Castlevania season 4, episode 2 recap – “Having the World”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 13, 2021 (Last updated: December 28, 2023)
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Castlevania season 4, episode 2 recap - "Having the World"

This recap of Castlevania season 4, episode 2, “Having the World”, contains spoilers.

You’ll recall that at the end of the previous season, Lenore tricked Hector into becoming her pet forge-boy, and in exchange allowed him a rather cushy life. “Having the World” finds him enjoying that life, pulling vast curtains to let the sunlight illuminate the tomes in his library, drinking wine from Carmilla’s private stores, and sending messages to Varney, who he’s obviously in some sort of collusion with, through fragments of a magic mirror that assemble themselves out of a jewelry box. He squeezes little tokens into cracks in the walls, for reasons that remain unknown for now.

Lenore, as it happens, is bored — and worried. Despite Carmilla’s plan guaranteeing them security, it also doesn’t sit quite right with her supposedly diplomatic nature — having seen enough war as it is, she’s uncomfortable with the idea that the best way of ending war is to kill almost everyone and cage whoever’s left. In the absence of anything better to do, she’s forced to sit around and make innuendos all day, while also imploring Hector to finish making his magic forge hammer so as not to antagonize Carmilla.

Carmilla is already antagonized. Her first line of the season is, “Has Hector made his f*cking hammer yet?”, so patience clearly isn’t a virtue she can boast about. She also suspects that he’s up to something, which is obviously true. Carmilla’s still pretty unpleasant and has a real issue with stupid old men, so she’s planning to take everything they have and kill them all, wresting their territories from beneath them and taking the whole world for themselves. Lenore, who remains unsure about this, asks Carmilla if she’ll be happy after it all, and one suspects she won’t, but we get a monologue to make the point anyway. The tl;dr version is that Carmilla isn’t very reasonable and doesn’t seem to value the curtains. “Having everything will be enough,” she claims. You’d certainly think so.

Elsewhere in Castlevania season 4, episode 2, Belmont and Sypha, looking for lodgings for the night, are confronted by Varney and his associate, Ratko, as well as a coterie of monstrous acolytes. Ratko is impressed with Belmont and Sypha — so much so he wants to wear their skin, which is certainly one way of showing affection. In a cool-looking fight, Belmont and Sypha are bought some time by the arrival of Zamfir, head guard to the Underground Court of Targoviste, several representatives of which don’t survive the battle. Apparently, the ruling royal family of Targoviste survived Dracula’s first assault and were spirited away; Zamfir leads the resistance and would be delighted to have Belmont and Sypha join the royal struggle. Varney and Ratko are looking for the court and its magical goodies, so Zamfir can’t take Belmont and Sypha there until she’s sure they can be trusted. The fact that Belmont immediately loots a glowing rock from one of the bodies suggests that maybe they can’t.

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