The Uncanny Counter episode 11 recap – in tragic circumstances, [spoiler] dies

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 9, 2021 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
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Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 11


Injecting as much emotion and pace as possible, episode 11 brings violence and tragedy on every corner. This chapter will change everything and alter the direction of the story for the remaining 5 episodes.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

The Uncanny Counter episode 11 is a game-changing episode — it has the drama, well-drawn action sequences and tragic emotional consequences that hit the audience like a brick. This is turning into a surprise hit-series. Episode 11 opens up with So Mun getting kidnapped by a group of men. They are surprised that he isn’t strong. Meanwhile, the Counters sense that Cheong-sin has recruited evil spirits and So Mun is in danger. They receive a video of So Mun tied up. Cheong-sin is leading on the video and asks the Counters to get to his location, and every minute they are late, they will hurt So Mun even more. So Mun is getting beaten by Cheong-sin and the other evil spirits. Episode 11 gives a heightened sense of danger to open up a comprehensively impressive chapter.

Let the fighting begin

The Counters arrive, and Ms Chu is immediately trapped in a room with another evil spirit. Cheong-sin wants to kill them all but wants Ms Chu to die first because she’s the healer. There’s plenty of confusion amongst the Counters. Cheong-sin has this all planned out.

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Finally, Ha-na and Mo-tak find where So Mun is, and the fighting begins. Meanwhile, Ms Chu is knocked unconscious, and Su-ho collapses in Yung. Ms Chu is in trouble, and amongst all the madness, audiences will find themselves worried about Ms Chu while the action takes a natural course.

Absolute chaos

What follows is absolute chaos, and there’s a suggestion that the evil spirits are way more organised than we originally thought. Cheong-sin kills one of the hosts and consumes the evil spirit; there’s a brief silence. He takes on Ha-na and Mo-tak himself, and he’s super powerful, knocking them both to the floor with ease. A green spirit leaves one of the host’s bodies — green means someone’s soul was left captive. It enters So Mun’s body, and suddenly he can speak to Wi-gen. In Yung, a spirit ascends due to the green soul entering So Mun’s body; So Mun does not understand what’s happening and neither do those in Yung.

Wi-gen returns to So Mun

And as we predicted, Yung needs So Mun more than So Mun needs Yung, a plotline we could have predicted in episode 10. The violence continues, and the stakes increase. Cheong-sin is badly hurting Mo-tak while Ha-na is losing badly to another evil spirit. So Mun feels helpless and wails repeatedly. So Mun then sees Ms Chu’s body, and he is emotionally in pain watching his friends get badly hurt. Wi-gen can feel So Mun’s pain; he believes everyone is dying because of him. As Wi-gen tries to return to So Mun, Cheong-sin sets the place on fire and walks off with his group. He leaves a couple of hosts behind, trapped in the room.

So Mun has his powers back

The place is on fire, and all hope looks lost as the fire gets more aggressive. Wi-gen enters So Mun’s body and his superpowers return. But then there’s a massive explosion. Mayor Shin Myeong-hwi is celebrating outside. Meanwhile, inside, So Mun created territories to protect them all. Mo-tak smirks while laying on the floor. Ms Chu and Ha-na are placed in an ambulance, while Mo-tak deals with the unconscious hosts and their evil spirits. Audiences can catch their breath at this point — the madness is over, for now.

Mo-tak is angry

All the blame can be attached to Yung, who removed So Mun’s powers in the last chapter, which caused them many problems in The Uncanny Counter episode 11. Mo-tak visits Yung and expresses his anger — they took away So Mun’s powers when evil spirits were after him. He makes a suitable point — it was a reckless decision.

Ms Chu is on life support

In the hospital, the Counters are worried about Ms Chu. Her brain is swollen. There’s hope in the room that she will recover. So Mun feels a weight of guilt, considering this woman healed him from near death. Ha-na tells the Counter financier that the mayor sent the evil spirits to carry the attack out — she saw the meeting between Cheong-sin and Shin Myeong-hwi when she touched him during combat.

So Mun is reinstated

So Mun is summoned to Yung, which is the most predictable part of episode 11. The inspectors want to see him. When he goes there, he is reinstated as a Counter. He’s absolutely elated, and Wi-gen tells him they owe him “big time”. So Mun tells her he isn’t working as a Counter to see his parents anymore — he feels he’s doing it for another purpose. Suddenly, Wi-gen is alerted that Su-ho is going to vanish, which means Ms Chu is in trouble.

