Lucifer season 5, episode 11 recap – what happened in “Resting Devil Face”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 11 - Resting Devil Face


Episode 11 has its funny moments as we experience God as a human, but home truths are also provided as our lead characters are as lost in limbo as they have ever been.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 5, episode 11, “Resting Devil Face,” contains major spoilers. 

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The whole “Daddy issues” complex (figuratively and spiritually) that is the main arc at the start of Part B is a fascinating mix of comedy and drama that viewers can consume — there’s never a normal chapter in this series.

Episode 11 begins with Lucifer and Amenadiel preparing to tell their Father to go home. However, when they reach the club, Father is helping with the bar plumbing. Amenadiel asks his dad about his powers acting up, but Father says he’s had a few glitches since going to the mortal plane. Lucifer is irritated by his father, believing this is a bigger deal.

The tragic end of a boxer

However, when Lucifer gets to work, Father shows up again. Dan immediately apologizes to Father for sleeping with his wife, but God is cool with it. However, he momentarily blows up Dan’s body into pieces but then reverses it. Lucifer and Chloe head to a crime scene; it looks like an overdose, but Ella says it’s a single injection mark — she believes it’s murder — the victim is a fighter named Albert Walcott, former heavyweight champion. Chloe has no idea who Albert is, but Lucifer and Ella are excited about the fighter’s story.

God the human

Lucifer season 5, episode 11 sees the story flip on its head as God makes a significant decision.

Lucifer gets annoyed as his father shows up — God drops the bombshell that he’s made himself temporarily human; he’s doing it to understand his son. Chloe asks Father if he can solve the case, but he says he can’t because he’s human. What follows is God ironically not understanding how basic human things work — like brain freeze after having an extra cold drink then needing the toilet for the first time.

The sting

But being human for the first time clearly has its drawbacks, as God becomes a liability rather than a useful person.

Lucifer, Father, and Chloe head to the hospital — Doctor Porter tells them that Albert was depressed after career setbacks brought on from a heart attack — she claims he used to try and steal drugs from the hospital. The examination report shows that Albert had a drug called YSD in his system, which is extremely hard to get. They prepare a sting to get to drug dealer The Colonel — when Lucifer arrives to talk to the dealer, he learns his associate is his Father, and he’s flabbergasted. Lucifer hands over money to The Colonel for the drugs.

Father reveals that this is a sting as he gets complimentary about his son. Lucifer asks Father to get his powers back and sort the situation, but he says he cannot. The Colonel hits Father, and God feels pain for the first time. Lucifer gets extremely angry and attacks The Colonel and the gang. Lucifer grabs The Colonel, and Father tells him to put the human down as he does not want violence.

Resting devil face

Lucifer wants to get his powers back for his dad, but God does not remember where they are. He tries to jog his memory. Father raises to Lucifer the appearance of his face when he saved his life; Lucifer cannot believe his dad is talking about his resting devil face, but Father wonders why he picked that face for himself and wants to know if it’s a reflection of how he sees himself.

A new lead 

Chloe questions The Colonel and raises the murder they are questioning her for. The Colonel raises how she has served in the military. Chloe threatens to ring her mother to see if she’d be disappointed at how hard she has fallen — The Colonel gets nervous and says she sold YSD to a man named Kristoff, a fitness guru who trains a group of fighters.

Lucifer and Chloe meet Kristoff and question him — Kristoff calls Albert one of the greats. Lucifer asks Kristoff what he desires, and he tells him he wants more YSD. He admits he gets tired of babysitting fighters. The drugs help them focus, and he knows it is safe as he uses it himself. Kristoff explains he never gave Albert YSD as he wouldn’t have taken it himself. Chloe wonders if Albert was trying to break into private medical records at the hospital and wasn’t looking for drugs.

A surgeon who had lost her way. 

And in true Chloe-fashion, Lucifer season 5, episode 11 sees our detective putting the jigsaw pieces together.

Chloe approaches Dr. Porter while she’s performing surgery — she tells her that she believes Albert was looking for private medical records, not drugs, that exposes her for making plenty of botched surgeries, including the fighter — she states that Albert was threatening to expose her. She then tells Dr Porter that she overdosed Albert with YSD. Chloe tells the doctor that she’s not okay, and pretending that she is, is only hurting people depending on her — she asks her to put down the scalpel.

Trixie and Father have a heart to heart

Lucifer and Amenadiel lose their father and are worried.

Chloe’s daughter Trixie finds Father running away. Father tells her he has run away because he feels like he has messed up. Trixie tells him she is running away because she’s mad at Lucifer as she thought they were friends, but he ran away for months. She also raises that Lucifer is making her mother really sad. Father tells Trixie that the way Lucifer acts is partly his fault — he looks back at how he raised Lucifer and does not believe it was all correct. Maze overhears the conversation nearby and decides not to attack her father. Father and Trixie decide to go home.

God returns, and he reveals he left his powers with Charlie in a small baby toy — his powers return.

The ending

Father meets Maze and thanks her for not killing him — Maze expresses that she was created to be a killer and cannot do that right. She’s still battling with the fact that a demon cannot grow a soul — Father looks at her and says, “can’t she?” before walking off smiling. Dan then bumps into Father, and he tells him to smite him and get it over with. Father tells him that it’s not his business who his ex-wife slept with and that he wasn’t the best husband; he’s glad his ex-wife got the love she deserved. The pair shake hands.

Chloe speaks to Trixie about her school suspension and says it’s fine to make mistakes; the pair have a heart to heart. Trixie tells her mother that she can tell she is sad, and Chloe agrees and believes it’s now the best time to let her in; she admits to being upset about Lucifer and that she needs to tell him her real feelings. Chloe reassures Trixie that she and her father, Dan, will always be her parents and be there for her, no matter what.

Father sits down his sons Lucifer and Amenadiel and tells them that Lucifer was right — he’s been slipping for a while. So he thinks it’s time for him to retire. But, as Lucifer and Amenadiel try to talk to him about it, God disappears.

Lucifer season 5, episode 11 has its funny moments as we experience God as a human, but home truths are also provided as our lead characters are as lost in limbo as they have ever been.

Additional points
  • Dan asks Maze what Hell is like — she tells him that Hell is going to suck for him.
  • Dan is worried about her daughter’s recent behaviour that has got her suspended from school and thinks it may lead to her going to Hell. However, Chloe tells him she doesn’t believe one school suspension means Hell.

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