I Am All Girls ending explained – does Jodie find out the truth?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
ending of the Netflix film I Am All Girls

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film I Am All Girls, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Throughout I Am All Girls, Jodie is ruthlessly tracking down a child sex trafficking syndicate, but it’s not without help. The film links the crimes of Gert de Jager (he abducted six young girls that were never found in In 1994, Johannesburg, South Africa) to the present day. A serial killer is murdering child sex traffickers in memory of young girls who were kidnapped — the killer is writing the victims’ initials on their bodies. Jodie has a hunch immediately, but with her bosses resistant to her ideas, Jodie has to be rebellious.

At one point, Jodie raids Salim Khan’s home because he’s a suspected trafficker, but she did so without a warrant, so her superior was furious and wants to discipline her.

Netflix’s I Am All Girls ending explained

Jodie’s hunch grows stronger, so she ignores the disciplinary procedures against her.

Jodie has figured out that her close friend Ntombi is the serial killer and takes her out for a ride. Ntombi gets increasingly upset on the journey, knowing Jodie understands the situation. However, they end up being attacked, and their car flips over. Two men approach the car, but Ntombi shoots them both. Jodie wakes up in the hospital. At this point, her superiors are concerned, and they ask Jodie what she was doing at the time she was in the car. They tell her she’s done as an investigator.

Jodie is past the point of following procedure, and she tries to find Ntombi in her home; after looking at video footage stored by Ntombi, she learns that her close friend was a child sex trafficker victim of Gert de Jager. The motive is revenge on those who partake in these syndicates. Meanwhile, Ntombi has two men tied up who are a part of the syndicate, and she tells them that her first name means “all girls”. Later on, Jodie finds these two men dead with the initials of victims etched on their bodies.

What happens next?

After Jodie uncovers the ultimate truth, she finds more young girls getting smuggled onto a plane. Her colleague tries to stop the smuggling from taking place, but he ends up hurt. The plane sets off, and Jodie runs after it. However, one of the traffickers who is guarding the plane points his gun at her — it’s at this point that Ntombi saves her, with the vigilante mask on.

More men arrive, and Ntombi is caught in the gunfire. Jodie tries to soothe her, but as Ntombi dies, she tells Jodie, “I love you too”. Jodie is distraught.

Wanting revenge, Jodie heads to the house of the key trafficker and kills him — a new vigilante is born. Later on, the police head to the house to see all the security guards are dead, and the trafficker murdered with the initials N.B on his body — it’s for Ntombi.

The next scene shows Jodie flying out of the country — her department decides not to hunt her down.

The ending of I Am All Girls shows how the authorities played ignorance for the “greater good”. They accepted the lesser of the two evils. In addition, the movie frequently hints how authorities are severely underfunded, specifically for sex trafficking — it’s likely that Ntombi’s and Jodie’s actions were secretly accepted rather than procedurally criminalized.

The ending heavily hints that the baton has been passed on; Jodie will now take the mantle and carry on Ntombi’s work — that’s what the film angles for (kind of).

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