Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 5 recap – “What’s in the Freezer?”

June 4, 2021
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Episode 5 levels up the darkness as the main villain’s presence grows. Each character has an interesting development, and the story keeps consistent.

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Episode 5 levels up the darkness as the main villain’s presence grows. Each character has an interesting development, and the story keeps consistent.

This recap of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 5, “What’s in the Freezer?” contains spoilers. 

Chapter five continues to develop the characters while evil lurks — Sweet Tooth has done a thorough job in keeping the main villain at bay but keeping him an interesting subject.

Episode 5 opens with Dr. Bell jazzing to her own music, but General Abbot arrives at her house — she looks petrified. He tells her that she’s been faking a terminal illness. Dr. Bell does not want to work for the General anymore, however, he raises the importance of defeating the monstrous virus. She responds, calling the General a monster. General Abbot asks where the book is, and she explains she left it with her replacement, Dr. Singh. As General Abbot leaves, Dr. Bell tells him that the Hybrids are children, and they will be around way long after they are gone. The General sends in one of his men to deal with her.

And two becomes three

Big Man and Gus travel through the wilderness — Big Man thanks him for what he did in the last episode.  He tells him he’s going to go with him to Colorado, and Gus is excited. They find Bear, who wants a word with Gus. She gives him information on his mother Birdie — there’s an address. She wishes him luck and walks off — she tells them she’s heading to a train and she’s going to jump on it. Gus wants to join her, but Bear warns him that they would need to go through the Valley of Sorrows, and it’s the quickest way to the train. Gus tells Big Man that they need to go with her.

Reaching the Valley of Sorrows

They reach the valley of sorrows and have to find a way to cross without getting poisoned. There’s a fragile bridge that Big Man cannot cross due to his weight, but this was Bear’s plan all along — she’s annoyed she has lost her family because of him. While they argue, Gus crosses the fragile bridge, and he ends up falling into the valley and the poisonous flowers.

What’s interesting on this journey is the measure of affection Bear and Big Man have for Gus — it’s their shared interest that keeps them clashing, meaning they will eventually find themselves as allies.

The Preserve is marked

Aimee, Bobby, and Pigtail are enjoying life in the sanctuary Preserve. A man radios Preserve, and they claim to have a baby Hybrid and ask for help. Aimee does not trust the man as he asks for a location rather than meeting at a specific place. Pigtail asks her mother how she can be herself, but Aimee tells her she is perfect by being herself.

Bobby has found a ribbon on the fence, and Aimee knows they have been found — they’ve been marked.

The hallucinations

While lying in the flowers in the Valley of Sorrows, Gus hallucinates seeing his father. He expresses how much he has missed him. He tells his father that he broke the rules and crossed the fence. Pubba is not mad and tells Gus that he knew he’d cross the fence sooner rather than later. He encourages him, but then he disappears, and Gus panics — he sees a mirror in front of him, and General Abbot appears. Gus runs and prepares his slingshot. Big Man and Bear manage to save him from the flowers.

In a cute moment, Gus tells Bear and Big Man to make a fist and “bump them” — he learnt that gesture from Big Man. The Netflix series regularly offers these sweet, but small moments that provide an edge in the series.

Delivery at the clinic

As for Aditya Singh, flyers are circulating regarding Nancie — she’s declared missing. When Aditya heads inside, Rani tells him that they didn’t kick Nancie in the chest, the horse did. Rani is burning up as she hasn’t had treatment for a long time. Suddenly, the radio goes off, so Aditya answers — he’s told they have a delivery at the clinic.

They both head to the clinic together and check out the boxes delivered. When they look inside the box, there’s a note that says, “out of Hybrid”. Aditya gets angry, and Rani asks why there’s water leaking from the freezer. When they head inside the freezer, a dead Nancie is inside — Aditya is sure he closed the freezer door. As they try to leave the clinic, Bob and other neighbours confront Aditya and Rani and accuse them of killing Nancie. Aditya lies and says Nancie had the virus. Suddenly, Rani shows a coughing fit. The neighbourhood ties them both up and throws fuel around them in their home.

The ending

As the episode draws closer to the end, Bear, Gus and Big Man find the train tracks. Aimee checks out the ribbons on the fence. Meanwhile, Aditya and Rani’s house is burned down — Rani is grateful that they are together as they die, but Aditya claims it his fault for exposing herself to the virus, but his wife refutes that idea. They declare their love for each other. Suddenly, they hear sirens, and soldiers enter their house and take out the fires. General Abbot walks in.

Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 5 levels up the darkness as the main villain’s presence grows. Each character has an interesting development, and the story keeps consistent.

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