Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Like all Netflix finales, this episode sets up further adventures to continue the narrative. “The Ballad of the Last Men” isn’t as spell-binding as the first season’s finale but has its moments. There is plenty of action and heartache in this chapter, setting up a probable third season.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 8, “The Ballad of the Last Men,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

In the season finale, Abbot’s (Neil Sandilands) army goes to war with the hybrids, having discovered their secret location. Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) and Aimee (Dania Ramirez) decide to fight back, taking a stand against the Last Men instead of running and hiding once again.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The finale begins with an emotional Aditya standing forlorn in the empty zoo. He ends it all and heads into the hazardous room containing the purple flowers. Their potency causes him to collapse instantly. Aditya then has a vision of himself carrying Gus through the snowy Alaskan landscape.

How does Aditya survive the battle?

The scientist wakes again in the same room. Before him, he sees the fallout from the battle between the Last Men and the Animal Army, with many fatalities. He can’t believe he survived but seems to have been protected by the room and Gus’ antler talisman.

Back at Gus’ cabin, Tiger warns the others of an imminent attack. The Last Men killed all of Tiger’s army, and she soon dies as well. Becky feels guilty for not fighting by Tiger’s side. Jepperd and Aimee decide to make a stand against the Last Men, tired of constantly hiding. Gus wants to help too.

Aimee spends time with her children, knowing the virus is rapidly killing her. Becky thanks Aimee for protecting the hybrid children.

Aimee suggests that Becky takes the children to safety to take on Aimee’s responsibilities. The kids say an emotional goodbye to Aimee and head toward a new shelter.

What happened to Abbot’s father?

Johnny sees the bloodshed from the battle at the zoo and promptly packs to leave. Abbot stops him from escaping, though. He persuades Johnny to take a flight with him, lying about going to Evergreen, but they are actually headed to Gus’ cabin and war. During the flight, the brothers discuss their abusive father. It is revealed that Abbot killed their father.

Once they arrive at the edge of the forest, Johnny tries to stop his brother, pointing a gun at Abbot’s back. He fires, but the gun isn’t loaded. Johnny asks Abbot to let the children go, but he refuses. Abbot lets his brother leave but then shoots Johnny in the back, killing him.

Meanwhile, Aimee, Jepperd, and Gus prepare for the coming attack. They set traps and strategize. Gus finds two syringes and needles hidden in the cabin, which may be useful. They set off a signal fire.

Where do the hybrids hide?

Becky leads the hybrid children to the Andersons. They take the children up into the mountains to safety via a cable car system. Wendy wants to fight alongside her mother and runs back into the woods. Becky chases her and tells Wendy that they are sisters. She only created the Animal Army as a means to find Wendy.

The Last Men enter the woods and fall for the hidden traps. Jepperd, Gus, and Aimee tackle the army, defeating the first wave. Abbot then enters, fighting Jepperd. He tells him that his family returned to Jepperd’s home and died waiting for him to return.

Abbot distracts him with this story and injures Big Man. Jepperd warns Aimee and Gus that the General is coming.

Aimee forces Gus into the hiding spot and starts to shoot at the ensuing soldiers. Abbot barges into the cabin and pins Aimee to the ground. She reveals that she has the virus and then stabs Abbot in the neck with the needles, adding that he also has the virus.

Does Abbot die?

Gus manages to escape from under the stairs and grabs the vial containing the cure. Abbot chases after him. He shoots Gus in the leg and prepares to kill the boy. Suddenly a stampede of bison appears, trampling Abbot to death. The bison avoid Gus, though.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Ending Explained

Both Jepperd and Gus believe that Gus inadvertently summoned the bison. With Abbot’s last breath, he shoots Gus in the back with a cross-bow. In the following scene, the gang surrounds a grave.

It implies that Gus has died, but it is actually Aimee’s grave and funeral.

Inside the cabin, Gus recovers from his wound. Jepperd listens to Birdie’s tape. Gus decides that they must travel to Alaska to find her. Becky and Wendy have also found a map that pinpoints where she might be.

They all want to help Gus find his mother. This sets up the next adventure for the following season.

In the final moments of the episode, Aditya heads to Alaska. Elsewhere, Zhang hears about Abbot’s death. She’s informed that they couldn’t find the cure but have Aditya’s recordings to help with their own research. It looks like Zhang will be the main villain in the third season if the show is to be renewed.

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