Ghost Lab ending explained – did they prove the afterlife in the end?

May 26, 2021
Jordan Lyon 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Ghost Lab, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Netflix’s Thai Horror Ghost Lab is one dramatic watch. Admittedly, the start is incredibly boring. However, the several twists within the film drastically increase the level of entertainment.

What follows is a creepy, horrifying journey between the ghost of Arj and the living Wee. Wee goes to drastic lengths to gain proof that ghosts exist by filming Arj’s spirit. First, he chops off his finger before sexually assaulting Mai (Arj’s girlfriend) before Arj finally faces him. It’s a brutal encounter that sees Arj seemingly strangling Wee to death.

In a heavingly type world, Arj asks, “How did we get to this point?” as they are restored to the friendship they previously shared. Both characters understand that they came close to obtaining scientific proof that ghosts exist. But in doing so, they caused so much pain. None bigger than Arj’s death, however.

Ghost Lab returns to the real world. Wee is resuscitated by the undead Arj nonetheless, who then slumps down as Wee regains consciousness. As Wee recovers in hospital, we discover that he may never be a doctor again and that his research for The Experiment won’t be published. It seems that he has failed completely.

In the closing scenes, Wee hands over Arj’s laptop to Mai (Arj’s girlfriend), where she reveals that she has been with Arj in her dreams. She explains that he was happy and holding a copy of The Experiment, their work finally published. Although there’s a sense of sadness in the ending, the three main characters seem to have a sense of peace.

In my opinion, the ending of Ghost Lab explores the length that individuals will go to if they feel strongly enough about a topic. Unfortunately, with both Wee and Arj strongly passionate in their drive to prove the afterlife exists, they lose themselves in the process. Believing their mission to be more important than their own lives, it’s only when they meet in the afterlife that they can understand their errors. As Arj is dead and can’t go back from his mistakes, he begs Wee to reconsider his actions and “live your life for the both of us.”

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