Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 6 recap – “Stranger Danger on a Train”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2021
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Netflix series Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 6 - Stranger Danger on a Train


Episode 6 continues this brilliant, sweet, yet dangerous story as all the characters have to let something go.

This recap of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 6, “Stranger Danger on a Train,” contains spoilers. 

The adventure continues after a dramatic episode 5 — “Stranger Danger on a Train” hones in on another aspect, and that is “letting go”.

The opening of episode 6 sees Big Man, Bear, and Gus sprinting alongside a moving train. Gus and Bear get on with ease, but Big Man has to remember his American Football days to push through and make it on the train. The trio ends up in crew quarters, but there appear to be no passengers.

The Singhs make a deal with General Abbot to save their lives 

The story of the main villain bubbles in episode 6, teasing us further to what kind of character he is. The Singhs are in a precarious position.

The Singhs are still in the company of General Abbot, who scopes their burning house while they remain tied up. The General finds Dr. Bell’s notes, and Aditya tells him that he can make the medicine and cure for him. As he’s about to walk off, Rani tells General Abbot that he will never have the cure if he lets them die. The General gets curious, and Aditya explains missing gaps in the research and that he can help. General Abbot agrees to let them in, and he promises that they will have everything they need for their research.

Now free, Aditya cannot relax — Rani wants him to calm down, but he’s worried that he cannot find the cure for the Sick. Rani reminds him that they have more time together than they did that morning. Aditya is worried about what General Abbot will do when he finds out they were bluffing. However, Rani believes in him and provides love and comfort.

Stranger Danger on a Train

On the train, Gus panics because Dog is missing from his bag — suddenly, the door behind them begins to unlock, so all three of them hide. Gus drops something from his bag, and it catches the attention of the man that walks through. He shouts out to them, explaining it isn’t a passenger train. The man finds Gus, but Big Man fights him. However, in the midst of the fighting, Big Man recognizes the man as Jimmy, and they stop fighting — they are excited to see each other. They used to play together on an American football team. As they catch up, Bear realizes that Gus is gone — he went to look for Dog.

The Preserve is no longer safe

And another character is in a precarious position — Aimee’s new lease of life is under threat in episode 6.

Aimee tells Wendy that they need a plan after the Preserve was marked. She tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. Wendy senses that someone is outside. They look at the cameras, and a Last Man stands outside the outer fence, but then another man joins him. Aimee realizes that they are no longer safe.

Looking for Gus

The group looks for Gus on the train. Jimmy assumes that Gus is Big Man’s kid, which Big Man explains that he’s not. Jimmy brings up Big Man’s partner Louisa, and asks what happened to her and the baby. This brings back sad memories for Big Man. Finally, Gus appears, and he’s disappointed that he cannot find Dog. Jimmy is surprised that Big Man cares about someone, stating it used to be “all about him”. However, there’s no time to dwell as the train makes it to Colorado.

This confirms that Gus has changed Big Man for the better. His affection for the young Hybrid has brought a wonderful on-screen friendship.

Last Men on the train 

Jimmy has information on GoGro, and he explains that it is short for Goss Grove when he looks at the address for Gus’s mother. It’s a neighborhood in Essex County. But then, there’s danger again on the train as Bear alerts them that Last Men are on the transport.  Jimmy tells the trio to follow him down the train. They only have one option as the Last Men get closer — to jump. Before they do, Big Man sees Dog in the next room where the Last Men are. He can’t help himself and pretends to be a Last Man and grabs Dog. Even he couldn’t let go of soft bear.

The Last Men stop Big Man, but he pretends to be one of them. However, he blows his cover by talking about a gas stove…a Last Man tells him that the stove on the train is electric. Big Man rushes through the door and closes it, and gives Dog back. Bear reminds Big Man that they have to jump. Jimmy holds the door to buy them time. The trio manages to jump off, and Jimmy fights the Last Men. He puts up a good fight, but then he’s beaten and presumably killed.

The ending

Aimee and Wendy pack their bags and leave the Preserve — Aimee has to let her daughter and Bobby go, and she leads them down tunnels. She promises that she will find them. As the episode edges closer to the end, the Singhs are transported out of town — they are told their horse has been freed. They have had to let go of everything.

Bear tells Big Man that it was cool that he went back for Dog. Big Man tells her that he knows she wants to go south, but she can stay with them if she wants. Gus then finds a sign for Essex County.

Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 6 continues this brilliant, sweet, yet dangerous story as all the characters have to let something go.

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