Recap – what happened in Sweet Tooth Season 2? (Episodes 1-8)

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)
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We recap the 2023 Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 (Episodes 1-8), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The hit fantasy series Sweet Tooth is back on our screens after nearly two years away. This means a welcome return for fans to that strange, dystopian wasteland inhabited by adorable hybrid creatures like Gus the deer boy and Bobby the Groundhog.

Season 2 is another plot-heavy season, featuring many flashback sequences and multiple subplots. With so much going on, here is a handy breakdown of everything that happened in each episode of Sweet Tooth Season 2:

Recap – what happened in Sweet Tooth Season 2? (Episodes 1-8)

Episode 1 – “In Captivity”

Gus is kept prisoner with other hybrid creatures in a zoo. He escapes with Wendy and contacts Aimee. During their mission, they see a hybrid that has been experimented on and killed. Gus and Wendy are recaptured.

Becky speaks with Birdie and is asked to find a cassette tape containing important information.

Gus is then taken to see Aditya, the scientist trying to find a cure for the deadly virus. Aditya questions Gus about his age and background. When Gus returns to his cell, he finds his cuddly toy Dog in their food delivery. They believe this is a sign, Jepperd and Aimee are going to rescue them.

Episode 2 – “Into the Deep Woods”

Jepperd and Aimee infiltrate the zoo, disguised as Last Men soldiers. They try to free the children but are soon discovered. Jepperd places Gus’ cuddly toy in the food bag before they flee. They decide to seek out an army of allies before they attempt to rescue the children again.

Aditya hypnotizes Gus with purple flowers, hoping to extract forgotten memories from the hybrid boy. Gus remembers laboratories at Fort Smith. Aditya believes this is where the virus and Gus were both created. Becky joins a traveling party of survivors.

Episode 3 – “Chicken or Egg?”

Aimee and Jepperd head to Factory Town to meet with Jepperd’s old allies, but they have died from the virus. Aimee decides to call her own friends, and they nervously wait by the phone for a reply. General Abbot and his army roll into town, recruiting more followers.

Becky enlists with the Last Men with the aim of finally being reunited with her old friends at the zoo.

Aditya takes Gus to Fort Smith, hoping to find answers at the research facilities. Gus finds Pubba’s keys and a set of pliers. They are attacked by a crocodile hybrid called Peter. The soldiers take Peter, prisoner. Gus refuses to help Aditya if Peter is hurt.

Before they leave, Aditya and Gus find the labs containing genetically mutated chickens and a videotape. Birdie is on the tape, talking about her research and experiments with the chickens. Aditya takes both the camera and the chickens back to the zoo.

Episode 4 – “Bad Man”

The Air Lords kidnap Aimee and Jepperd, the mercenaries that Aimee had contacted. They agree a deal; the Air Lords will help them free the hybrid children and, in return, take whatever they want from the zoo.

Jepperd fights with one of the Air Lords and then later confesses to Aimee about his criminal past. Jepperd was a hybrid catcher for the Last Men. Aimee is devastated by this news and leaves with the Air Lords. Jepperd is left behind.

Becky trains with the Last Men and is sent on her first mission finding Tiger. Aditya uses the chickens to create a cure. Abbot takes the first dose off him before he uses it on his wife. They celebrate with an awkward dinner. Bobby and Gus escape.

Episode 5 – “What It Takes”

Abbot orders the removal of one of Gus’ antlers. He then meets with the three war lords, boasting about his cure and offering them a space at his fortified community called Evergreen. He needs the other leaders’ resources to make this city thrive.

The hybrid children escape, and Gus creates a diversion. He interrupts Abbot’s meeting and tells the leaders the truth about the cure and how it involves killing hybrid creatures. Abbot’s brother Johnny then helps Gus to escape.

Jepperd tries to negotiate with the Last Men for Gus’ release but is taken prisoner instead.

Ruthless leader Zhang negotiates with Abbot before killing the other two parties. The Air Lords drop off a radio to communicate with Abbot.

Episode 6 – “How It Started, How It’s Going”

The Air Lords attack Abbot’s base, dropping a chemical bomb on the zoo. The Last Men evacuate the complex. The Air Lords then drop junk bombs. Becky frees Tiger during the chaos, and together they head to the zoo.

Abbot orders Johnny to take Aditya to Evergreen, but Johnny frees them instead. However, Aditya wants to stay to finish his research, while Rani wants to be free.

The hybrid children start to escape one by one, climbing a rope out of the zoo. Gus frees Jepperd. Aimee burns down Aditya’s lab. Aimee is reunited with Wendy. They all escape the zoo together in a bus.

Abbot and the Last Men shoot down all three of the Air Lord’s planes while the others escape.

Rani ditches Aditya and flees. Aimee discovers that she has the Sick now.

Episode 7 – “I’ll Find You”

Flashbacks reveal where the virus originated from and how it quickly spread. Gillian rushed the human trials; she was patient zero. The government soon raided the building after the virus was released. Birdie gave Gus to Pubba and was then captured. Gillian asked her to return Gus, who could be the cure, but Birdie decided to continue researching in Alaska, where Dr. Thacker had made his breakthrough.

In the present, Jepperd drives the bus to safety. They stop at a checkpoint and are reunited with Becky and the Animal Army—the gang travel to Yellowstone. Aimee informs Jepperd that she has the Sick.

Gus listens to Birdie’s tape; she recounts the origins of the pandemic. Becky radios Tiger, giving her their current location. Abbot overhears. Tiger travels to the cabin to warn them that Abbot is coming.

Episode 8 – “The Ballad of the Last Men”

Aditya heads to the purple flowers room to kill himself. He has a vision where he’s carrying Gus in Alaska. When he wakes, he’s avoided the great battle between the Last Men and the Animal Army.

Tiger informs Becky that the Animal Army are dead, then Tiger dies. Jepperd and Aimee agree to make a stand against the Last Men. They prepare for war, sending Becky and the hybrid children to safety. Gus sets traps.

Johnny tries to kill Abbot but is shot dead by his own brother instead. Abbot and his army battle Jepperd, Gus, and Aimee.

Abbot goes in alone and attacks Aimee. She injects him with the Sick. Abbot tries to kill Gus, but he is trampled by a stampede of bison. Aimee dies from the virus. Gus recovers from his wound.

They all decide to head to Alaska to find Birdie. Aditya arrives at the cabin sometime after they have departed. He finds the map of Alaska. Zhang is informed of Abbot’s passing. She plans to continue the research to find a cure on her own.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Netflix series Sweet Tooth  Season 2 (Episodes 1-8). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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