Law School episode 14 recap – [spoiler] is dead and the passenger in Professor Seo’s car is revealed

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 2, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 14


Episode 14 veers into the complex scenarios, but it manages to sustain the story at least as we edge closer to the finale.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 14 contains spoilers.

While this series has improved, it is getting to the point where we are desperate for all this to be concluded — it could have easily been 4 chapters shorter.

Episode 14 flits back to when Lee Man-ho was shown a photo of his son by Assemblyman Ko’s men. However, Lee Man-ho is refused access by Assemblyman Ko, stating that his son is doing fine without him. In the present day, Lee Man-ho is in critical condition after the events of episode 13, and he asks for Assemblyman Ko’s presence. However, Assemblyman Ko does not care about seeing Lee Man-ho. At the hospital, Prosector Yang offers his blood as he has the same type as Lee Man-ho.

A soft indictment 

Prosecutor Jin’s indictment did not go well, and he’s smug about it, telling the students he expected better from them. Jin has applied for a constitutional review which will delay the trial further as it involves his indictment — Jin-ho seems dismayed by what’s happened.

The day of the incident 

Episode 14 flit back to the day of the incident. Professor Seo was in the car with Lee Man-ho. Professor Yang calls him, and Seo keeps the call running; however, Lee Man-ho puts it down. Lee Man-ho tells Professor Seo not to turn himself in as it would be unfair. Professor Seo grabs Lee Man-ho and tells him the reason he wanted to be chief prosecutor is so he could put scumbags away like him. Lee Man-ho asks him if that’s the case for Assemblyman Ko. In the present day, Lee Man-ho dies in critical care.

Professor Yang learns that Ki Du-seong stabbed him and claimed self-defense. This is the same man that stabbed Professor Yang.

Ki Du-seong is adamant that he was attacked 

Professor Yang visits Ki Du-seong at his hospital bed — Ki Du-seong claims self-defense again and shows his stab wound; he thinks Lee Man-ho brought it upon himself. Prosecutor Jin turns up at the hospital, and Professor Yang wonders why Lee Man-ho rang him before his altercation with Ki Du-seong — he asks the prosecutor to investigator thoroughly and not to be toyed with — he believes Ki Du-seong was ordered to kill Lee Man-ho.

Lee Man-ho’s death feels like a pivotal moment — Law School episode 14 is the start of the final jigsaw pieces been put together.

The hunch

Han Joon-hwi tells Professor Yang that he doesn’t believe Lee Man-ho would have misbehaved and attacked Ki Du-seong as he wanted to see his son; he also believes someone asked Lee Man-ho to kill Professor Seo and believes it is related to his son. Kang Sol A has a similar theory and raises it to Kim Eun-suk. They now want to know who put Lee Man-ho up for these crimes and think they may have been involved in the hit and run. There was someone else in Professor Seo’s car — a passenger.

Professor Yang asks Assemblyman Ko why he thinks Lee Man-ho died. He wonders if he knew that he was looking for his son and raises how there was a passenger in Professor Seo’s car on the night of the hit and run. Assemblyman Ko laughs it off. Professor Yang explains that the Seo he knew would have never driven off after a hit and run.

We know that Professor Yang knows — he just needs to prove it now.

Lee Man-ho confronted Assemblyman Ko about the dashcam footage 

Episode 14 then moves 5 months before the incident — Lee Man-ho approaches Assemblyman Ko about the hit and run incident. He gives him a flash drive. It’s the dashcam footage of the hit and run — he raises how Professor Seo kept the footage. In the present day, Professor Yang rings Assemblyman Ko and asks him if he was at a funeral on the day of the hit and run incident, which was close to the location. Assemblyman Ko meets Prosecutor Jin about Professor Yang’s suspicion. He tells him he doesn’t believe anyone else was in the car — he asks the prosecutor to accept Ki Du-seong’s self-defense claim and give the public what they want.

The more episodes that pass by, the more deeply rooted the corruption is in the prosecution service.

The hit and run 

Law School episode 14 then brings a flashback that confirms everything we suspected…

Flashbacks show that Assemblyman Ko was in Professor Seo’s car, and he was rushing him, stating he was late. Professor Seo did not seem his usual self, and then he hits someone. Assemblyman Ko tells Professor Seo to drive — he reluctantly does so. The politician reminds him there are no cameras there. Professor Seo tries to turn around, but Assemblyman Ko stops him and reminds him that he’s been drinking — he asks him to think of his family. Eventually, they swap seats, and Assemblyman Ko drives.

In the present day, the students track down the funeral guest book on the day of the hit and run. The police tell them there are conflicted eyewitnesses of what and who they saw at the funeral that day.

The ending

The ending of episode 14 provides a lot to chew at.

Professor Yang looks at all the connected events to Assemblyman Ko — he’s put it all on a wall and believes Lee Man-ho’s son is the answer to all this. Kang Sol A has an idea, and she makes a video for social media. She states that Assemblyman Ko proposed a bill to abolish the law on defamation by publicly alleging facts, so he will not take legal against her if this is all true, and he can sue her if what she says is false — she reveals that a few years ago one of his campaign staff reported him for spreading fake news. He bribed the whistleblower to drop the truth. Ji-oh also tells his story to the media regarding his father and how it links to Assemblyman Ko. Joon-hwi then tells the story about his uncle and that there was a passenger in his car during the hit and run. Assemblyman Ko knows that the students are trying to bait him.

In the constitutional review hearing of Article 126 of the Criminal Code, Professor Yang sits next to Prosecutor Jin, which surprises the students. Jin argues for abolishing the rights of suspected crimes. Professor Yang argues that the law is dead and is such a general and broad provision that no other country in the world has. And then the court allows a video call on the screens from someone outside Korea — it’s Erica Shin, and the students are shocked — Professor Yang looks over at Kang Sol A, who wears a concerned face.

Law School episode 14 veers into the complex scenarios, but it manages to sustain the story at least as we edge closer to the finale.

Additional points
  • Kang Sol A wonders if they should tell Lee Man-ho’s son that his father has died.
  • One of the students is spying on his friends and relaying the information to Prosecutor Jin.
  • Kim Eun-suk tells Seung-jae that his disciplinary committee decision is arriving, and if he gets permanent expulsion, he’ll never be able to study law again. He accepts what his fate is. Kang Sol B tells Seung-jae that permanent expulsion is unlikely as it was would be an extreme decision.
  • While Professor Yang is in the car with Kim Eun-suk, she receives a call from a person named “James.” When she answers it, he looks exactly like Lee Man-ho’s son.

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