi-soo is told she trusts people way too easily. She replies that she’s never been seriously betrayed before.

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