The Kominsky Method season 3, episode 6 – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series The Kominsky Method season 3


The finale is a great ending to a well-crafted series, bringing more tragedies and clarity to our lead characters. 

This recap of Netflix’s The Kominsky Method season 3, episode 6, “the fundamental things to apply,” – the ending explained – contains major spoilers.

The final ever episode was always going to be emotional, but it is refreshing that the writers didn’t ham it too much. Instead, it stayed true to the series and gave a send-off that we believe the audience will enjoy. Episode 6 opens up with Estelle talking to Mindy (played by Sarah Baker) about body-shaming back in her day and that it’s only a joke after she was offended in the last chapter. Estelle calls her generation too sensitive. Martin (played by Paul Reiser) apologizes for not sticking up for her, and he’s forgiven.

The wedding

It all feels like a finale as episode 6 gives the audience a wedding. 

It then flits to Mindy and Martin’s wedding. Roz leads the ceremony as the ordained minister. There’s tension between Roz and Martin’s mother Estelle. Martin and Mindy have prepared their own vows; Martin tells Mindy that she’s the most important woman in her life and tries to ask her if they can build a home theatre. Mindy’s vows are equally sweet. Roz is struggling due to her cancer, but she tells Sandy she wants to carry on with the wedding as she doesn’t want to miss her daughter’s wedding. 

Accomplishing a dream

Episode 6 flits to one year later — Roz calls Sandy early in the morning. She has round-the-clock cancer care. Sandy tells her he is excited and nervous about his film and explains that all his life he has lived broken-hearted. He always wanted to be an actor, but then he got into teaching, and he’s overwhelmed that his dreams came true.

A close shave but the end of the road for Roz

Martin tries telling his mother Estelle that she needs to leave. Estelle says she is hurt and goes out to get the garbage cans. Martin then rings Mindy and tells her that his mother is leaving. Suddenly, Martin is alerted that his mother had collapsed on the lawn. Unable to get in touch with emergency services quickly, Martin carries her into his car to take her to the hospital. When Sandy heads to the hospital to see his ex-wife, Mindy is crying — her mother Roz has died. They are both devastated and hug.

The ending

Ten months later, it flits to an awards show, and Sandy wins an Emmy for his acting performance in his film. Sandy is emotional as he gives his speech. He ends the speech thanking his first ex-wife Roz — he dedicates his award to her.

Sandy turns up to acting class with his award and says, “Alright, let’s get to work,” bringing curtains to a brilliant series.

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