Lucifer season 5, episode 13 recap – what happened in “A Little Harmless Stalking”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 13 - A Little Harmless Stalking


Episode 13 wraps up another plot point to engineer a new phase in Linda’s life — this was a sweet chapter, showing the true pains of parenthood.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 5, episode 13, “A Little Harmless Stalking,” contains major spoilers. 

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Well, we’ve gone from “daddy issues” to “mummy issues” in this series real quick as we get a Linda-centric chapter.

Episode 13 opens with Maze telling Linda that she’s growing soul after God vaguely told who she could. Linda is in the car on the call to her, but she suddenly starts road-raging with her car until she reaches a house. She’s following someone — Maze tells her that whatever she is doing is a mistake, and she’s going to get hurt.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he can be God // Chloe wants to know about her relationship with Lucifer

There’s a new position available, and it’s got two characters musing over it.

Amenadiel tells Lucifer they need to discuss God retiring — Lucifer believes that they do not need to worry about it as he believes Amenadiel will take over. Amenadiel is worried because it’s a big job being God and doesn’t know how to make that decision. Lucifer is then inspired by the “just do it” attitude. Chloe wants to talk to Lucifer about “us” — she finds the relationship limbo difficult and that she cannot wait — she claims it’s nothing to do with the lack of “I love you.” She needs to know if they are together. Lucifer says “yes” as he’s in a “just do it” mood.

You can almost sense Chloe’s heart is going to be broken again.

Linda confesses to a murder

And then Linda joins the fold in Lucifer season 5, episode 13but in an unexpected way.

Chloe and Lucifer head to the crime scene — there’s a dead man, and Dan shows them that Linda is there. She immediately confesses to killing the man. Chloe is alarmed by her quick confession. Lucifer asks Linda what she desires, and she says, “I want to protect my child,” and offers her hands for the cuffs, leaving Chloe no choice. At the police station, Maze is irritated that they’ve arrested Linda when she feels she didn’t do it. But they all know Linda is lying, as the gun metrics do not match.

Linda’s secret revealed

Chloe and Lucifer learn that Linda has a secret biological daughter named Adriana. She states she had to see her. She describes how she tailed Adriana’s car, and she knew something was wrong — she followed her daughter in the house, and that’s when she saw the dead body. Linda does not believe Adriana is the murderer and wants to buy the cops time to find a killer. Suddenly, Linda panics when she sees Adriana in the police station.

Adriana says she is a realtor and confesses to killing Mr. Sterling and said it was meant to be a simple murder. She says she got rid of the evidence. Linda tells Chloe and Lucifer that she did not do it, and everything feels wrong and that she knows about a “scary guy” who is definitely the killer.

Bounty Hunter Clive

Maze has a blast from the past in episode 13 — this one definitely takes her by surprise.

Maze is stalking a man named Clive Winter — when she heads into his house, she’s attacked by a masked woman, and they fight. When Maze takes off the mask, it’s Eve. Eve tells her that when she tried to find herself, nothing clicked, so she went back to when she was her happiest — she reminded herself of the days with Maze and became a bounty hunter. She asks Maze if they can work together to get Clive. Maze agrees, and then Eve points out an expensive piece of art in Clive’s house

The boyfriend pleads innocent for Adriana

Adriana’s boyfriend Owen comes to the station and tells Chloe that Adriana did not murder the man and was connected with bad people who lent her money. He believes she is scared. Chloe mentions Clive Winter, but he mentions a woman named Jamie.

The art gallery

Linda’s determination to prove her daughter’s innocence does not wane in episode 13 — you can sense her desperation.

Chloe checks out a lead at an art gallery and meets Jamie — the woman says she barely interacted with Adriana. Chloe asks about Clive, and that one of his pieces is at home. Jamie brushes it off and says she has many clients. Lucifer and Linda walk in and pretend to analyze the art — they enquire with Jamie about a piece of art — Lucifer purchases a portrait. Outside, Linda believes Jamie threatened her daughter, but it turns out Lucifer and Chloe are way ahead of her with phone tappings and a plan.