A near-death experience for Ms Chu

And what unfolds is an emotional segment of The Uncanny Counter episode 11 that leaves the audience on edge on whether Ms Chu will survive. So Mun visits the hospital, and Ha-na is crying hysterically; the doctors are trying to resuscitate her. Flashbacks show Ms Chu’s life and the day Wi-gen visited her while in a coma. Su-ho came with her and called her mother — a major twist in the plot. In Yung, a tear leaves Su-ho’s eyes, and he gets up; Ms Chu is alive — the CPR worked.

The Counters regroup at the café and eat together. Ms Chu is her usual self, wanting to heal everyone, but they all tell her to rest. Mo-tak tells the group that he’s got half his memories back. A nasty knock has made them return. This changes everything for the story – Mo-tak remembering everything means the Counters can get closer to the truth.

Kim Jeong-yeong interviews Noh Hang-gyu

Episode 11 does not ignore Kim Jeong-yeong; in fact, she becomes integral in the final act. Kim Jeong-yeong interviews Noh Hang-gyu; she tells him that he ran over Ga Mo-tak and others with a truck and calls him a murderer. The chief watches the interview. Afterwards, her colleague analyses Noh Hang-gyu’s burner phone and picked up the locations of the signals — he gives her a brown envelope with photos, and Kim Jeong-yeong is irked by what she sees. She tells him that they need to pretend they didn’t see the photos.

Kim Jeong-yeong enters the interview room again to speak to Noh Hang-gyu and shows the photos of the men he often calls on his burner phone. She calls them rich, influential friends; Noh Hang-gyu, Mr Cho Tae-sin and Mayor Shin Myeong-hwi are together in the photos on the same day as the illegal dumping. She then shows Cheong-sin’s photo and asks what the connection is between the mayor and the serial killer. Noh Hang-gyu is under pressure to cooperate, but he wants to know the terms. The investigator is so close to the truth…

Piecing the memories back together

Mo-tak remembers being stabbed by a knife but that there must have been a reason — he believes he found evidence. However, his memories are not completely clear, so he’s getting frustrated. Ha-na offers to help with his memories and piece them all together. She places her hands on his head and pieces it all together, which kickstarts a much-needed insight into the past.

Meeting So Gwon in the cafe

The first flashback begins from seven years ago while Ha-na pieces together memories. Mo-tak is enjoying a meal at a cafe. A man joins him on his table and asks him if he’s in charge of the Kim Yeong-nim case. He tells him he saw something during his investigation regarding Shin Myeong-hwi’s election fraud. The man is So Gwon, So Mun’s father — he’s also a detective.

Evidence of Kim Yeong-nim’s killer

Ha-na triggers another flashback; Mo-tak visits Shin Myeong-hwi’s campaign office. He’s looking for someone who drove a specific car. He’s kicked out of the campaign office. And then another flashback occurs and Mo-tak is adamant that he knows where Kim Yeong-nim’s body is. He receives a phone call, and a woman tells him that she has evidence of Yeong-nim’s killer. Mo-tak asks Ha-na to help him remember the phone number. The woman on the phone wants her identity safe, and he promises her she will be.

The ending

The flashback then quickly moves to when he was stabbed and fell off the roof. The memory fixes are complete. Ga Mo-tak tells So Mun that he remembers his father and he looks like him.

And then the next events will hit the audience hard but shows the bravery in the writing. Ga Mo-tak rings Kim Jeong-yeong and tells her he met the informer the day he was attacked — he reads out the number; he wants to know who the number belongs to. Kim Jeong-yeong suddenly realises that if Ga Mo-tak remembers everything, he’ll remember their romantic relationship. Flashbacks show Mo-tak asking her to marry him. He asks Kim Jeong-yeong to meet him. Her eyes well up and they agree they need to catch up. There’s a warmth between them — their lost love for each other is lost no more.

Kim Jeong-yeong and Ga Mo-tak head out to meet each other, and they are both excited, which tortures the audience even more. However, when Ga Mo-tak reaches her car, Kim Jeong-yeong is dead. Her head is on the steering wheel, blood dripping down her face. It looks like Chief Choi has “dealt with the problem”.

Injecting as much emotion and pace as possible, The Uncanny Counter episode 11 brings violence and tragedy on every corner. This chapter will change everything and move the direction of the story for the remaining 5 episodes.

Additional points
  • After Mo-tak removed two evil spirits from their hosts, he leaves the men for Kim Jeong-yeong to arrest. The police officer is beginning to believe that Mo-tak deals with evil spirits.
  • Kim Jeong-yeong’s investigatory progress reaches Shin Myeong-hwi and Chief Choi, and there’s anxiety amongst the group. Tae-sin tells Chief Choi to do his job and lose Kim Jeong-yeong.

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