The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – [spoiler] is stripped of his powers

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 3, 2021 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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The Uncanny Counter episode 10


This series continues to grow in strength as episode 10 puts So Mun into a default position while the other Counters come to terms with Wi-gen’s decision.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Continuing straight from the previous episode, So Mun is told he will lose all his rights as a Counter. This is a decision by Wi-gen; So Mun and the Counters are in shock. So Mun wants answers, but Wi-gen tells him that he hasn’t changed — his emotions have got the better of him too many times. Gi-ran also agrees, and Wi-gen compounds the hearing with more evidence; how Cheong-sin has managed to figure out avoiding territories due to So Mun’s actions. Wi-gen makes reasonable points, but context is important — something she seems to miss.

So Mun is dismissed in shocking circumstances

The council agree with Wi-gen’s findings, and they ask to dismiss him as Counter. So Mun apologises for putting Wi-gen in danger and asks for one more chance. He talks about how he is desperate to save his parents.

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Wi-gen tells So Mun that with the powers, he is no different to an evil spirit. The Counters end back in the living realm. So Mun hasn’t died, but his hair has returned to normal, and he can no longer walk properly; he isn’t a Counter. Yung asks the Counters to erase his memory, and if not, Ha-na will get another warning and be dismissed. The financier of the Counters decides to do it. He also has to remove his grandparent’s memories; they knew So Mun could walk again. But as episode 10 transpires, they forget that other people knew about So Mun and his newfound life…

Cheong-sin wants to strike a deal

The episode then flits to mayor Shin Myeong-hwi and his team. They speak about the Counters and wonder how they are. Cheong-sin then joins the meeting after effortlessly defeating the security guards. He wants to strike a deal with the mayor and hands over Mr Bae’s ledger. Shin Myeong-hwi burns the ledger and the pair end up laughing together. The mayor seems evil — it’s easy to wonder if he is a spirit as well?

The bullies get a whiff of normality

The next day, So Mun and his family do not remember anything — it’s like everything has gone back to normal. The bullies at school notice that So Mun is limping again and kick away his walking stick. The leading bully starts beating him. His friends Ung-min and Ju-yeon try to save him, but it doesn’t work. A teacher arrives, and the lead bully pretends that So Mun fell.

Finding a new Counter

The Counters didn’t account for So Mun’s friends, and they ask why he cannot walk normally again. Meanwhile, Ms Chu visits Su-ho in Yung; she wants to know if they can appeal and does not believe they can find a better candidate than So Mun. The recent events have broken Ms Chu’s heart. Afterwards, the people in Yung are struggling to find a candidate — Wi-gen points to Lee Seon-ho, and they decide to meet him while he’s in a coma. They ask him to become a Counter, but he admits he is exhausted and wants to be reunited with his wife in Heaven. Lee Seon-ho dies. It’s obvious where the story will lead to — they will have no choice but to give So Mun another chance.

The latest news

After visiting a murder scene, Kim Jeong-yeong believes it was by the hands of an evil spirit. She speaks to the Counters for their opinion. There were two murders in the space of five minutes; Mo-tak believes two different evil spirits did it.

Suddenly, on the news, journalists are reporting that Cheong-sin is dead. When So Mun sees the news, he is feeling extremely anxious and knows something isn’t right. Mo-tak doesn’t believe it is Cheong-sin.

The Forensics Centre

Mo-tak and Kim Jeong-yeong head to the forensics centre. So Mun is there, and he seems to remember everything. Mo-tak hugs him. The memory removal hasn’t completely worked. Mayor Shin Myeong-hwi uses Cheong-sin’s death to his advantage. Kim Jeong-yeong and the others visit Cheong-sin’s body; but they have no evidence that he isn’t Cheong-sin. So Mun explains how he broke Cheong-sin’s wrist and ribs but nothing has shown up in the report. Mo-tak believes this is staged to give mayor Shin Myeong-hwi a good news story and divert attention from the illegal dumping of waste. And he’s absolutely right — this is a PR stunt.

Presidential candidate announcement

Kim Jeong-yeong arrests Noh Hang-gyu for abetting attempted murder. Mo-tak then quotes Noh Hang-gyu and states he wanted him killed. Meanwhile, Cheong-sin reveals himself to be alive, killing another man and eating his soul. As for mayor Shin Myeong-hwi, he’s celebrating his new ratings and cackling; he delivers a news conference and announces he’s running for the presidency. Everything is falling into place for these evil men.

Confronting the mayor

The bullying returns at school and once again So Mun is attacked by the lead bully. So Mun suddenly feels strength and puts the boy against the wall before walking off. He may not have powers, but he remembers techniques; he tells the lead bully that he’s still young, so they have a chance still. Afterwards, So Mun walks up to mayor Shin Myeong-hwi and tells him he cannot become president. He’s found his bravery again now that he remembers everything.

The ending

At the noodle cafe, Ha-na senses evil spirits nearby; she knows Cheong-sin is gathering them all together. As the episode ends, So Mun is kidnapped and thrown into the back of a vehicle, leaving a thirsty cliffhanger for another week.

This series continues to grow in strength as The Uncanny Counter episode 10 puts So Mun into a default position while the other Counters come to terms with Wi-gen’s decision.

But what does this mean now for the Counters — will Yung give So Mun back his parent? What will the terms be? What is Cheong-sin’s plan with the other spirits? Many new questions from an explosive episode.

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