Black Space season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 27, 2021
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Netflix series Black Space season 1, episode 8 - the ending explained


While it offers cliches, the ending of Black Space is thrilling, and it leaves viewers with an important question. Whether there will be a season 2 (if needed) remains to be seen.

This recap of Netflix’s Black Space season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains major spoilers.

After 7 thrilling chapters, the Netflix series gives us the finale we want, giving answers to who the shooters are (and why). This is definitely a dark-horse of a series, and hopefully, many viewers have stayed through it.

Episode 8 opens with Davidi (played by Guri Alfi) applying a prosthetic eye layer on his wounded eyeball — a past injury that has taunted him all series. He then questions Eran (played by Noam Karmeli), who is under suspicion of killing the five students. He states that he believes Eran wants to avenge the death of his Ido. However, Eran doesn’t want to talk, so Davidi mentions Tom Tamdor and his suspicious death in the pool — he asks him not to play games and gets annoyed with him — he wants to know the last person on the list from the video. Eran keeps looking at the clock, so Davidi thinks there’s something planned.

The case goes on, but Miri goes into labour

All series we have asked ourselves — is David committed to Miri? After the last chapter, we were led to believe he was brewing a romance with Morag.

Davidi tells his colleagues that they need to find out who filmed the video — it’s crucial and the missing piece in the case. He’s still consumed by the case, and Morag (played by Reut Alush) checks if he’s okay; they both briefly talk about their brief, passionate kiss and brush it off. Morag tells Davidi there are a thousand men like him. She smiles and says his new eye prosthetic looks cool. Chino looks into more video footage and looks at the shoes of the one holding the camera — Davidi believes it is Libby (played by Liana Ayun). However, Davidi gets a call — his partner Miri (played by Meirav Shirom) has gone into labour.

Leaving Miri in the delivery room and heading to the costume ball

Davidi joins Miri at the hospital — it looks to be a long birth. However, Davidi gets distracted by his phone — Morag tells him that she thinks Libby will be killed at a party — it’s a costume ball — a high school tradition. Davidi tells Miri that he has to go, and Miri is upset. In the end, Davidi chose work. He warns Russo (played by Assi Levy) that it’s a costume ball and asks if he can go in alone and with a costume and save Libby– he tells her he can raid after he is done. Russo calls him an idiot for leaving Miri in the delivery room and states he sleep on her couch.

This was a generic approach to end the series if we are honest — a costume ball is cliche and helps get around many plot points and puts all the characters in one place.

Many moving parts

Davidi scopes the costume ball — plenty is going on; Shir (played by Gily Itskovitch) asks Maayan to meet her in the auditorium — the headteacher Hanoch also enters the school. When Maayan enters the auditorium, she sees Omer tied to a chair, and then she is grabbed. As for Eran, he heads into the bathroom, escorted by a police officer, and he puts together a gun and then puts his sling back on.

Shir asks Maayan and Omer which one of them killed her brother, slapping them both repeatedly and asking many questions.

Two of the shooters meet up 

And then Black Space season 1, episode 8 brings the ultimate reveal to journey towards the ending naturally.

It’s then revealed that two of the shooters are Libby and Itamar (played by Yoav Rotman) — Itamar tells her they need to call this off because “he” has not answered all day (referring to Eran). However, Libby wants to carry on without him as she wants to end this once and for all as everyone who is responsible must pay or they are just murderers — she then kisses him passionately, and both of them head back out to the party.

Eran admits it’s bigger than the victims

Morag interrogates Eran, and she tells him that they know Libby is the next victim — Eran tells her about kids abusing other kids, parents who embarrass their kids, and teachers who exploit the kids — he tells her that Hanoch doesn’t deserve her pity. Finally, he tells her to ask Hanoch what he’s guilty of and admits that Dor was not meant to die — he threatened to rat on them; Eran confesses to killing him. When Morag walks out of the interrogation room, Eran shoots himself in the head.

Taking responsibility 

Itamar and Libby find Hanoch and point a gun at him — Libby asks him why he didn’t help Ido Lev; she admits she sent the video so that he punished them — she tells him that she hasn’t been able to sleep for two years and they all act like everything is normal. Hanoch asks whether it was his fault Ido died and wonders if it’s right killing other kids — he explains that Ido killed himself, and there is no way to bring him back.

The conversation is played on the school speakers as Hanoch keeps on talking. He tells Libby to take responsibility — he explains there is no truth, just consequences and calls Libby and her friends a screwed-up generation. Itamar digs his gun into Hanoch, so he states that he’s willing to take responsibility, but he tells them that the school is surrounded and asks Itamar to put the gun down. He states he will cover it all up like it never happened. Libby tells him they solve problems differently. Davidi enters and tells Itamar to put the gun down, and Hanoch slowly walks off. Itamar shoots at them both — the police hear shots and enter, so Itamar runs off.

The ending 

Itamar tries to run from the police, but a wounded Davidi chases after him through the high school and onto the roof. Both characters face off, but Davidi puts his gun down and asks Itamar if he did it for Libby. Itamar retreats his weapon and then walks to the edge of the roof — he tells Davidi that he is like everyone else and asks him to move away. Davidi tells Itamar that they hurt him too, and he was humiliated and wanted to get revenge on the school too, but then he realised someone loved and cared for them — and he let them person down tonight (Miri). He persuades Itamar to get down, and he is arrested.

Hanoch is also arrested, and Davidi looks on at the principal. As for Libby, she has run away, and she can hear police sirens in the background. When Davidi gets to the hospital, Miri is holding their baby. He looks down in shame, knowing he let her down. But we must wonder if this is a new chapter in Davidi in his life; he has gotten rid of his own demons at the school by solving the case. It leaves one remaining question that is up to the audience’s imagination — will Miri forgive him?

We can only assume unless there’s a season 2.

What did you think of Black Space season 1, episode 8 — any thoughts on the ending? Comment below.

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