Law School episode 15 recap – Kang Dan returns, but not in the way we expected

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 3, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 15


Despite the thrilling finish and its commentary on fake news, Law School episode 15 fancies itself too much and becomes a frustrating chapter.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 15 contains spoilers.

By now, I don’t really care about how this series is going to end. Unfortunately, the penultimate chapter reverted to the self-indulgent approach again, and while the ending was dramatic, it’s a poor chapter. This k-drama series has forgotten that storytelling and being patient with characters are important.

The penultimate chapter begins with Ji-ho asking Professor Yang why he is Prosecutor Jin’s testified after the shocking revelation in the previous episode. He feels used and brings up his father’s death after a publicized suspected crime, but Professor Yang tells him he shouldn’t be here and that it will be difficult to beat him and Jin. But of course, not all is as it seems — the professor clearly has other intentions.

Kang Sol A is overwhelmed by the Erica Shin appearance

It then flits to the video call back in court with Erica Shin (Kang Dan), and there’s a shock on the faces of the students. After the session, Kang Sol A confronts Professor Yang and asks why he didn’t tell her that Kang Dan would share her opinion in court. Suddenly, Kang Dan rings Kang Sol A, but she puts the phone down after a few exchanges. When Kang Sol A gets back to her dorm, her mother rings and asks for money as the landlord has raised the rent. However, Kang Sol A has money problems herself as she tries to increase her credit limit.

This character is having a hard time.

Kim Eun-suk admits she’s in contact with Lee Man-ho’s son 

Kim Eun-suk reveals to Professor Yang that James is Lee Man-ho’s son and that Assemblyman Ko made a deal with Lee Man-ho regarding the Lee Man-ho act. They both theorize that Assemblyman Ko got rid of Lee Man-ho after he kept pressing for his deal.

Assemblyman Ko fights back 

Fake news is a frequent topic in today’s world, and it becomes the center of episode 15.

In the media, articles are released claiming Ji-ho’s father killed himself after being found for embezzlement. Kang Sol B only got into law school due to her connection with Professor Yang, and it also reveals that Kang Sol A spent time in juvie. It looks like Assemblyman Ko is fighting back against the students, releasing news about them.

Ji-ho tells Joon-hwi that his father would not have embezzled money, and he agrees — they conclude that Professor Yang has the same target as them. He is more determined than ever to make Prosecutor Jin pay for what he did.

Ye-seul is unfairly ousted

Law School episode 15 also delves into victim-blaming as Ye-seul is unfairly treated.

Ye-seul is left with loads of sticky notes at the school telling her to leave and stop playing the victim. She stands up and tells students about her experiences and how she tried to stay honorable as a law student. She tells them she will leave the dorm. Kang Sol A sees a student calling her speech “superficial” and confronts her about it, and sticks up for her friend. The student calls Kang Sol A an “ex-convict,” so Kang Sol B sticks up for her.

The apology video

Professor Yang invites all his students to go to the hideout. There’s a video from Yeong-chang where he is apologizing to Ye-seul. Assemblyman Ko apologizes as well on the video for not bringing up his son properly and will bring legislation for dating abuses. He also states there has been political slander against him. He invites Ye-seul to join his team to bring this legislation forward. Kim Eun-suk is also on the video, and the students know she masterminded all this.

The students notice that the apology video has loads of nice comments, whereas their video has malicious comments. Ye-seul suddenly states she is going to accept the offer. Professor Yang already saw through Kim Eun-suk’s plan.

Yang hands over plenty of evidence to Prosecutor Jin regarding Assemblyman Ko

Professor Yang gives Prosecutor Jin evidence that Professor Seo and Assemblyman Ko were at the funeral together on the same day and wonders why the politician fooled him to make him feel he visited the funeral a day before. Professor Yang then shows his wall that links all the evidence together, and it connects all back to Assemblyman Ko.

Prosecutor Jin visited Ki Du-seong in prison and managed to trick him into admitting that Assemblyman Ko told him to stab Lee Man-ho. So he’s now in a tight spot — if all this is proven by law, he will be connected to it. Prosecutor Jin speaks to Assemblyman Ko in a secret location — the politician tells him he has nothing to worry about because he has the law and the media in his hands.

It looks like Prosecutor Jin will do his hardest to back peddle in the finale — his life is on the line.

Fake video

Kim Eun-suk releases a video that proves Assemblyman Ko and his song Yeong-chang faked their tears in the video. She planned it all along and got a student to secretly record them beforehand. The students then learn that the comments on the videos are being manipulated. They are fake—support for Ko, but criticism for those who oppose him.

Kang Dan arrives

And then, episode 15 becomes exciting all of a sudden.

The students get to work on the dating abuse bill, but then Kang Dan arrives and asks where her sister is. The students are in shock at how alike they are, but also different. Professor Yang meets Assemblyman Ko, and then Kang Dan shows up. They all turn off their phones for the conversation. Kang Dan reveals she wanted them both in the same room.

She tells Professor Yang to allow Kang Sol A to focus on her studies and graduate from law school. Kang Dan also wants him to ask Kang Sol A to delete the video against Assemblyman Ko. If he doesn’t, she will upload a video herself, stating that her accusation against Assemblyman Ko was a misunderstanding and a mistake and that the letter was fake. She reveals that Kang Sol A went to juvie because of her, and she doesn’t want her sister to continue getting hurt. Professor Yang storms out in apparent anger. Kang Dan then tells Assemblyman Ko to delete the photos of her sister and the malicious comments as promised.

The ending

Suddenly, all the malicious comments are deleted, and Kang Dan is satisfied. Meanwhile, Han Joon-hwi has found the place where all the malicious comments are coming from, and the police raid it. Professor Yang then returns to Assemblyman Ko’s office with the police and a search and seizure. It’s then revealed that it was never Kang Dan all along — it was Kang Sol A pretending to be her sister. She takes off her wig and smiles at Assemblyman Ko, who is gobsmacked. This was a well-concocted plan between Professor Yang and Kang Sol A to bring Assemblyman Ko down.

Despite the thrilling finish and its commentary on fake news, Law School episode 15 fancies itself too much and becomes a frustrating chapter.

Additional points
  • Kang Sol A rings Kang Dan — she tells her not to fight Assemblyman Ko as it will only hurt her.

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