Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke ending explained – does the family make peace?

January 2, 2022
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This article discusses the ending for the Netflix film Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke and will contain spoilers. 

The Netflix release Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke is a Nigerian film about the dysfunctional family of Chief ‘Daddy’ Beecroft. A well-respected and established industrialist, Chief Daddy became notorious for having various illegitimate relationships. On that basis, he has got an extended family of children and mistresses. But as a lion-heart, he loves them all despite knowing it’s impossible to make peace among them.

In the first part, we saw that he provided for everybody in his will. Not only family members, the maid, and the chauffeur were also provided for. Also, in the end, the family understands having each other and makes peace with each other. But, this moment of joy is temporary. Soon after the will is declared, a condition was introduced by Chief Daddy’s bankers, that Chief Daddy’s company was going public and all the provision was not going to apply before the procedure concluded.

In the second installment, we come to know that Chief Daddy has another relationship and has a daughter, Leila. But, as neglected in the will and the respect of the family, she comes for revenge. In that process, she takes over Chief Daddy’s company and makes all the other family members break.

Netflix film Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke ending explained

This tensile situation tears them apart again and the family becomes dysfunctional again. Meanwhile, the relationship between Dammy and Adaora becomes strained over some misunderstanding. Adaora becomes so much fed up with Dammy’s preference for his celebrity lifestyle over her. Also, the gossip of Dammy’s relationship with a high-class artist, Nina, sparks the infidelity of Dammy, which hurts her even more. On that basis, she breaks the engagement with Dammy. But, it’s her mother Madam Pat, who tells her that she sees love for her in Dammy’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Famzy goes to Dubai to hit big with an investor he comes to know about from a known rap star in Nigeria. He calls Dammy for support. So, Dammy takes the chance and takes Adaora to Dubai to persuade her and support Famzy at the same time. Though they come to know that there is no investor in Dubai, Famzy decides to take part in a talent show hesitantly on the advice of Dammy and others. Here, Dammy plans a deal with Leila and makes the road possible for peace. At the end of the Dubai episode, Dammy successfully persuades Adaora and Famzy gets his break.

In the end, all the family members come to Dammy and Adaora’s wedding. Leila is invited there too. Though the family members object to her presence, Dammy takes on the center stage to tell that the importance of all in an extended family and they should make peace with each other. The family members acknowledge that and celebrate the wedding, ending the feud with each other.

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