Sky High: The Series Season 1 Review – A lot more of the same

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 18, 2023 (Last updated: March 23, 2023)
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Sky High: The Series Season 1 Review - A lot more of the same


Sky High: The Series provides more of the same, but at a much slower pace, and seemingly banks on subsequent seasons to conclude the story.

This review of the Netflix series Sky High: The Series Season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Anyone who saw the 2020 Netflix movie Sky High will know what to expect from Sky High: The Series, and not just because of the laughably on-the-nose title. It brings back some of the same actors and characters and scratches mostly the same itch for uncomplicated action fare. Questions about whether this was a property worth continuing in the first place are another matter. If you enjoyed the film, the series provides more of the same just in a slightly meatier package.

Sky High: The Series Season 1 review and plot summary

The plot picks up right from where the end of the film left things. Sole is devastated to have received a call informing her of the loss of Angel, putting her in charge of not just a son but also a notorious gang – one with some outstanding debts that might prove problematic down the line. Estrella remains very dead, and that matter is addressed during the series, providing something for Sole to feel guilty about, while trying to take control of her new life and navigate its dangers and responsibilities away from her established fence father, Rogelio.

While watching Sky High, the film, I never once considered that it would be better served being stretched across seven episodes, and it turns out I was right not to. The creators of Sky High: The Series wildly overestimate the appeal of this material and these characters, and the pace is reduced to a crawl to compensate for long-winded drama that is exceptionally difficult to care about. All the usual genre hallmarks are here, but much too spread out or lazily implemented to have even the same kind of appeal as the film did. That felt overcomplicated but mostly entertaining; this feels overcomplicated and cripplingly tedious.

As mentioned at the top, though, fans of the film may still enjoy the return of characters like Sole and Rogelio; they may still enjoy the simple pleasures of double crosses, action scenes, and secret agents and agencies. Those invested in the plot will no doubt be frustrated, though, especially since Sky High seems to be angling for multiple seasons, and is in no hurry whatsoever to add anything notable to the world.

Is Sky High: The Series good?

So, it’s a shrugging recommendation for existing fans, but it’s hard to imagine anything about this series really thrilling those who hadn’t totally bought into this story and its characters. There are some facile pleasures, to be sure, but in such a competitive market, it’s hard to justify the time investment this series is asking of you and the cynicism behind its blatant angling for an unearned continuation.

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