Where was Sky High: The Series filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 22, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Where was Sky High: The Series filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix series and its filming locations. We do not discuss spoilers.

Sky High: The Series is a new crime drama from Netflix that follows the story of Sole, played by Asia Ortega, a newly widowed woman struggling to care for her son. Sole’s late husband wasn’t an upstanding member of the local community and had many underworld contacts and connections.

His life of crime has caught up with him, leaving Sole a widow, and now his ill-gained money is running out, and Sole is left in a predicament.

She eventually decides to join his former gang and, in the process, finds she has become her father’s enemy, another criminal involved in trafficking stolen goods.

The thrilling crime drama is a Spanish-language thriller with director Daniel Calparsoro holding everything together.

It is the sequel to the 2020 Netflix movie Sky High and features some characters and actors from its first outing. Let’s look at the filming locations for Sky High: The Series.

Where was Sky High: The Series filmed? Filming Locations Explained

Madrid, Spain 

With the international show being a Spanish-language production, it would always be heavily based in a Spanish location.

Madrid was where many of the main scenes were used for location work. You will notice quite famous scenes shot inside the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

Sports fans will recognize the stadium as it serves as the home ground of Atlético Madrid football club.

Asia Ortega posted lovely pictures of filming on her social media pages, showing some of the great locations in Madrid that were used.

Galicia, Spain

With hills and dales, Galicia was used for some scenes in the series; Lugo and A Coruña can be spotted in several set pieces. Galicia is also renowned for some beautiful coastal areas that were used as locations.

Actor Fernando Cayo posted some great short clips of the beach locations on his Instagram page.

Paris, France 

There is no shortage of iconic and easy-to-spot landmarks across Paris, and as you watch the show, you can pick them out quickly.

Portugal, Lisbon

Eagle-eyed European lovers can spot locations used across Portugal’s capital Lisbon, in the show’s filming. The Algarve also features in Sky High filming locations.

Lagos, Nigeria

Another quick look at the Instagram feed of Fernando Cayo will confirm Lagos as a location for the series. The pictures seem to be taken after the show’s filming had wrapped in June 2022.

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