Eve confesses her love to Maze

Maze gets more than she bargained for in Lucifer season 5, episode 13 — it seems that Eve had a lot to think about during their time away.

Maze and Eve plan a stakeout — Maze is getting annoyed at Eve, who is pretending to be learning off her, but she knows she’s skilled. Eve tells her that this “finding herself” business is hard — she realized her happiness had nothing to do with the job but that she was happy because she was with Maze. She did this bounty hunter job to find Maze. Maze tells Eve that she broke her heart — Eve apologizes and tells Maze she wants to be with her. Before they can continue, they hear someone. In a warehouse, they see a box, and Maze finds a gun that matches the description in the murder case. Suddenly, Clive Winter attacks them both. Eve helps Maze, but she’s shot. Clive grabs a gun — Maze lets off a flash grenade and beats Clive up.

Another interview with Adriana

In the police station, Linda asks Lucifer if there’s a new suspect — he tells her that the murder weapon as Adriana’s prints on it. Linda is in disbelief, and she feels it’s her fault that Adriana is “broken.” Lucifer then hints that he wants relationship advice, but Linda is annoyed — she wants Lucifer to care about her. However, Lucifer says he doesn’t want advice — he tells Linda that he and Chloe will not be giving up. In the interrogation, Lucifer asks Adriana what she desires — she tells Lucifer that she wants to protect her mother, who is sick, and that’s why she had money troubles — she admits she felt trapped and was looking for a way out, and then she heard about a change in Mr. Sterling’s travel plans — she believes Clive went to rob the house.

However, when she got to the house, it was too late. Mr. Sterling was dead — Adriana thought Clive killed him.

The boyfriend 

Lucifer season 5, episode 13 brings a swift close to the investigation — let’s be honest, it’s not really about the murder; it’s about Linda’s yearning to connect with her biological daughter.

Ella tells Chloe and Lucifer that the gun was wiped down and had little DNA of Adriana. Therefore, she believes Adriana was framed. Chloe suddenly realizes who did this, and she thinks Linda has figured it out. Suddenly, the scene flits to Linda pointing a gun at Owen, the boyfriend — she believes the boyfriend wanted the spoils himself, which is why he went to the house. Chloe and Lucifer turn up, and they calm Linda down. They arrest Owen. Linda is emotional about saving her daughter.

Perfect and unworthy

At the police station, Adriana tells Linda that she looks familiar from an open house. It’s a brief conversation like the last time they met. Lucifer asks Linda why she didn’t tell her daughter that she’s her mother. She’s afraid of rejection. Lucifer explains that Linda feels that her daughter is so perfect and she is unworthy — as he says that, he looks at Chloe.

Maze tries offering Eve the immortality ring

In the hospital, Maze tells Eve that she wants to be with her. She doesn’t want to lose her again and wonders if she has grown a soul. Maze gives Eve the ring that will give her immortality. Eve tells Maze that she doesn’t want to live forever after seeing what it did to her son Cain — she thinks life is a gift. Maze asks her to accept it, or she can’t do this. She doesn’t want to lose her. Eve tells her that they have to embrace life. Maze apologizes and walks out — she can’t accept it.

It seems Maze is not ready to accept love in the real world, and rather than cherish it, she wants to hold on to it in a forced sense so she doesn’t have to endure pain.

The ending

Adriana heads to Linda’s house as she senses that she was helping her with the case — she thanks her. Linda invites Adriana into her home. Adriana also raises how there’s an anonymous donation made to her clinic where her mother is. Linda is about to tell her that she’s her mother, but Adriana already knows — she explains when you are adopted, any resemblance is a hunch. The women get emotional, and then Adriana hears baby Charlie. Linda introduces Adriana to him. This is a lovely moment.

At the club, Amenadiel tells Lucifer he’s having doubts about being God. He’s spent so much time looking down on humanity, and he loves living amongst them — he doesn’t want any of that to change. Lucifer wonders if he could take responsibility and prove himself — “I’m going to be God”. Well, that changes the story dramatically.

Lucifer season 5, episode 13 wraps up another plot point to engineer a new phase in Linda’s life — this was a sweet chapter, showing the true pains of parenthood.

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